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This page archived 1/31/2000. (Listed for reference purposes, only! Most of these listings are probably already sold.)

G-5 = Average condition G-7 = Above Average G-9 = SUPERB
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SWGB 1 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: "Carnoustie Brassie" on the head of an all original circa 1920's playable wood. G-7+ $110.

SWGB 2 GILHOLM, JOHN, NEW BEDFORD MASS.: A SUPERB Brassie with "J Gilholm Special" on the two tone head. Virtually Mint. G-9+ $145.

SWGB 3 GRESSICK, WM, HAYNES FALLS, NY An outstanding large head left handed Driver with "Wm. Gressick, Dreadnaught" on the head. Black slip is held by three wood pegs. Virtually mint new. G-8+ $145

SWGB 4 HERD & YOEMAN, CHICAGO: An outstanding all original circa 1920's Driver stamped "Herd & Yoeman, Champion" on the Persimmon head. Virtually mint new. G-9 $145.00

SWGB 5 KENNEDY, JACK, PITTSBURGH: An outstanding circa 1925 Brassie stamped "J Kennedy Special" All original. Who said Arnold Schwart-a-whatsizname bought all the "Kennedy" clubs! G-8 $100.

SWGB 6 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: An outstanding circa 1905-1910 Brassie with a full brass sole plate and "J Macgregor, Dayton, O" on the brown head. Original shaft must have been very long or the shaft stamp to high as only "The" is visible below the original looking grip. The club is a normal length of 44 1/2 inches. A nice American collectible. G-8 $110.00

SWGB 7 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: An all original "BAP Bulger Driver #17". Looks playable. G-7+ $110

SWGB 8 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: A two-tone head with "O Two Brassie" stamped on the brass sole plate. Looks playable. G-8 $110

SWGB 9 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: "Paragon Driver Model P-1" on head and brass sole plate along with "Pat. Pending" (Butterfly back lead weight). The two tone head has a deep face. G-7+ $110

SWGB 10 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: An all original "492" pear shaped Persimmon head Brassie. Shaft is marked. G-7 $115.00

SWGB 11 R G C Co., CHIGAGO: A nice all original circa 1915 Brassie with "R G C Co., Chicago" on the head. G-7+ $95.

SWGB 12 SARAZEN, GENE: "Gene Sarazen" on the head and "G. S. Spoon" on the butterfly shaped sole plate. Chip out of heel near the face. G-5 $65.00

SWGB 13 SPALDING, USA: "Spalding Medal" with a hatched face. Not pictured in "Cooper". Has "Spalding" in block lettering with large "S" and "G" similar to the Chicopee Putter markings. G-7 $95

SWGB 14 SPALDING, USA: Two-tone head Brassie stamped "A G Spalding & Bros." Seven inch long plastic "Cushion Neck" instead of whipping. All original and nice. G-8 $100

SWGB 15 SPALDING, USA: Circa 1915 Brassie stamped "Spalding Medal 2". Full brass sole plate. All original. G-7 $100.

SWGB 16 SPALDING, USA: An outstanding circa 1912-1915 "Gold Medal 5" Brassie with full brass sole plate. Shaft is stamped below the original grip. G-8 $110.00

SWGB 17 SPALDING, USA: "S 13" on the brass sole plate and "A G Spalding & Bros." on the two tone head of a circa 1920 Spoon. All original and looks playable. G-8 $110.

SWGB 18 SPALDING, USA: "Cyril Walker Special" on an outstanding circa 1915 small head Driver with a black slip is held by three wood pegs. All original and playable. G-8 $110.

SWGB 19 SPALDING, USA: Circa 1915 all original "Spalding Medal 2" small head Brassie. G-7 T125.00

SWGB 20 SPALDING, USA: An outstanding Driver circa 1915 with a large "1" on the sole and "A G Spalding & Bros., Model M690" in block letters on the head. This model is not listed in "Cooper". "A G Spalding & Bros., Chicopee, Mass." is stamped on the shaft. G-8 $135.00

SWGB 21 UNKNOWN MAKER: A circa 1925 all original Spoon stamped "Willie Mann" in large bold script. G-7 $110.00

SWGB 22 UNKNOWN MAKER: An all original Spoon or Cleek with a full brass sole plate. "Dormy Special" and a large letter "X" on the head. A nice wood with an interesting name. G-7 $125.00

SWGB 23 UNKNOWN MAKER: An outstanding circa 1920's Driver stamped "Greenbriar Special". Virtually Mint. G-9 $125.

SWGB 24 UNKNOWN MAKER: "Cleek, Pat. Pending" on the brass sole plate. Two-tone head is stamped "Jos. W Stein". Circa 1925 and all original. Very scarce with "Cleek" on the club! G-7 $125

SWGB 25 WILSON, THOMAS E, CHICAGO, IL: An outstanding "Ted Ray Seventy-Two" with "Brassie" on the head. All original. G-8 $110.

