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Wood Shaft Putters Made in Great Britain

Putters Made In Great Britain

This page archived 1/31/2000. (Listed for reference purposes, only! Most of these listings are probably already sold.)

Hickory Shafted Putters Made in Great Britain

G-5 = Average Condition G-7 = Above Average G-9 = SUPERB


PGB 1 ANDERSON, D & SONS, ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND: Patented Putting Cleek stamped "Anderson Special Putting Cleek, Rd. No. 277771" with "17746" stamped at the heel. The diamond face blade is off set and similar to Taylor's twisted hosel Putter. Large "Arrow" mark at toe. G-7 $145

PGB 2 AUCHTERLONIE, ST. ANDREWS: A Holing Out Putter with "Tom Auchterlonie Patent" weak on the sole. "Auchterlonie, St Andrews" on shaft. G-6 $390

PGB 3 AYRES, F H, LONDON, ENGLAND: "The Birco Putter" below Ayres "Maltese Cross" maker's mark at the toe. "D Bennet, St. Andrews" also on the back of this circa 1920's line scored straight blade. G-7 $80

PGB 4 BREEZE, G BRODIE, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND: "Excelsior Putter" with the "Royal Crown Brand" mark at toe of a circa 1910 off set blade with hyphen scoring. Replacement grip over original looking shaft. Very scarce maker! $150

PGB 5 BRITISH GOLF CO, LONDON, ENGLAND: A scarce and seldom offered smooth face off set blade putter circa 1900-1905 stamped "British Golf Co, London" . Shaft is a replacement. G-5 $75

PGB 6 CONDIE, ROBERT, ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND: A "step down" back Putter similar to The Leslie with the bottom 3/4ths inch thicker than the top. "Wm Fernie, Troon" surrounds Condie's "Flower" mark. G-6 $80

PGB 7 GIBSON, WILLIAM, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: A scarce circa 1900 smooth face specialty club that looks like a Chipper or Approaching Putter and is stamped "Wm. Gibson, Maker, Edinburgh" on the back. The very shallow face has the loft of a Cleek and the back and wide sole resemble a Gem putter. The ASH shaft is a recent replacement with a wrapped leather grip. Gibson clubs from his Edinburgh forge are quite scarce! G-6 $145.00

PGB 8 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: A dot punched, circa 1915 "Putting Iron" with Gibson's "Star" mark. Repair to the shaft. G-7 $55

PGB 9 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: An "Arthur Brown, Harry Vardon" crescent shaped Putter. The head is also stamped "Lillywhites, London" and has the Gibson's "Star". Shaft is loose in hosel and the grip is a replacement. An inexpensive collectible putter. G-4 $90.

PGB 10 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: A circa 1910-15 straight blade "Putting Iron" with heavy dot punches on the face. Gibson's "Star" mark is at the toe. The owner put an aluminum end cap on the grip and added a "Four Leaf Clover" and "Horseshoe" marker on the end. Interesting putter! G-7 $95.00

PGB 11 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: A nice "Arthur Brown, Harry Vardon" crescent shaped Putter with dots in a "Pyramid" on the face. The head is also stamped "Army & Navy Hold Fast, London" and has the Gibson's "Star". The hosel and shaft are oval and the original sheep skin grip is a bit tattered at the bottom. A nice example of this highly collectible Putter. G-7 $250

PGB 12 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: A James Braid "Orion Putter" with flat side hosel and shaft. Gibson's "Star" mark on the sole. Very scarce and underrated. G-6 $260

PGB 13 GOURLAY, JAMES, CARNOUSTIE, SCOTLAND: "Crescent & Star" mark at the toe and "J Gourlay, Carnoustie" on a circa 1915 goose neck blade Putter. Looks all original. G-6 $70

PGB 14 GRAY, H J & SONS, CAMBRIDGE: A circa 1895 straight steel blade Putter with a thick hosel. "Gray & Sons, Cambridge" on the head and the exotic Greenheart shaft. G-6 $95

PGB 15 NEILSON, J, MUSSELBURGH: A circa 1910-1915 dot punched face "Putting Cleek" stamped "J Neilson, Musselburgh". Replacement shaft with a wrapped leather grip. A very scarce and seldom offered maker. G-5 $110.00

PGB 16 NICOLL, GEORGE, LEVEN, SCOTLAND: A nice, playable "#10 Rustless Zenith" putter with a dot punched face. Grip is a modern "Chamois" grip as this one was recently played. G-7 $60

