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Wooden Shafted Irons Made in America


This page archived 1/31/2000. (Listed for reference purposes, only! Most of these listings are probably already sold.)


Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs Made in America

G-5 = Average condition G-7 = Above Average G-9 = SUPERB


IMA 1 BRIDGEPORT GUN & IMPLEMENT CO, CT: A circa 1900-1905 smooth face, rounded head Niblick with replacement shaft and wrapped leather grip. "BGI" markings are weak. G-5 $75

IMA 2 BRIDGEPORT GUN & IMPLEMENT CO, CT: A "B G I" Deep Face Mashey circa 1900. Nice period replacement shaft. G-6 $75

IMA 3 BRIDGEPORT GUN & IMPLEMENT CO, CT: An all original Cleek with a full "B G I" oval mark and #104 on the shaft. A nice early American club. G-7+ $150

IMA 4 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: A Monel Metal circa 1925 "Burke Pitcher" stamped "Harry Vardon, Totteridge". About one inch of whipping on the shaft about two inches above the hosel. G-7 $70

IMA 5 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: A "Mashie Jigger" circa 1915-20 with dot punched face. G-7 $145

IMA 6 BUTCHART-NICHOLLS: A nice all original "5 Mashie-iron" with a sectional five piece Bamboo and one piece Hickory shaft. Stamped shaft. G-8 $75

IMA 7 CHATTELL, C C, CHICAGO: A circa 1915 "Non-Corrosive Nickel Steel Mashie" with a mussel back design and a nice bordered hyphen face design. Looks all original. G-7 $75.

IMA 8 DUNN, SEYMOUR, LAKE PLACID: "Crown and Banner" and "Hand Made" marks on the back of a circa 1900-1905 deep face Lofting Iron. All original. G-7 $100

IMA 9 FLOOD, VAL, ARDSLEY ON HUDSON, NEW YORK: A nice dot punched face "Jigger" circa 1910. Clubs made by Flood are quite scarce. G-7 $95.

IMA 10 FOULIS BROTHERS, CHICAGO: The Foulis broad leaf "Thistle" mark surrounded by a double oval with "D K White, Maker," inside on a flanged back Mashie with a bordered hyphen face. G-7+ $95

IMA 11 FOULIS, JAMES, WHEATON, ILL: A Foulis CONCAVE Mashie-Niblick with the Foulis "Thistle" mark at the heel. G-6 $175

IMA 12 GREAT LAKES GOLF CO., MILWAUKEE: A diamond back Mid-iron with "Kiltie" at the heel and a "Scotsman" at the toe. G-7 PHOTO $75.

IMA 13 HILLERICH & BRADSBY, LOUISVILLE, KY: Circa 1912 rounded toe smooth face "Invincible Mid Iron". Shaft and grip appear original. G-7 $70.00

IMA 14 HILLERICH & BRADSBY, LOUISVILLE, KY: "Par-X-L 1DI Driving Iron" with "Diamond" back weighting and an interesting bordered hyphen face. The head has been "Silvered". Shaft and grip appear to be originals. G-7 $75.00

IMA 15 HORTON GOLF CO, CHICAGO Circa 1910 smooth face "Jigger" with "Horton, Chicago" on the back. G-7 $95.

IMA 16 JOHNSON, ARTHUR & COMPANY, NEW YORK: A Spalding centra-ject smooth face Lofter circa 1898-1900 with "Arthur Johnson, & Co., 55 W 42nd St, NY" in a double oval at the toe. Looks all original. G-7 $ 85

IMA 16 KROYDON, NEWARK, NJ: Ball face "45 degree Mashie-Niblick". G-7 $65.00

IMA 17 KROYDON, NEWARK, NJ: "N-9 40 degree Mashie" with interesting diamond and hyphen face scoring. G-8 $65.

IMA 18 KROYDON, NEWARK, NJ: "L-09 30 degree Mid-mashie" with interesting diamond and hyphen face scoring. G-8 $65.

IMA 19 LEE, HARRY C, NEW YORK: A circa 1915 round head "Niblick" with a square punched face. All original. G-7 $75

IMA 20 LOVELL ARMS, BOSTON: A circa 1900 shallow smooth face Cleek stamped "Lovell Arms, Boston". G-6 $150

IMA 21 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: A "Go-Sum Jigger" with "8" on the sole. Original stamped shaft with an old play grip. G-5+ $50

IMA 22 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: Circa 1910 "J Macgregor" deep face Mashie with Diamond-Dot face scoring. Shaft is a replacement and not stamped. G-6 PHOTO $55.

