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125-1 COCHRANE'S LT'D, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: Cochrane's "Bow-Line Knot" mark on a "Super Approach Putter" that has the loft of about a 4 iron. All original and an interesting collectible. G-7 $75

125-2 COCHRANE'S LT'D, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: An outstanding Monel Metal "Challenger Rustless Metal" off set hosel blade with a hyphen scored face. "Bent Neck Putter" and Cochrane's "Knight" mark are on the back. G-8 $95

125-3 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: A scarce Gibson's "Powder Horn" mark at the toe of a circa 1930 straight blade Putter. Shaft is a replacement. G-5 $55

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125-4 MURRIE & SONS: "Murrie & Sons, Methven" on back of a concentric back weighted off set blade putter circa 1910-1915 with a hyphen scored face. Replaced grip over the original shaft. $75

125-5 NEILSON, J, MUSSELBURGH: A nice "Putting Cleek" circa 1910-15 with a dot punched face and "J Neilson, Musselburgh" fully stamped on the back. Grip is a replacement. G-6. $95.

125-6 PARK, WILLIE, MUSSELBURGH, SCOTLAND: A circa 1894-1895 "Park's Patent" Putter, with a squared off top of blade and hosel join. "Park" fully readable at the toe, but the remainder of the stamps are weak or unreadable. Shaft is an early period replacement. A scarce early example. G-5 $165

125-7 SPALDING, DYSART, FIFE, SCOTLAND A circa 1910-15 dot punched off set blade stamped "Wry Neck Putter" below Spalding's "Hammer" mark. All original G-7 $80

125-8 SPALDING, DYSART, FIFE, SCOTLAND An outstanding circa late 1920's blade putter with "Percy Boomer" in script and "Spalding Dead Strength" in block letters on the back. The bottom and top of the blade are beveled giving the face an almost rounded effect to promote top spin. Grip has a flat spot for the thumbs. G-7 $120

125-9 UNKNOWN MAKER: "G Cawkwell, Sandygate" on back of a nice circa 1910 smooth face "Calamity Jane" type bent neck blade Putter. Shaft and grip are replacements. G-6 $75

125-10 UNKNOWN MAKER: An outstanding all original off set blade Putter stamped "Bridge House, Newbury". G-8 $75.

125-11 UNKNOWN MAKER: A two-way smooth face Putter circa 1890-1900. All marks have been "emoried" away on the Cleek shaped head. Looks like an early Condie or Wilson. G-6 $85


125-12 CASSIDY, J L: A scarce Cassidy aluminum mallet with an unusual "V" shaped sight line. "Cassidy's Regd. Putter" and "VEE" are stamped on the bottom. G-6 $115

125-13 FOSTER BROS., ASHBOURNE: A "Foster Bros. Bogee" aluminum head Putter with two sight lines added to the top of the head. Patented Whitcombe all weather is over the original shaft. G-6 $195

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125-14 STANDARD GOLF CO, SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND: A nice "Ray Model Mills" aluminum mallet putter with good head and sole stampings. Old replacement shaft and grip look like circa 1920's Macgregor. G-7 $75

125-15 STANDARD GOLF CO, SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND: An outstanding example of a moderately scarce Mills "R N G" Model aluminum head mallet putter with a "T" bar sight line. All sole stampings are bold and the hosel is sound. "Moor Park" is stamped on the shaft below a circa 1920's green leather grip. G-8 $95

125-16 STANDARD GOLF CO, SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND: A Mills "R N B" mallet aluminum head putter with a wide "T" Bar sight line and bold sole stampings. This moderately scarce putter has a "Standard Golf" stamped shaft and a sound hosel. G-7 $95

125-17 STANDARD GOLF CO, SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND: A seldom offered "K" Model, Mills, Long Nose aluminum head putter with one very minor hairline crack in the hosel. The grip is oval in shape with a small flat area for the thumbs. This is a very scarce, nice collectible. G-6+ $290

125-18 STANDARD GOLF CO, SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND: A good example of the scarce "Z" Model, Mills Long Nose aluminum putter. All head and sole stamps are good and the hosel is sound. Grip is a replacement over the original shaft. This example would make a nice addition to any collection. G-7 $290


125-19 BRASER & CO., LOWELL, MASS: A good goose neck smooth face Putter circa 1900 with "Braser & Co., Lowell" on the back. original shaft with replacement wrapped leather grip. Very scarce. G-6+ $90

125-20 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: A Mint New never used "Columbia Special" slightly off set hosel hyphen face blade. Burke's "Rampant Lion" mark at the toe and the "Crown" is at the heel. G-9.75+ $125.

