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This page archived 1/31/2000. (Listed for reference purposes, only! Most of these listings are probably already sold.)

G-5 = Average condition G-7 = Above Average G-9 = SUPERB


PFW 1 DUNCAN, A M: A circa 1910 compact head shallow face upright Driver with a triangular black face insert. "A M Duncan, Perfector" on the head. Appears to be all original. G-6 $120.00

PFW 2 HIGHAM, HARRY, PATTERSON, NJ: A wooden Cleek with a small head. There is a white "target" sweet spot in the red face insert. "H F Higham, Special" on the head. G-6 $125

PFW 3 MacPHERSON, DUNCAN, MANCHESTER: "D MacPherson" on a left handed Bull Dog rounded sole trouble wood with a black face insert held by six wood pegs. Full curved brass sole plate. Looks playable. G-8 $110.

PFW 4 UNKNOWN MAKER: "W Nicoll" in script with "Duncan Model, Patd Nov 18, 1919 D" on the brass one piece back weight sole plate. The black face insert is held by five wood pegs. All original. G-7 $110.00

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