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G-5 = Average condition G-7 = Above Average G-9 = SUPERB

Archived 8/27/1999 - These clubs are no longer available and are here for informational purposes only.

ADD 70 ANDERSON, D & SONS, ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND: A convex back design "Smith's Patent" anti-shank Iron. Lettering mostly emoried away by caddies, but "D Anderson" readable. G-4. $95

ADD 71 GIBSON, CHARLES, WESTWARD HO!: A very scarce small head anti-shank Niblick with a "diamond" back design. Gibson's "Rampant Stallion" mark is at the toe. Replacement grip on the original shaft. G-6 $225

ADD 72 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: "Smith's Model Mashie-Niblick" and "Superior Rustless" below the "Star" mark on a nice heel and toe weighted Anti-shank iron with a severe hosel crook. There is a small five pointed "Star" stamped into the shaft. The head looks virtually mint! G-8+ $275.

ADD 73 STEWART, TOM, ST. ANDREWS: A circa 1915-20 anti-shank large head line scored Niblick with a severe hosel crook. "A Aitken, Gullane" is in an oval above Stewart's "Pipe" mark and on the shaft. G-7 $235.

ADD 74 UNKNOWN MAKER: An early smooth face Fairlie's Patent anti-shank Lofting Iron circa 1900. All markings have been emoried away. Shaft looks original with a wrapped leather grip. G-5 $125

AS 1 TURNER, JOHN HENRY: A circa 1912-20 Smith's Patented Anti-shank "Driving Iron" with Sherlock's "Oxford" circle mark. "J Turner Special" is also stamped on the back. Sherlock worked for Turner and the "Oxford" mark was used on many of the Turner made clubs. All original and a nice example of a very scarce club. G-7+ $250.

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