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125-21 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: A circa 1900 smooth face "Emoried" sweet spot straight blade with a rounded back. The "Double Circle" mark is nearly emoried away. Shaft marked below a 1920's leather grip. G-4 $65.00

125-22 REACH, A J, PHILADELPHIA: "Eagle Grade" and a large spread winged Eagle on the toe of a circa 1925 blade Putter. Face is interestingly scored with square punches and lines. All original. G-7 $75

125-23 SHOVERLING, DALE & GALES, NYC: A circa short hosel putter made before1900 with the scarce rectangular stamp "Shoverling Dale & Gales, New York". G-5+ $95

125-24 SPALDING, USA: An outstanding flanged back "M 8 Putter" with "Ray Special" in an oval. G-8 $60

125-25 UNKNOWN MAKER: "Ribbed Sole Putter" on the back of an unusual sole design. "9" is stamped between two sections of FOUR RIBBS. Similar th Sayer's Benny Putter. G-6 $75

125-26 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: A circa 1915 Model 8 flanged back putter with the "Bee-Line" markings. All original with a stamped shaft. G-7 $55


125-27 ANDERSON OF ANSTRUTHER, SCOTLAND: A brass blade Putter circa 1900 with a weak, but readable small "A of A" circle mark. G-5 $85

125-28 WILSON, ROBERT, ST. ANDREWS: A very scarce, if not RARE "Robert Wilson" Brass blade putter circa 1880-1890. The top of blade and hosel join is "squared" indicating a pre 1895 forging. The back is weakly, but readably stamped "R Wilson, Maker, St. Andrews". If the stamp were bolder, this would be valued in the $500.-600. range. G-5+ $225



125-29 ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, LONDON: The scarce LION & GLOBE mark on a smooth face Cleek. This massive mark is rarely found full; this one is struck up at the perimeters. G-6 $190

125-30 ANDERSON OF ANSTRUTHER, SCOTLAND: A circa 1890-95 long blade General Purpose Iron with two marks, both nearly worn away, only the "A of A" mark identifyable. Original looking shaft with a replacement grip. G-5 $95

125-31 AUCHTERLONIE, D & W , ST ANDREWS: "D & W Auchterlonie, St Andrews" and "Thornton & Co, Ltd" on the back od a Taylor Patent smooth deep face Mashie. Shaft is stamped "Auchterlonie". G-6 $80

125-32 AUCHTERLONIE, ST. ANDREWS: A nice "Auchti" rustless flanged back Niblick with an eight hole Maxwell hosel. Made for export and stamped "Wagle & Co., Bombay". G-7 $85

125-33 AYRES, F H, LONDON, ENGLAND: Ayres' "Maltese Cross" mark and "F Cheshire, Delta" on the back of a rounded sole Bobbie Iron style club. Shaft is a replacement. G-6 $80

125-34 AYRES, F H, LONDON, ENGLAND: A nice circa 1890-1895 smooth face Lofter boldly stamped"B L" and having the block "F H Ayers" lettering on both head and shaft. The original looking grip is a bit tattered. G-7 $165

125-35 BRODIE, ROBERT, ANSTRUTHER, SCOTLAND "C H Corlett, Broadstone" and Brodie's "B & S A" Triangle mark on a #3 Iron. Grip replaced on the original shaft. Brodie made many clubs sold through Tom Morris' shop. G-6 $70

125-36 CANN & TAYLOR, LONDON, ENGLAND: A "Cannon" mark on a circa 1920 flanged back Mashie. G-7 $65.00

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125-37 CANN & TAYLOR, LONDON, ENGLAND: "J H Taylor Autograph, Reg No 303868/08" on the back of a circa 1910-1915 box-dot bordered hyphen scored face Mid-iron. Good markings. Slight warp in the original shaft can be straightened. Back and face markings are nice and bold. G-6 $80

125-38 DONALDSON, JAMES, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND: Circa 1925 "Speug (Sparrow) Mashie" "Donaldson & Co., Glasgow, Range Finder" trademark. All original with stamped original shaft. G-7 $80

125-39 FERGUSON, A, PRESTWICK, SCOTLAND: "A Ferguson, Prestwick" on a scarce rounded back circa 1925 hyphen scored mid iron. Shaft and grip are nice replacements. G-6+ $70

125-40 FOORD, E, SOMERSET, BURNHAM: "E Foord, Somerset, Burnham" stamped on Stewart's "Pipe" marked smooth face Iron pre-1905 stamped . Replacement shaft with an old wrapped leather grip. G-6 $80

125-41 FORGAN, ROBERT, ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND: Circa 1910-15 dot punched Mashie Iron. A nice period grip on the replacement shaft. G-7 $75.00

125-42 FORGAN, ROBERT, ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND: An off set hosel "Zenith Mashie" made by George Nicoll having his "Hand" mark and also stamped "R Forgan & Sons, St. Andrews" on head and shaft. G-7 $75

125-43 FORGAN, ROBERT, ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND: A nice circa 1905-08 round head Niblick with a dot punched face. "R Forgan & Sons, St Andrews" surrounds the "Crown" stamp. Replaced grip over stamped original shaft. G-7 $95

125-44 FORRESTER, GEORGE, EARLSFERRY: A circa 1895-1900 rounded back General Purpose Iron stamped "Patent #53386" and "G Forrester, Earlsferry, Elie". The face is beveled from heel to toe, much like a "bulger" face on woods. Replacement shaft marked "P Paxton". Very scarce and desirable collectible. G-5 $190

125-45 FORRESTER, GEORGE, ELIE, EARLSFERRY: A circa 1895-1900 smooth face Lofter stamped "G Forrester, Earlsferry, Elie" on the original shaft and nearly "emoried" away on the backthe head. Replaced period grip. G-5 $90.00

125-46 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: A large, oval head line scored Niblick circa 1920 imported by "Harry C Lee, NY". All original with a "Ringed" hickory shaft. G-7 $65

125-47 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: A nice smooth face "Medium Iron" with Gibson's "Star" mark and "Campbell & Co., Aberdeen" on the back. Shaft is painted black and the grip is a replacement. G-6+ $75