IMA 23 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: A "Duralite Mid-mashie" with four stars. All original. G-8 $55

IMA 24 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: An all original "Duralite 4X Iron". Three stars at the heel. G-8+ $55

IMA 25 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: An outstanding all original "Radite 5-R Mashie". Shaft is stamped. G-8 $60

IMA 26 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: "Driving Iron" below the "J Macgregor, Dayton, O" markings. "Popular" and the "Flower" are at the toe. Face has widely spaced dots. Shaft and grip are period replacements. G-7 $75.00

IMA 27 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: "Pilot 7 Jigger" circa 1915 with a bordered hyphen scored face. Shaft stamp partially covered by an extra long original looking burgandy calf grip. G-7 $75.00

IMA 28 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: An all original circa 1915 small head "Macgregor 'A' Niblick" with a dot punched face. G-8 $75

IMA 29 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: An illegal deep groove "Bakspin Mashie-Niblick" that has had the corrugated deep grooves milled away to conform to the new rules of 1922 regarding face scoring. Some of the deep grooves are still visible on the upper right quarter of the face. Shaft and grip look original. G-7+ if disregarding the face milling. $75

IMA 30 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: An unusual "Popular Spade-mashie" with the "Diamond" back stamped "5-C-X". The deep face has bordered hyphen scoring. All original with a stamped shaft. G-7 $75

IMA 31 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: Circa 1900-05 smooth face, Iron with a "Shamrock" surrounded by "J Macgregor, Dayton, O". Stout shaft with the larger (early) Macgregor shaft stamping below the replaced grip. $85

IMA 32 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: "J Macgregor, Dayton, O" surrounding the "Double Circle" mark with a "Shamrock" inside on back of an all original circa 1900 concentric back weighted Lofter. Mark a little weak on right side due to stamping. Shaft is stamped. G-5+ $95.00

IMA 33 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: Circa 1900 smooth face concentric back weighted Lofting Iron with "J Macgregor, Dayton, O" around a "Double Circle" mark with a Shamrock inside and "Guaranteed Hand Forged" in the double circle. Original shaft stamped "26" has whipping over a repair just above the hosel. Grip is an original. G-6 $95

IMA 34 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: A SUPERB "Go-Sum Niblick" circa 1920's with line scored face. Virtually mint new. G-9+ $100.

IMA 35 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: Circa 1900-1905 rounded back Driving Mashie with "J Macgregor, Dayton, O" surrounding a "Shamrock". The original shaft has the large size stamping below the original tattered grip. Part of the grip at the top is missing exposing the underlisting. Nicer than it sounds. G-6 $115.00

IMA 36 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: A nice circa 1900-1905 smooth face Lofter with "J Macgregor, Dayton, O" surrounding a shamrock inside an oval. Original stamped shaft with a tattered original russet grip. G-7+ $115.

IMA 37 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: A CONCAVE Mashie Niblick stamped "Airway-O" with the Macgregor "Flower" at the heel. The interesting face has two lines bordering each side and three lines bisecting the dot punched face; the design appearing like "Goal Posts" or a large letter "H". G-7 $120

IMA 38 NICHOLLS, BERNARD, BOSTON: A circa 1905 "Mashie Niblick" with a "Dot Ball" punched face. The back stamped "Bert Nichols, Special". Georgiady writes in "North American Club Makers" that "Bernard" went by "Ben". Apparently, at some period in his club making career, he went by "Bert" as well. G-7+ $85.

