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Golf Ball & Golf Club Display RacksCatalogue #123 - Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs, Golf Collectibles and Golf Gifts.Catalogue #123 - Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs, Golf Collectibles and Golf Gifts.Catalogue #123 - Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs, Golf Collectibles and Golf Gifts.

American Made Wooden Shafted Putters



Auction houses and club dealers usually sell the finest-grade museum quality scarcities or rarities. Reports of these prices realized cause the uninformed to over estimate the value of grandpa's clubs. Metal shafted clubs with coated or painted shafts made to look like 'cane' or ''wood'' have no collectible value to the wood shaft collector.

Collectors and dealers feel fewer than 5 % of all wood shafted clubs have interest or value beyond decorative or playable worth. In effect, this means about 24 out of every 25 clubs you have or encounter at flea markets or garage sales are COMMON.

One must realize during the period 1920-1935, MILLIONS of LOW GRADE clubs were made and sold through department, hardware, and sporting goods stores. Spalding, MacGregor, Burke, Kroydon, Hillerich & Bradsby, Wilson, Wright & Ditson and scores of others made clubs with line, dot, hyphen and other face markings. 99% of these are COMMON and have no value beyond decorative, conversational or playable items. You can identifying common clubs by:

A.No manufacturer's name, or names like: Biltmore, Hollywood, Thistle, Bonnie, Metropolitan, Columbia, Ace, Majestic, etc.

B.Metal caps at the end of the grip.

C.Yardage ranges stamped on the back (145-155 yds).

D.Chromed, chromium, or stainless steel heads.

E.Numbered irons from sets, or "matched set" irons.

F.Irons with dots, hyphens, lines or other face scoring.


We PURCHASE common clubs at the following price ranges-.

IRONS $ 10.00 to $20.00

PUTTERS 15.00 to 30.00

WOODS 30.00 to 60.00


Clubs that have not been "cleaned, or refinished" that look all original and slightly used, bring prices in the higher ranges. Clubs that show use, have some rust or are not of 'high quality", bring prices in the lower ranges. Clubs that have been RESTORED, CLEANED, have WARPED or CRACKED shafts and or hosels, heavy RUSTING, PITTING, BAD,or MISSING GRIPS,bring substantially less.

RETAIL prices for common clubs in OUTSTANDING, MUSEUM or PLAYABLE:

IRONS $30.00 to$50.00

PUTTERS 40.00 to 60.00

WOODS 85.00 to 120.00

Here's how to identify SCARCE or RARE clubs:

A.Irons with no face markings, or unusual face markings.

B.Irons or putters with UNUSUAL head shapes. Wood head putters.

C.Woods with a thick, curved, oval neck covered with 4 or 5 inches of string whipping.

D.Smooth face irons with the following names: Anderson, Army & Navy, Ayres, Carrick, Forgan, Gray, Morris, Park, and White. Certain Spalding, MacGregor, Condie, NicoIl, Stewart, Gibson and Wright & Ditson with smooth faces.

Clubs are valuable because COLLECTORS WANT THEM! Common clubs are not in demand by collectors. We are buyers of all wood shaft clubs.

This book will help you identify and price clubs as well as all other golf collectibles:

"Antique Golf Collectibles, A Price and Reference Guide", 1997, Chuck Furjanic. Prices for Average, Above Average and Superb golf clubs, balls books, ceramics and other collectibles. Signed by the author. Post Paid $30.00

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