125-48 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: A circa 1910 smooth face flanged back "Star Maxwell" Mashie with 10 wrap around holes drilled into the hosel. G-6 $75

125-49 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: A very nice circa 1925 #3 iron with a hyphen scored face and Gibson's "Star" mark on head and shaft. All original and underrated. G-7+ $80

125-50 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: A Gibson "Mid-iron" with his scarce "Powder Horn" mark at toe. Gibson used this mark after 1925, but very few have been encountered during my 12 years of cataloguing. G-7 $95.00

125-51 GIBSON, WILLIAM, KINGHORN, SCOTLAND: An unusual "Maxwell" hosel "Mashie" with a flanged back. There are 22 holes drilled in the hosel; two vertical rows of six and two of five. Most Maxwell hosels have ten wrap around holes. The holes were drilled to remove hosel weight. This made the head feel heavier thus giving more "Feel" to the shot. Shaft and grip appear original. $150.

125-52 HENDRY & BISHOP, LT'D, EDINBURGH & LEITH: An all original mussel back "Approaching Cleek" circa 1920 with a line scored face. A nice club for display. G-8 $75

125-53 JOHNSON, FRANK A, LONDON, ENGLAND: Johnson's "Key" mark deeply stamped on the back of a circa 1905-1910 Cleek. G-6 $75.

125-54 McCULLOCH, D, TROON: "Mashie" and "D McCulloch, Troon" stamped on a circa 1905-10 smooth face compact head scarcity form a British Open Course. G-6 $80

125-55 MILLAR, CHARLES, GLASGOW: An all original, outstanding "Jigger" circa 1915 with interesting Criss-cross face scoring, a large "Thistle" mark and "Made in Scotland" on the back. All original and in outstanding condition. G-8 $80

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125-56 NICOLL, GEORGE, LEVEN, SCOTLAND: An outstanding "5 Rustless Recorder Mashie" with a dot face. Nice club. G-8 $70

125-57 NICOLL, GEORGE, LEVEN, SCOTLAND: A nice all original straight faced "Zenith Iron" circa 1920's with a dot punched face. G-7+ $75.00

125-58 NICOLL, GEORGE, LEVEN, SCOTLAND: A dot punched face "1 Iron" with "1" at the toe above the "Hand" mark. All original. G-7 $75

125-59 NICOLL, GEORGE, LEVEN, SCOTLAND: "George Nicoll" in script on the back of a circa 1920's dot punched face "1 Iron". G-8 $85.00

125-60 PARK, WILLIE, MUSSELBURGH, SCOTLAND: A Wm Park Cleek circa 1900 that was apparently sold by "John Wisden, London" as his stamp on the shaft partially covers the "K" in the "Wm. Park" stamp below the replacement grip. Head is rusted and without stampings. G-4 $95

125-61 PARK, WILLIE, MUSSELBURGH, SCOTLAND: A well used circa 1895 Lofter with a little more than half of Park's oval mark readable. Nice period replacement shaft and grip. Nicer than it sounds. G-6 $135

125-62 PATRICK, DAVID, LEVEN, FIFE, SCOTLAND: "David Patrick" in small letters on a circa 1920 "Perfector Jigger". G-6 $75

125-63 ROBSON, FRED, BEXHILL-ON-SEA: A "Mongrel Mashie" circa 1920's made of "Stainless Steel". All original. G-7+ $75

125-64 RODWELL, CHARLES: "Charles Rodwell, Ltd." on a circa 1915 flanged back Mashie with an offset hosel. Rust removed from head revealing some pitting. G-4 $70

125-65 ROLLINS & PARKER, REDDICH, ENGLAND: A scarce circa 1915 "Niblick" stamped "Excellsior" above the seldom seen "Eye" mark. The oval head has a rounded back giving the appearance of no sole. Appears all original. G-7 $90

125-66 SAYERS, BEN, NORTH BERWICK: "Ben Sayers North Berwick" having been nearly "emoried" away by caddies on an early smooth face Lofting Iron circa 1895-1900. Original looking shaft with a replacement grip. G-5 $80

125-67 SPALDING, DYSART, FIFE, SCOTLAND "A G Spalding Bros., Standard, London" with a tiny "Hammer" below "Warranted Hand Forged" at the toe. "Made in England, Mid-iron A" on the sole. Replaced shaft. G-6 $80

125-68 SPALDING, LONDON: "A G Spalding, Makers, London" on a circa 1920's "Rustless Mid-iron". G-8 $65

125-69 ST ANDREW GOLF CO, DUNFIRMLINE & GLASGOW: "Hawkins Never Rust" and the "Running Stag" maker's mark on the back with "M Iron" on the sole of a circa 1920's flanged back of line scored "Mashie Iron". The non-rust alloy gives the head a silvery color. Shaft is a replacement. G-6 $70

125-70 STEWART, TOM, ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND: "W Mc Ewan, Formby" above the "Pipe" mark on a nice circa 1910-15 dot punched face Mid Iron. Shaft and grip are period replacements. G-7 $70

125-71 STEWART, TOM, ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND: Sewart's "Pipe" mark on a circa 1915 dot faced "Niblick" stamped "Herd & Yeoman, Chicago". Looks all original. G-7 $75

125-72 STEWART, TOM, ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND: A circa 1910-1915 playable Stewart Jigger with his "Pipe" mark on the rounded back. Original shaft with replacement grip. G-6 $90

125-73 THE GAMAGE, LONDON The scarce Scottish "Tam" mark is at the toe of a nice circa 1920 "Mashie". G-7+ $80

125-74 UNKNOWN MAKER: A "True Line 8 Rustless Niblick" with a dot face. Has about 55 degrees loft and is playable. $65.