PGB 17 NICOLL, GEORGE, LEVEN, SCOTLAND: A "Putting Cleek" with the "Hand" stamp. Original looking shaft and grip. G-7 $65

PGB 18 NICOLL, GEORGE, LEVEN, SCOTLAND: A "Zenith" putter in the Park style with a severely bent neck. Grip is a replacement. G-6 $65

PGB 19 NICOLL, GEORGE, LEVEN, SCOTLAND: A "Zenith" putter stamped "Slazenger". The replacement (or original) shaft is five pieces Bamboo, one piece Hickory. G-6 $65

PGB 20 NICOLL, GEORGE, LEVEN, SCOTLAND: A circa 1915-20 "George Nicoll, NAP Putter". Appears all orginal. G-7. $85.00

PGB 21 PARK, WILLIE, MUSSELBURGH, SCOTLAND: A patented Willie Park Bent Neck Putter with dot punches professionally added to the original smooth face. Markings nearly "emoried" from the back. "Wm Park" stamped into the original shaft below the replacement grip over original listing. G-4 $150.00

PGB 22 PARK, WILLIE, MUSSELBURGH, SCOTLAND: A GOOD PARK PUTTER. Circa 1900 Wm Park Patent Putter with a nearly full "Wm Park" mark and "Patent" across the back. Original shaft replaced with an exotic Greenhart shaft. G-7 $225

PGB 23 PARK, WILLIE, MUSSELBURGH, SCOTLAND: "W. Parks Special" nearly full at the toe of a bent neck putter. The shaft is stamped "W Park" below a replacement grip. G-6 $365

PGB 24 SCOTT, A H, EARLSFERRY, ELIE, SCOTLAND: A Scott "Straight Line putter" with two level back. Scott's "Lion-on-Crown" mark is at the toe. All stampings are deep and bold. G-7 $125

PGB 25 SHEFFIELD STEEL PRODUCTS: A "Rustless GEM Putter" with "Sheffield Steel Products" in tiny lettering. G-6 $75

PGB 26 SHERLOCK, JAMES, OXFORD, ENGLAND: "Putting Cleek No. 10" and the Sherlock's RARELY encountered "OXFORD" mark (see P-115 "Encyc"). Circa 1910 and appears all original. G-6 $85

PGB 27 SPALDING, DYSART, FIFE, SCOTLAND A "Wry Neck Putter" having an alternating hyphen and dot punched face. "Dysart-Fife" and the "Anvil" mark on the back. Original shaft, replaced grip. G-7 $75

PGB 28 STANDARD GOLF CO, SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND: A nice "Mills" Schenectady type aluminum head putter with "Lillywhite Frowd & Co., Haymarket, London, 283" on the sole. Quite scarce as these were made illegal by the R & A in 1909. G-7+ $425

PGB 29 UNKNOWN MAKER: A circa 1905 "Calamity Jane" type smooth face Putter without any markings. G-5 $55

PGB 30 UNKNOWN MAKER: "A (Andrew) Forgan, Glasgow" is stamped on the replacement shaft of a circa 1900 straight blade Putter. All maker's markings were emoried away by caddies. G-5 $75.00

PGB 31 UNKNOWN MAKER: A two-way smooth face steel blade Putter circa 1890-1900. All marks have been "emoried" away on the Cleek shaped head. Looks like an early Condie or Wilson. G-6 $85

PGB 32 UNKNOWN MAKER: "Warranted Scotchmade" on a circa 1925 Gem "Olympic Putter". Replaced grip on slightly warped original shaft. G-5 $90.00

PGB 33 UNKNOWN MAKER: A nice circa 1900-1910 smooth, deep face blade with two four leaf clovers (not Spalding's) at heel and toe and a large thistle inside an oval with "Thistle" in block lettering. G-7 $90.

PGB 34 WHITE, JACK, LONDON: "Big Ball Model" dot face blade ladies putter with "Jack White Autograph, London" at the toe. The original grip is stamped "The Original Kinghorn Tacky Grip". G-8 $55

PGB 35 WINTON, W & CO, LT'D, MONTROSE, SCOTLAND: "The Spielin Putter" stamped at the toe of a "Step Down" hosel blade Putter circa 1925. Replacement grip on the original shaft. G-6 $90.00


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