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American Made Wooden Shafted Putters



This page archived 1/31/2000. (Listed for reference purposes, only! Most of these listings are probably already sold.)

G-5 = Average condition G-7 = Above Average G-9 = SUPERB


PMA 1 BRAZER & CO., LOWELL, MASS.: Goose neck smooth face Putter circa 1900 with "Braser & Co., Lowell" on the back. original shaft with replacement wrapped leather grip. G-6+ $85

PMA 2 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: A "Columbia Special" slightly off set hosel hyphen face blade with Burke's "Rampant Lion" mark at the toe and the "Crown" is at the heel. Virtually MINT. G-9.5+ $125

PMA 3 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: A Crescent Head Putter similar to the Spalding "Hilton" and "Brown-Vardon" crescent head putters. This one is stamped "Burke Prestwick" and has the Bee and Flower marks. G-7 $225

PMA 4 HILLERICH & BRADSBY, LOUISVILLE, KY: A nice "Invincible" blade Putter with a Dot-Ball face. This circa 1915 scarcity by Hillerich & Bradsby is all original and a nice example. G-7 $85

PMA 5 KROYDON, NEWARK, NJ: An all original Banner Putter with "7 Degree Putter" on the face at the toe and "Baltman & Co., New York" on the back. G-7 65

PMA 6 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: A nice all original circa 1915 "Pilot 10-S" straight blade with a hyphen face. G-8 $$55

PMA 7 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: An outstanding mussel back "Popular BB" putter with a dot face. G-8+ $65

PMA 8 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: A nice all original "Peerless Nokorode 10-X Putter". Outstanding. G-8 $70

PMA 9 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: A scarce "Popular 'M' Putter" listed in the 1917 Macgregor catalogue as "Narrow blade, wide sole". The head design is similar to a "Gem" putter. G-6+ $75

PMA 10 SPALDING, USA: Circa 1898-1902 "The Spalding" smooth face blade with warped original shaft. G-4+ $45.

PMA 11 SPALDING, USA: A nice all original left handed "RF" putter with a 5 inch long off set hosel and beveled toe. 1927 patent date on this "Kro-Flite" scarcity. G-7+ $50

PMA 12 SPALDING, USA: An outstanding, all original deep face "H" model "Kro-Flite" off set blade putter with 1927 patent date. About as nice as these come! G-8+ $60

PMA 13 SPALDING, USA: A nice "Pat. Applied For" long hosel "Kro-Flite 'R F'" Putter. A good playable putter. G-7 $70

PMA 14 SPALDING, USA: A "Spalding Kro-Flite" Putter with four deep scoring lines on the bottom of the face. "F-10" and "Pat'd. 1-3-22 Putter" on the sole. "Ray Ottman" in script. All original. G-7+ $75.

PMA 15 SPALDING, USA: A ball face, slightly off set blade putter. Nice for display. G-7 $75.

PMA 16 SPALDING, USA: Circa 1911-1914 "Spalding Gold Medal 8" flanged back putter with an interesting bordered hyphen face scoring. All original with a stamped "Gold Medal" shaft. G-8 $90

PMA 17 SPALDING, USA: "F W A" are the only markings on this Willie Park style bent neck Putter most likely made by Spalding circa 1900. Grip is a replacement. G-7. $95.00

PMA 18 SPALDING, USA: "MORRISTOWN" on the head and shaft of this scarce circa 1900 Putter. G-7 $95

PMA 19 SPALDING, USA: "The Spalding" on head and shaft of a circa 1898-1900 severely bent neck Park style off set blade Putter. Grip is a period type replacement. Shaft is a little short as made. Many players used a wide stance while bending over much more than we modern players and requested shorter shafts. $135.

PMA 20 SPALDING, USA: "The Travis" on a wooden head Schenectady style center shafted putter circa 1905-1910. There is a rectangular 2 3/4 inch long lead weight and the sole is half covered by an aluminum plate. The face is brass and held by five screws. Vastly underrated as an American collectible. I've seen only a handful come into the market during the past 12 years! There is a minor hairline crack in the hosel just below the whipping. The grip is original. This putter exhibits very little play. Overall rates G-7 $490.

PMA 21 UNKNOWN MAKER: Photo tells all. No markings on head or shaft. Face design on both sides. Shaft and grip are one piece wood and painted black. Probably a carpet game or parlor putter. G-5 $75

PMA 22 UNKNOWN MAKER: "1932" stamped on the toe of an otherwise unmarked two way blade Putter with five deep lines in the center of both sides. Most likely used for Putt-Putt or miniature golf. G-7 $75

PMA 23 UNKNOWN MAKER: Circa 1920's wide sole and flanged putter with an interesting bordered lined face. Same as Burke's #69 Putter, but unmarked. All original. G-7+ $125.

PMA 24 WILSON, THOMAS E, CHICAGO, IL: "Johnny Farrell Matched Models D-1001" on a circa 1930 blade Putter. G-7 $60

PMA 25 WILSON, THOMAS E, CHICAGO, IL: A nice "Model Six, Plus Success" flanged back Putter with an interesting bordered square punched face. "Putter" in block letters on the wide sole. G-7 $65.

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