125-75 UNKNOWN MAKER: Circa 1900 smooth face Lofting Iron with "Warranted Hand Forged" the only markings on the head. Replacement shaft stamped "D M Patrick". G-6 $75.00

125-76 UNKNOWN MAKER: An outstanding "Staynorus #1 Iron" with a dot face. Should be playable. G-8 $85

125-77 UNKNOWN MAKER: "Blackheath Golf" on back of a chromed flanged back, convex face "Medium Iron". Replacement shaft. From the Georgiady Collection. G-6 $90.00

125-78 UNKNOWN MAKER: A ladies smooth face "Cleek" circa 1905 stamped "Roberts & Hughes, Cairo, Alexandria" (Egypt). Original shaft with replacement grip. Clubs from Egypt are very scarce. G-6+ $95

125-79 UNKNOWN MAKER: A circa 1890-95 smooth face Cleek possibly by Anderson. All markings emoried away. G-6 $125

125-80 UNKNOWN MAKER: A circa 1880-1890 smooth face General Purpose Iron with "Salter" in small block letters. This long faced iron has a squared off top of blade and hosel join indicating a pre-1895 forging. The period replaced shaft is stamped "R Forgan & Sons, St Andrews" . A handsome club. G-7 $290

125-81 UNKNOWN MAKER: A circa 1880-1890 smooth, slightly dished and hooked face Lofting Iron in the John Gray style, however there are no back markings visible. The period replacement shaft is boldly stamped "G Forrester & Sons" below a nice grip. The top of blade and hosel join "Squared" indicating an early forging. G-7 $350

125-82 UNKNOWN MAKER: A General Purpose Iron circa 1870-1880 with a slightly hooked face a hosel nearly five inch long . The squared off top of blade and hosel join indicates a pre-1895 forging. The replacement grip is stamped "Aitken" below an old leather grip. This looks like a Willie Park, Sr. iron. G-6 $475

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125-83 UNKNOWN MAKER: A hooked face 1875-1885 General Purpose Iron with the hosel nearly five inch long and a squared off top of blade and hosel join indicative of pre-1890 hand forging. The replacement shaft has an old leather grip. G-6 $490.

125-84 UNKNOWN MAKER: An early left handed General Purpose Iron circa 1850's. The thick hosel has deep, sharp, jagged nicking. Part of the sheep skin grip is missing exposing underlistings. G-6 $1250

125-85 UNKNOWN MAKER: Circa 1885 true RUT iron with all markings "Emoried" away by caddies. Possibly a "Morris" Rut as one of Old Tom's marks was a "Line" about 5CM long with "T Morris" above and "St Andrews" below in tiny block letters. Only a 5CM "line" is visible in the middle of the back. Shaft and grip appear original. The scarcity of pre-1890 true RUT irons is vastly underrated. G-6 $1350

125-86 VICKER'S LTD., SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND: "Double K" maker's mark at the toe of a circa 1915-20 hyphen face "Mashie No 6 B". Hosel nicking is more than 1/4 inch long! Appears all original. G-7 $75.00

125-87 WHITE, JACK, GULLANE, SCOTLAND: Circa 1920's line scored oval head Niblick with "Jack White, Super, Gullane" in large block letters. Quite scarce, as no reference places White at Gullane! In period replaced shaft. G-6 $75

125-88 WINTON, JAMES, MONTROSE, SCOTLAND: "J Winton, Montrose" on a circa 1895-1900 smooth face Lofter. James Winton began the "Winton" club making firm about 1890. Replaced grip on original listings. Scarce. G-5 $90.00

125-89 WINTON, W & CO, LT'D, MONTROSE, SCOTLAND: Winton's "Diamond" mark on a circa 1920 line scored face Niblick stamped "Ted Ray's Own Niblick" and having a "Diamond Back" design. The head has been chromed. The pointed toe head is shaped similar to the "Cannon" patent. Shaft and grip appear original. G-5 $135.00

125-90 WINTON, W & CO, LT'D, MONTROSE, SCOTLAND: A deep faced, large head dot punched face mashie as this club is pictured p-121 in "The Encyclopedia". Replaced shaft. From the Georgiady Collection. G-8+ $175



125-91 BRIDGEPORT GUN & IMPLEMENT CO, CT: Very scarce circa 1904 "Factory" line scored B G I mid iron. Face scoring is on an "angle" similar to the "Vardon" series clubs by Spalding. Replaced shaft. Weak mark. G-5 $75.00

125-92 BRIDGEPORT GUN & IMPLEMENT CO, CT: A circa 1900 "Fairfield" Lofter with the original shaft stamped "206". The shaft has an old repair covered by whipping. G-5+ $75

125-93 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: A "Burke Grand Prize Mid-iron" with the Monel Metal "Triangle" at the toe below "H 2". A nice iron that may be playable. G-8 $60

125-94 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: An "A-5 Mongrel Mashie" circa 1920's with a line scored face. G-8 65

125-95 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: An outstanding "Burke Grand Prize Driving Iron". G-8 70

125-96 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: A "Burke Standard X 17 Jigger" circa 1920-1925 in outstanding condition. G-8. 75.00