IMA 39 NICHOLLS BROTHERS: Circa 1900 partial set of Nicholls Bros. irons. Three of the four irons have shafts stamped "A & C P Co., Hunt Mfg, Westboro, Mass." and are also numbered 102, 106 and 109. All have full stamps and are in nice condition. G-7 $390

IMA 40 O V B: An outstanding circa 1925 "#852, 'O B V' Mashie Niblick". G-8 $75.00

IMA 41 PARTRIDGE, HORACE, BOSTON: Circa late Teens Mussel back, hyphen face scored "Mashie". "Model Seven" at the toe and "Hand Forged" at the heel. Similar to early Thomas E. Wilson clubs. G-7 $75.00

IMA 42 PG MANUFACTURING, CHICAGO: An outstanding smooth face Cleek circa 1910 with "Herd & Yeoman, Chicago" above PG's "Anvil" stamp. A nice collectible all original American made iron. G-8 $85

IMA 43 PRYDE, R D, NEW HAVEN, CT: A circa 1900-05 smooth face flared toe Cleek similar to the Macgregor "G" series or Bulbus toe clubs. "R D Pryde, New Haven" in an oval on the back. Shaft and grip look original. G-7 $120

IMA 44 SARAZEN, GENE: A circa late 1920's dot face "E1002 Niblick" with "Gene Sarazen" in script. G-7 $48.

IMA 45 SCHOVERLING, DALY & GALES: Circle "S D & G trademark" on back of wide sole, offset hosel "Pitcher." Rounded sole. G-7 $90.00

IMA 46 SHOVERLING, DALE & GALES, NEW YORK: A short hosel, long face Iron circa 1900 with the very scarce "S D & G" in a rectangular box stamp on back. Replacement grip over old listing. G-5 $75

IMA 47 SHOVERLING, DALE & GALES, NEW YORK: A circa 1900 smooth face Lofting Iron with "S D & G" in block lettering on back. A nice all original early American iron. G-7+ $85

IMA 48 SPALDING, USA: A scarce #1 "Kro-Flite, Sweet Spot" Driving Iron. G-8 65 SPALDING, USA: An all original circa 1915 "Gold Medal 5 Mid-iron" with interesting deep lined face bordered by dot punches. Stamped shaft. G-7 $65

IMA 49 SPALDING, USA: "Spalding Gold Medal" in block letters with "Hand Forged" in tiny block letters above the letter "C". Circa 1906-7 with widely spaced dot punches. Shaft has been replaced. G-7 $70.00

IMA 50 SPALDING, USA: A Mussel back "Rustless Hand Made Mashie" that appears all original. A nice club. G-7. $70.00

IMA 51 SPALDING, USA: "Morristown" in block letters on the back and on the shaft of a circa 1900 smooth face Lofting Iron. Shaft has a warp and a replacement grip. Bold head marking. Overall G-5. $70.00

IMA 52 SPALDING, USA: Circa 1905 smooth face Mid Iron with the "Baseball" trade mark and "Crescent Hand Forged" on the back. Appears all original. G-6 $75.

IMA 53 SPALDING, USA: A nice smooth face "Jigger" circa 1909-12 "Spalding Gold Medal '1'" with the hammer mark at toe and "Jigger" on the sole. Original looking shaft is unmarked. G-7 $75.00

IMA 54 SPALDING, USA: Circa 1901-1905 shallow smooth face "Model C" Jigger with the "Baseball" trademark. Shaft is stamped below the original grip that is a bit rough. G-6. $75.00

IMA 55 SPALDING, USA: A circa 1910 "Gold Medal 4" dot ball face "Mid Mashie" with a very deep face. (See P-44 Cooper) All original with a stamped shaft. G-7 $75

IMA 56 SPALDING, USA: "Harry Vardon" in script on the original shaft of a circa 1900-1903 Cleek. "H Vardon" is almost worn away on the back of Spalding's Vardon series clubs. Grip is a replacement. G-5 $90

IMA 57 SPALDING, USA: "A G Spalding & Bros, H Vardon" in a double oval on the back of a circa 1906-7 Light Mid-iron (see Cooper book, P-17) with "Angled" line face scoring. Very scarce. G-5 $90

IMA 58 SPALDING, USA: A scarce, all original circa 1915 "Gold Medal 4 Push-iron" with a hyphen bordered face. Stamped shaft. G-7 $90

IMA 59 SPALDING, USA: Circa 1894-1897 slightly concave smooth face Lofting Iron with "Spalding Special" in block letters nearly "Emoried" away by caddies. Replaced shaft marked "W Tucker NY". G-5+ $95

IMA 60 SPALDING, USA: "The Spalding" on the head and shaft of a circa 1898-1900 smooth face Lofting Iron. Grip is an original, but a bit rough. G-6 $95

IMA 61 SPALDING, USA: "Clan Special Mid-iron" with a smooth face that looks circa 1910 rather than Cooper's 1897 estimate. All original with wrapped leather grip. G-8 PHOTO $100.