SWGB 26 WILSON, THOMAS E, CHICAGO, IL: "WHIZ" on the head of an outstanding circa 1920's Driver. Wilson made a "Whiz" ball; I am assuming they made this club as well. G-8 $110

SWGB 27 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: An outstanding circa 1915 "Wright & Ditson Special 'X'" Brassie with a full brass sole plate. "Wright & Ditson" on the original shaft. A nice American maker collectible wood. G-8 $115.00


WMGB 1 AUCHTERLONIE, ST. ANDREWS: An outstanding 1920's bulger face Brassie with "Auchterlonie Gold Medal, Hand Made" on the head. All original with a stamped shaft. G-8 $110

WMGB 2 AUCHTERLONIE, TOM, ST. ANDREWS: "Auchterlonie Special" on the head of a circa 1910 Driver with a fiber slip held by three wood pegs. Grip is a period wrapped leather replacement. G-6+ $145.00

WMGB 3 COCHRANE'S LT'D, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: "Cochrane's Ltd., Edinburgh" and "Made in Scotland" on a two tone head Brassie circa 1920's. A nice all original wood. G-8 $115

WMGB 4 CURTIS, H L, BOURNEMOUTH, ENGLAND: A SCARCE circa 1910-20 pear shaped head Brassie with "H L Curtis, Bournemouth" in a double oval on the head. Replacement grip on the original shaft. G-6 $115.

WMGB 5 FERNIE, TOM: A circa 1915 Driver with"Tom Fernie Special" on the Persimmon head. There is a ram's horn "slip" held by 3 woodpegs. Appears all original. G-6+ $125.00

WMGB 6 FORGAN, ROBERT, ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND: A small head Brassie with a ram's horn slip and "R Forgan" on the head above the circa 1901-1908 "Crown" mark. Stamped original shaft. G-7 $110

WMGB 7 FROSTICK, F, WEYBRIDGE: "F Frostick, St Georges Hills, Weybridge" on a nice two tone head with a ram's horn slip helb by two screws. Stamped shaft with a replacement grip. G-7 $95

WMGB 8 GIBSON, CHARLES, WESTWARD, HO!: A nice circa 1915-1920 DRIVER stamped "C Gibson, Westward Ho". The sole has through hosel shafting and a black slip held by three wood pegs. Replaced grip. G-7 $110

WMGB 9 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: A left handed Brassie with "Gibson, Kinghorn" surrounding the "Star" mark on the head. Hatched scoring has been added to the face. Overall a nice wood. G-6+ $110.00

WMGB 10 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: Circa 1910-1915 Driver with "Auchterlonie Gold Medal" and "Robinson & Co., Singapore" on the head. A nice all original wood. Clubs stamped "Singapore" are quite scarce. G-8 $125

WMGB 11 HERD, ALEX: A circa 1920 well lofted wood Cleek with a full brass sole plate. "Alex Herd, Special" on the compact two tone head. The grip is an old circa 1920's all weather. G-6+ $115

WMGB 12 HOWLETT, F, PUTTNAM, ENGLAND: "F Howlett Special" on a circa 1920 Bull Dog wood. All original. G-6+ PHOTO $135.00

WMGB 13 KAY, JAMES, SEATON CAREW: A circa 1905-1910 Driver with a bone slip that has deteriorated somewhat. "James Kay" in block letters on the Persimmon head. Shaft and grip appear original. G-6. $110.00

WMGB 14 LILLYWHITE FROWD, LONDON: "Lillywhite Frowd, Haymarket, London" and "Aluminum Mid-iron" on the sole of a circa 1910 lofted aluminum head fairway club. Shaft is stamped "J Heron, Worflesdon" below a replacement wrapped leather grip. Quite scarce! G-6 $250

WMGB 15 MACKENZIE, J: An interesting well lofted trouble wood with a very rounded sole covered with a full brass plate. "J Mackenzie, Ilkley Golf Club" is stamped on the head. All original. G-7 $135.00

WMGB 16 SLAZENGER, LONDON: A nice circa 1910 Brassie with "Slazenger" on the head. All original, with grip a bit rough. G-7+ $100.

WMGB 17 SLAZENGER, LONDON: An outstanding circa 1910 Brassie with "Slazenger" on the head. All original. G-8 $120.

WMGB 18 STANDARD GOLF CO, SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND: An "MSD 1 1/2" aluminum head with a standard lie. "B G I, Co." weak, but readable on the sole. This is a well used club with some rock marks near the face. G-4 $125

WMGB 19 STANDARD GOLF CO, SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND: An "MSD 1 Cleek" with weak markings on the sole and good stampings on the head. Replacementshaft is stamped "Gibson's Star". G-5 $125

WMGB 20 STANDARD GOLF CO, SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND: An "MSD 1 Cleek" with a marked original shaft. Some whipping probably covering a shaft repair about four inches above the hosel. Very seldom seen with a stamped original shaft. G-5 $125.

WMGB 21 STANDARD GOLF CO, SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND: A Mills "B S D 1 Cleek" made for "Slazenger" circa 1900 with a very long aluminum head that looks like a long nose. G-6 $325

WMGB 22 STANDARD GOLF CO, SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND: A Mills "B S D 2" Aluminum "Mid-iron" fairway club with the loft of about a #4 iron.This example is unusual as it is the first one this I've encountered with two circular WOOD back weights. Shaft is stamped "Shafted by Jas. Halley". G-7 $475

WMGB 23 SUTTON, H L, RHYL: A circa 1920's all original Driver. "H L Sutton, Rhyl" in script on the Persimmon head. G-7 $115.00

WMGB 24 UNKNOWN MAKER: A circa 1920 BULL DOG trouble wood with "S B Wallace, Cardross" on the head. G-6. $135

WMGB 25 UNKNOWN MAKER: A Bull-dog wood with full rounded brass sole plate, and a round well lofted (5-6 wood) deep face. The head is stamped "Chas, Warner, Knocke, Belgium". G-7 $145

WMGB 26 WHITE, J C, TROON: "J C White, Troon" on the head and shaft of a circa 1915 Spoon. Replacement grip. G-6 $115.00


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