125-97 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: "Harry Vardon, Totteridge" on a circa 1925 "Burke Pitcher" made of "Monel Metal". About one inch of whipping on the shaft about two inches above the hosel. G-7 75

125-98 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: "Rampant Lion" and "Crown" marks on a SUPERB, all original "Driving Iron". Face has square punches. A very nice club that may be playable. G-9 95.00

125-99 BUTCHART-NICHOLLS: A nice all original "5 Mashie-iron" with a sectional five piece Bamboo and one piece Hickory shaft. Stamped shaft. G-8 75

125-100 DUNN, JOHN, NEW YORK: A circa 1915-20 ladies "Ionic Mid-iron" stamped "John D Dunn, New York" between two "Crown" marks. Appears all original. Very scarce! G-6 90.00

125-101 GREAT LAKES GOLF CO., MILWAUKEE: A diamond back Mid-iron with "Kiltie" at the heel and a "Scotsman" at the toe. G-7 75.

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125-102 HILLERICH & BRADSBY, LOUISVILLE, KY: A scarce early smooth face "Invincible Mid-iron". Possibly one of the first H & B clubs made. Shaft is an early replacement. G-5. 65

125-103 HORTON, CHICAGO: "Horton, Chicago" in an oval on an all original circa 1910 smooth face "A Mashie". G-8 75

125-104 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: An all original mussel back design "BB Mid-iron" with dot punched face. G-7+ 55

125-105 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: A scarce circa 1915 "Popular 'A' Driving Mashie" with widely spaced dots face scoring. Stamped shaft has a repair. G-5+ 85

125-106 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: "J Macgregor, Dayton, O" and a "Shamrock" in a circle on back of a circa 1905-1910 Iron with "Diamond-Dot" face scoring. Shaft appears original having the numbers "2912" with "1" above "2" as if "29 1/2". Grip looks like an original. G-6 90.00

125-107 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: "Airway-O" and "A R 2 Mashie Niblick" on a CONCAVE face circa 1915-1920 specialty iron with the Macgregor "Flower" at the heel. The interesting face has two lines bordering each side and three lines bisecting the dot punched face; the design appearing like "Goal Posts" or a large letter "H". G-7 120.

125-108 O V B: An outstanding circa 1925 "#852, 'O B V' Mashie Niblick". G-8 65

125-109 P G MANUFACTURING, HOMEWOOD, IL: "T Wilson, Calgary Golf & CC" with the "Anvil" mark and "Mashie" at the toe of a circa 1920 mashie with interesting face scoring of alternating lines and dot punches. G-7 70.

Golf collectables

125-110 REACH, A J, CO, PHILADELPHIA: A "Reach Eagle Grade 4" iron with interesting line and dot punched face. G-7 60

125-111 SPALDING, USA: A "Foulis" concave face Mashie Niblick. Head was rusted and has been cleaned up. Would make a good playing club after reshafting. G-3 50.00

125-112 SPALDING, USA: An "F-5 Mashie" with five deep line grooves on the bottom with a smooth top of face. G-6 52

125-113 SPALDING, USA: "Spalding Kro-Flite" Jigger with #8 on the sole. This is circa 1924-26 and came between the "F" Series (1922-24) and "Sweet Spot" late 1926-1931. G-6 55

125-114 SPALDING, USA: An "F-8 Sky-Iron" with three deep scoring lines on the bottom and a smooth top of the face. Shaft is a good early replacement. G-6 65

125-115 SPALDING, USA: An "F-2 Mid-iron" with four deep line grooves on the bottom with a smooth top of face. G-8 65

125-116 SPALDING, USA: "Semetric Set" Approaching Putter or Chipper with the loft of a 2 iron. "20" stamped into the sole. First one I've seen! G-7 70.00

125-117 SPALDING, USA: A circa 1900 "Morristown" smooth face Iron with early replacement shaft. G-6+ 75

125-118 SPALDING, USA: A Mashie with "Spalding Gold Medal 1" in large block letters, circa 1909-12 and criss-cross face scoring. Original stamped shaft. G-7 75

125-119 SPALDING, USA: A playable "Pat. Applied For Sweet Spot Kro-Flite" #1 iron. G-8 75.

125-120 SPALDING, USA: An outstanding circa 1909-1912 "Gold Medal 1" Mashie ( See Cooper P-30) with a criss-cross scored face. Shaft is stamped "Gold Medal". G-8 80

125-121 SPALDING, USA: A "Gold Medal 1, Cleek" circa 1912 with "Carruthers" thru hosel shafting and a dot punched face. All original G-7 90

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125-122 SPALDING, USA: "Spalding Gold Medal 'C'" Cleek with "Spalding" in large block letters. This nice circa 1906-1908 example has an original grip and a stamped shaft . G-7 95

125-123 SPALDING, USA: An outstanding "Sweet Spot Kro-Flite" large head Sand Dabber #29. G-8 95

125-124 SPALDING, USA: An all original rounded back "Morristown" Cleek circa 1900. "Morristown" in block letters on the head and on the shaft below a nice original russet grip. G-7+ 95

125-125 SPALDING, USA: Circa 1908-1909 "Spalding Gold Medal 2" smooth face Niblick with the "Hammer" mark at the toe. Hosel is stamped "A53". G-6 100.00

125-126 SPALDING, USA: A SUPERB Mashie with "Spalding Gold Medal 1" in large block letters, circa 1909-12 and criss-cross face scoring. Original stamped shaft. As nice as they come. G-9 $125.