IMA 63 UNKNOWN MAKER: A circa 1910 large head smooth face "Niblick" marked "Bartons, Intervale" on the back. Shaft is a replacement. G-5 $65.00

IMA 64 UNKNOWN MAKER: "J Hagen" on the head and "Alex Ross" on the replacement ringed hickory shaft of a circa 1900 smooth face Cleek. G-5 $75.00

IMA 65 UNKNOWN MAKER: Circa 1915 random dot scored Jigger with centra-ject or concentric back weighting. "St George" on back of what appears to be a Spalding made club. All original. G-7 $75

IMA 66 UNKNOWN MAKER: "Triumph" and a six pointed "Star" (Jewish?) on a circa 1910 smooth face iron. G-7 $75

IMA 67 US GOLF MFG CO, WESTFIELD, MA: A "Thorobred Mid-iron" with a one piece grip with BRAIDED whipping at top and bottom. "U S G Brand" with "Spread winged Eagle". An unusual American collectible. G-6 $75.00

IMA 68 US GOLF MFG CO, WESTFIELD, MA: A "Thorobred Mid-iron" with a one piece grip with BRAIDED whipping at top and bottom. "U S Golf, Westfield, Mass." in an oval. An unusual American collectible. G-7 $85

IMA 69 WILSON, THOMAS E, CHICAGO, IL: "Harry Vardon Seventy-two" blade putter circa late 1920's. G-7 $60

IMA 70 WILSON, THOMAS E, CHICAGO, IL: "Fairview" in large block letters on a circa 1910 smooth face Lofting Iron. Appears all original. Previous owner thought this one should also be priced at $125. Matches the Putter. G-7 $70

IMA 71 WILSON, THOMAS E, CHICAGO, IL: "Model Six Plus Success" flanged back Mid-iron with an interesting face scoring. G-7 $75.00

IMA 72 WILSON, THOMAS E, CHICAGO, IL: A SUPERB "Wilson Walker Cup 7 Mashie Niblick" with "It's A Wilson" on the shaft below a burgandy colored grip. All original and virtually Mint New. G-9 $95

IMA 73 WILSON, THOMAS E, CHICAGO, IL: A circa 1930 SUPERB "Everbrite Super Stroke Mashie" with an interesting line scored face with the top 1/2 inch having no scoring lines. Virtually Mint New. G-9+ $100.

IMA 74 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: A scarce "B-8 Sky Iron". All original with four inch chip out of shaft near hosel. G-5. $65.00

IMA 75 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: Smooth face Approaching Cleek circa 1900-05 with "Wright & Ditson 9" in block letters on back. Shaft not marked, but looks like an original. Replaced grip. G-6 $70.00

IMA 76 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: "A H Findlay, Wright & Ditson, Makers, 1" on a circa 1902-1905 Iron with four vertical rows of "Dots" as face markings. Shaft is a replacement. G-6 $75.00

IMA 77 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: An all original circa 1898-1903 smooth face Lofter marked "Wright & Ditson, Selected" in script and "Hand Forged" in block letters. Nice russet grip and a marked shaft. Stampings on the head are a bit weak due to caddy cleaning. G-6 $75.00

IMA 78 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: "One Shot" mark and "Wright & Ditson Special, Hammer Forged" on a diamond back design "Mashie-niblick". All original with a stamped shaft. G-7 PHOTO $75

IMA 79 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: A nice "A H Findlay, Wright & Ditson, Maker" smooth face Lofter. Looks all original. G-7 $75

IMA 80 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: "WRIGHT & DITSON, HAND FORGED" on a circa 1900 smooth face Lofter with original shaft. G-6 $75

IMA 81 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: A seldom seen circa 1910 smooth five Iron stamped "Wright & Ditson, W Y" in block letters. The "W Y" most likely was for "Woman" or "Youth". All original with stamped shaft. G-8 $85

IMA 82 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: A nice all original "Mid-iron 5" (markings on sole) circa 1915 with the "One Shot" mark and "Wright & Ditson Special, Hammer Forged" on the back. The face is a bordered "Diamond-Dot" design. Shaft is marked. G-7 $90.00



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