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Archived 8/27/1999 - These collectibles are no longer available and are here for informational purposes only.

MC-01 SILVER SPOON: Hallmarked tea spoon with dimer size finger grip with circa 1940's golfer. 38.00

MC-02 SILVER PLATED SPOON: Tea spoon with a dime size finger grip with circa 1950's golfer. 22.00

MC-03 SILVER PLATED SPOON: Tea spoon with a quarter size finger grip with circa 1950's golfer.. 24.00

MC-04 CUFF LINKS: Circa 1920's-30's colorful 1/2 inch oval size cuff links with golfer in plus fours. A nice collectible. Very scarce! Mint new on card. 75.00

MC-05 CUFF LINKS: Circa 1920's-30's colorful 1/2 inch round size cuff links with golfer in plus fours. A nice collectible. Scarce! Mint new on store card. 75.00

MC-06 WOODEN CIGARETTE CASE: Circa 1920's inlayed wood cigarette case and dispenser with golfer in plus fours on one side and Japanese scene of Mt Fuji on the other. A beautiful collectible! 350.00

MC-07 BRASS LETTER CLIP: A 5 1/2 inch long brass long nose wood spring mounted on a wooden base with a brass golf ball. Ideal for your desk to hold letters, notes or just a great conversation piece. 175.00

MC-08 TEES: Unmarked leather tee holder with pin back. Five tees included. 30.00

MC-09 TEES: Matchbook of three plastic tees. Circa 1930's advertising piece for Wills "Capstan Navy Cut Cigarettes". Some shop wear. G-6 15.00

MC-10 TEES: Leather key case type tee holder. Thirteen tees inside. 40.00

MC-11 TEES: "Stag Bar" rubber tee holder with string tether. Holds six tees. 25.00

MC-12 CIGARETTE CARDS: "Henry Cotton" on an Ardath Tobacco Co., "Photocards, General Interest", 1938. Absolutely MINT NEW! G-10. 90.00

MC-13 CIGARETTE CARDS: "Harry Vardon" card #22 of "Wills Famous Golfers", 1930. Near mint G-9+ 90.00

MC-14 CIGARETTE CARDS: "The Nose Game", 1927, Two small cards #8 & #10 "Impulsive Nose" and "Artistic Nose" Near mint, lite crease. Pair 25.00

MC-15 CIGARETTE CARDS: "In The Public Eye" 1935. Four near mint cards: Henry Cotton, Lawson Little, Wanda Morgan and Joyce Wethered. All for 50.00

MC-16 CIGARETTE CARDS:..1989 reproduction set of 50 "Churchman's Prominent Golfers Series, 1931. Great for framing and display. 40.00

MC-17 CIGARETTE CARDS: "Harold Hilton" card #21, "Churchman's Famous Golfers" series, 1927. Average condition. G-5. 12.00

MC-18 CIGARETTE CARDS: "Mrs. Alan MacBeth" card #22. J Millhoff & Co., "Real Photographs, Famous Golfers", 1928. Average condition. G-5. 12.00

MC-19 HOLE-IN-ONE TROPHY: Bakelite base with sterling silver plate engraved and dated 1931. Top is sterling silver egg cup design with crossed clubs and "Souvenir Golf Ball Hole-In-One" around the rim. Mesh ball in cup. 290.00

MC-20 LOVING CUP TROPHY: Sterling Silver, dated 1933 and stands a little over 6 inches tall. No golfing scene. 135.00

MC-21 WHISKEY FLASK: Circa 1920's and silver plated. Top half is covered in aligator skin, the bottom is blank awaiting an engraving. A nice item. 225.00

MC-22 QUARTER SIZE MEDAL/PIN: "Ratho Park Golf Club" around the perimeter with a "Winged" mesh ball in the center. Colorful and interesting. 75.00

MC-23 BRASS GOLFER: Brass golfer in plus fours standing 2 1/2 inches tall. Most likely was on top of a trophy as base has a threaded hole. A nice item. 125.00

MC-24 ASH TRAY: Tee box, silvered golf club and mesh ball mounted on top of an oval shaped onyx ash tray 6 1/2 X 5 inches in size. . A nice desk item. 75.00

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