125-127 UNKNOWN MAKER: "Hoylake Special" on a rustless metal rounded toe smooth face iron similar to the "Hunt" clubs circa 1900. "507" stamped on the original shaft. A nice club. G-8 75

125-128 UNKNOWN MAKER: A nice circa 1900-1905 smooth face Iron stamped "C G C & MFG., Co, Hand Made, NY"in an oval. The hosel has saw tooth nicking. Original looking shaft with a replacement leather grip. The head is similar to BGI irons. G-7 90.00

125-129 WILSON, THOMAS E, CHICAGO, IL: An outstanding "Wilson Success Driving Iron" with a Diamond back design. G-8 75

125-130 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: A circa 1902-1905 Iron with four vertical rows of "Dots" as face markings. Tha back is stamped"A H Findlay, Wright & Ditson, Makers, 8". A nice display club. G-7 60

125-131 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: A 1902-1905 smooth face "Mid-iron" stamped "St Andrews, Wright & Ditson Makers". G-7 70

125-132 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: An "A H Findlay, Wright & Ditson 1" Driving Iron with beveled heel. The face has 4 widely spaced vertical rows of five dots. Shaft is an old replacement. G-6 70

125-133 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: An outstanding circa 1926-27 "Pat. Applied For Wright & Ditson" Jigger with #8 on the sole. Shaft and grip look virtually Mint New. A nice pre-patent collectible. G-8+ 75

125-134 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: An all original circa 1898-1903 smooth face Lofter stamped "Wright & Ditson, Selected" in script and "Hand Forged" in block letters. Nice russet grip on replaced shaft. G-7+ 85.00

125-135 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: An all original circa 1902-1905 "A H Findlay #1" smooth face Driving Iron. G-7 85



125-136 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: "Taplow" on a "Diamond" back smooth face all original Mid-iron. G-7 65.00

125-137 NICOLL, GEORGE, LEVEN, SCOTLAND: An outstanding, all original ladies #3 iron stamped with "George Nicoll" in script. G-8 75.00

125-138 SPALDING, USA: "The Spalding" in block letters above "Hand Forged" on a circa 1900 smooth face Cleek with a small "L" at the toe. "The Spalding" on the original shaft below a tattered original grip. G-6+ 75.00

125-139 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: The "One Shot" Trade Mark is on the back and "Driving Mashie" is on the sole of a dot face circa 1910-15 ladies club. All original with a marked shaft. G-7 90.00

125-140 WRIGHT & DITSON, BOSTON, MA: A circa 1907-1910 Lofting Iron with interesting "Box-Dot" face scoring. The back is stamped "Wright & Ditson 6". Original shaft and grip. G-7 90.00


125-141 HAGEN, WALTER, DETROIT: An outstanding "Walter Hagen Custom Built Mashie-niblick" also stamped "Reg. No 302". All original. G-8 55

125-142 HAGEN, WALTER, DETROIT: "L W 9 Putter" and "Stabrite" on a nice blade putter. G-8 65.

125-143 RAY, TED, GANTON & OXHEY: "T. Ray" in block lettering on a circa 1920 Spoon with a full black Pyralin face held by 6 wood pegs. All the Ted Ray clubs I've seen in the past have markings different from this one. Could this be one from his bag? Appears to be all original. G-7+ 145

125-144 SPALDING, DYSART, FIFE, SCOTLAND "Cyril Walker, Special" on a circa 1915 shallow face Driver with a black slip held by three wood pegs. Appears all original, but exhibits a lot of play. G-5+ 95.00


125-145 FORRESTER, G, EARLSFERRY: A nice Fairlie's Patent compact head Mid-iron with "criss-cross" face scoring. A huge mark consisting of a Thistle, Rose and Three Leaf Clover covers most of the back. G-7 $225


125-146 CANN & TAYLOR, LONDON, ENGLAND: A "J H Taylor" left handed Spoon with "Cann & Taylor" in block letters. G-7 $90.

125-147 LOCKWOOD & BROWN, LONDON: An outstanding left handed well lofted Bull Dog trouble wood with a black face insert held by four wood pegs. The red, one piece rubber all weather grip is embossed with "Bates, Made in England". Interesting grip and head. G-8 $135.



125-148 CAREW: "Carew Trade Mark" on the head of a circa 1910-15 compact head Brassie. Sole has a full brass plate. The shaft is marked "0431" beneath the replacement grip. The neck is unusually thick as if it were intended initially to be a spliced neck wood. G-7 $275

125-149 WILSON, P G: A circa 1910-1915 spliced neck Driver stamped "P G Wilson" in script on the persimmon head. The old ram's horn slip is held by three wood pegs. G-7 $195.00


125-150 FINNIGAN'S, MANCHESTER: A circa 1910-15 Spoon with a black face insert held by five wood pegs. The shaft is OVAL shaped and similar to Forgan's patented "Angle Shaft". G-7 $135

125-151 RENOUF, T G, MANCHESTER: A nice two-tone head Brassie with a triangular sole plate and a black face insert held by three wood pegs. "Star" in script on the head may indicate this was made by Wm Gibson. G-7 $120


125-152 BANNISTER, J W, ISLE OF WRIGHT: Circa 1915 Driver with "J W Bannister, Fresh Water Bay". Appears all original. Scarce. G-7 $115.00

125-153 BRAID, JAMES: "James Braid Special" in block letters on a circa 1905-10 persimmon head Brassie with a full brass sole plate. Original shaft and sheep skin grip. G-7 $115

125-154 CAWSEY, HARRY, SEACROFT: A virtually MINT and playable two-tone head "Brassie" with a partial triangular brass sole plate. Great looking head for play or display. G-8 $120

125-155 FORGAN, ROBERT, ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND: A nice all original Spoon stamped "R Forgan & Sons, St. Andrews, Scotia". G-7 $110

125-156 FORGAN, ROBERT, ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND: A large head Driver stamped "R Forgan & Sons, St. Andrews, Scotia". G-7 $110

125-157 MCCULLOCH, D, TROON: A nice circa 1925 Driver with "D McCulloch, Troon" on the head. G-7 $95

125-158 PATRICK, JOHN, HARDALE: "John Patrick" in script on a nice matched PAIR of circa 1925-30 Driver and Spoon with pear shaped heads. Both are all original. G-7+ $220.

125-159 SAYERS, BEN, NORTH BERWICK: A large head, deep face Driver stamped "Ben Sayers Selected". May be playable. G-7 $110.

125-160 SPALDING, DYSART, FIFE, SCOTLAND An outstanding circa 1920 small head Spoon with the "Made In Great Britain, Baseball Trade Mark" on the small head. Very seldom offered, especially in this nice condition. G-8 $135

125-161 TAYLOR, ALEX: An outstanding all original circa 1920 small head Brassie with "Alex Taylor" in script above "502" on the Persimmon head. G-8 $135.00

125-162 UNKNOWN MAKER: "Mc Donald Special" on a two tone head Brassie with a triangular brass sole plate. Georgiady lists 14 different Mc Donald's in the Compendium. Your guess is as good as mine! G-7 $110

125-163 WALKER, H, SICKELHOME: A virtually MINT and playable Bull Dog trouble club with a black insert held by eight wood pegs. A full brass sole place covers the rounded sole. Shows virtually no signs of play! G-9 $150


125-164 BOWLER, HARRY WINCHESTER, MASS: Circa 1910 PEAR SHAPED head Spoon or Cleek with a well lofted face and a full brass sole plate. The Persimmon head is marked "Harry Bowler, Winchester". Appears all original. G-5 $110.00

125-165 BRINE, J W, BOSTON: Circa 1915 all original Brassie with a black slip held by three wood pegs. Large "Brine" mark on the Persimmon head. G-7 $125.00

125-166 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: An all original "Macgregor Pilot 1" Driver with through sole shafting. A nice circa 1915 example with a black slip held by three wood pegs. G-8 $115.

125-167 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: "Brassie" stamped on the sole of a circa 1910-1915 "Edgemont E-1" persimmon wood. G-7+ $125

125-168 MACGREGOR, DAYTON, OH: An all original "B 28 Spoon" with marked shaft. A nice wood. G-8 $145.00

125-169 RAWLINS: A DREADNOUGHT DRIVER. A nice all original circa 1912 large head "Dreadnought" Driver with a black slip held by three wood pegs. "Rawlings S G Co" on the head that was probably made by Macgregor. G-7+ $145

125-170 TRYON, EDWARD K, PHILADELPHIA: A SUPERB circa 1915-20 small head Driver with a black slip held by three wood pegs. All original and appears not to have struck a ball. The shaft has a warp near the grip. G-9+ $125



1 DOBEREINER, PETER : The Glorious World of Golf, 1978 in D/J 25.00

2 DOBEREINER, PETER : The World of Golf, 1st ed1981 in D/J 25.00

3 GOLF MAGAZINE: Encyclopedia of Golf, 1st ed, 1970 in D/J 18.00]

4 GRAFFIS, HERB, Esquire's World of Golf, 1st 1965 in D/J 18.00

5 HATSTROM, H. A. : Golf After Forty, 1st ed 1946 in D/J. 22.00

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10 MORRISON, ALEX J: A New Way to Better Golf, 4th 1932. 38.00

11 NICKLAUS, JACK : My 55 Ways to Lower Your Golf Score, $10.00

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28 SUGGS, LOUISE: Golf For Women, 1st ed 1960 in D/J 15.00

29 TRAVIS, WALTER J : Practical Golf, 1st revised ed, 1902. Damage to the spine and some loose pages. A reader's copy. 75.00

30 LEE TREVINO: Snake in the Sand Trap, 1st ed 1985 in D/J 10.00

31 WEISS, MIKE: 100 Handy Hints on How to Break 100, 1st in D/J 12.00

32 WILSON, HARRY L: So This Is Golf, 1st ed 1923, average 48.00

33 WIND, HERBERT WARREN : The Story of American Golf 1956 First Printing in D/J. 65.00

34 US OPEN PROGRAM: 1994, Oakmont, Palmer on the cover 30.00

35 US OPEN PROGRAM: 1988 Brookline, The Country Club 30.00

36 PGA PROGRAM:: 1994 Southern Hills 20.00

37 SPALDING: An original "Spalding Complete Trade Price List, Fall and Winter 1922" catalogue, 104 pages. Good. 90.00

38 BEN HOGAN: Autographed 8 X 10 color photo. 195.00

39 HALE IRWIN: 1990 PRO SET golf card autographed. 12.00

40 1990 PRO SET: Counter display box of 4 sets 1990 golf cards. Mint unopened. 35.00

41 PAYNE STEWART: 1990 PRO SET Special #1 NFL card. Mint. 25.00

42 BETH DANIEL: Signed 8 X 10 color photo 15.00

43 LEE TREVINO: 8 X 10 signed "To Dad, Happy 65th Birthday" 20.00

44 RYDER CUP: 8 inch diameter circular ICE BUCKET commemorating the 1979 Ryder Cup Matches at the Greenbriar (Sam Snead's home course). Outstanding display item or gift for the golfer who has everything. Mint New in original box. 150.00

45 TROPHY: Pewter mug standing nearly 5 inches tall engraved "Mixed Foresoms, April 19, 1913. Has the bronze "Winchester CC 1902" seal on the front. The legendary Donald Ross designed this course. It was his first 18 hole design. 275.00

46 BAG OF TEES: Bag of "Rite-Hite" tees G-5 with 10 mint new tees. 35.00

Golf collectables

47 BAG OF TEES: about 35 "Pla-Wood" tees in a nice bag 35.00

48 3500 GOLF TEES: Approximately 3500 tees, some from the 40's thru the 90's. Many different colors and virtually void of white tees. 100.00

49 ZWEIFEL: A circa 1932 golf card game complete with score sheets, game cards and rules. MINT NEW in the original box. 75.00

50 PAR-IT GOLF GAME: "Par-it" golf games Mint. Circa 1930's. 39.00

51 A COPPER BROACH/PIN: Circa 1900 with a relief figure of a lady with golf club. Similar piece was in McGrath's 1995 sale, lot 285 145.00

52 STERLING SILVER MEDAL: Half dollar size circa 1900-20 with crossed clubs and sailing ship on one side and "Hythe Golf Club, Won By" on the other side. No name or date engravings. 150.00

53 COPPER MEDAL: Half dollar size circa 1900 with crossed clubs and sailing ship on one side and "Hythe Golf Club, Won By" on the other side. No name or date engravings. 90.00

54 CIGARETTE DISPENSER AND CASE: Circa 1920's. Inlayed wood cigarette case and dispenser with golfer in plus fours on one side and Japanese scene of Mt Fuji on the other. A beautiful collectible! 225.00

55 A STERLING SILVER CIGARETTE CASE: Engraved golfer in plus fours. Curved to fit in one's hip pocket. A very nice item. 290.00

56 AN ALABASTER ASH TRAY: 3 1/2 X 5 and oval in shape and decorated with a ball, golf club and flag. Appears to be circa 40's-50's. 60.00

57 PRACTISOR PUTTING TRAP: Similar to "Bobby's Portable Putting Hole". Mint new and comes in original box. 145.00


58 BRAMBLE BALL: "Chemico Bob" on both poles of a circa 1910-1915 rubber core ball. 70% original paint faded to tan. G-5 145.00

59 REPAINTED BRAMBLE BALL: "The Kilty" at both poles circa 1905 Gutta Percha cover, wound center ball with several small cracks in the cover resulting from age. Repainted, as was the common practice. A reasonable example with a nice Scottish name. No iron marks. G-5 . 145.00

60 MESH PATTERN BALL: "Vanessa" and "England" on poles. 45.00

61 MESH PATTERN BALL: "The B. I." on both poles. G-5 45.00

62 MESH PATTERN BALL: "Goblin" on both poles. G-5 45.00

63 BOXED DIMPLE BALL: "Uniroyal Plus 6" mint in original box 20.00

Golf collectables

64 WRAPPED DIMPLE BALL: "Dunlop Warwick" in a red wrapper. 20.00

65 WRAPPED DIMPLE BALL: A full dozen "Dunlop Warwick" in a red wrappers and in the original yellow & green box 180.00

66 WRAPPED DIMPLE BALL: "Dunlop 65" in a black wrapper 12.00

67 WRAPPED DIMPLE BALL: "Penfold Ace" in a blue wrapper 18.00

68 DUNLOP GOLF BALLS: Three "Maxfli" balls circa 1950's in a sleeve shaped like a SNOWMAN with "Dunlop" on the black top hat. 40.00


69 ARMOUR, TOMMY: Early 1940's ball with red "W" and "Championship". A very scarce signature ball. G-5 18.00

70 DEGUIRE, BOBBY: A circa late 1930's ball with two red dots below the block lettering. First one I've seen. G-7 18.00

71 BOROS, JULIUS: "Julius Boros Autograph" by Wilson G-7 18.00

72 BURKE, JACK: Elusive Masters winner. Macgregor ball. G04 10.00

73 LEMA, TONY: "Kroydon" and "Tony Lema" in script. Scarce! G-8 18.00

74 NELSON, BYRON: Northwestern. "Byron Nelson" in script. G-7 18.00

75 VARDON, HARRY: "Vardon Flyer" readable on only one pole. Bramble pattern solid Gutta Percha ball by Spalding circa 1900-1903. Old repaint, with several iron marks. G-3. Quite scarce! 295.00

76 WIECHERS, JIM: Circa 1965. First one I've seen in 12 yrs! G-6 18.00

77 ALL THESE SIGNATURE BALLS are $5.00 each or 5 for $20. Palmer, Nicklaus, Jerry Barber, Middlecoff, Hogan, Snead, Hagen, Venturi, Beard, Souchack, Ferrier (g-3) and Penna All are average or better.




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