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Archived 11/3/2000 These listings are for informational purposes only.
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THIS CATALOGUE IS A HELPFUL PRICING REFERENCE. The estimates for each lot represent the cataloguer's estimate of LOW WHOLESALE value for the lower price and MARKET RETAIL value for the higher price. The low estimate is what a dealer would expect to pay and the high estimate is what the dealer would ask a collector. To be a successful bidder, it is recommended to bid BETWEEN the two estimates, or higher, depending on how much you want the lot. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call.

BIDDING: Accepting bids NOW through October 20th. Your bids will be executed at the live sale Oct. 21st. Bid by phone, 1-800-882-4825, by FAX 972-257-1785, send bids via internet to either OR, or mail bids to:

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Lot...1.....A FORGAN LONG NOSE DRIVING PUTTER circa 1901-08 with the "Crown" mark on the Persimmon head. Original shaft stamped and the grip is a sheep skin replacement. G-7 $400-700

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...2.....AN OUTSTANDING "END GRAIN" PUTTER. Similar to the Schenectady style with the shaft a little further back from center. "Burke End Grain, Pat. 786212" on the head and on the back. G-7++ $300-500

Lot...3.....A LEFT HANDED SPLICED NECK PUTTER circa 1895-1900 stamped "D Anderson & Sons, Princess St., Edinburgh" on the Beech head. Head stamp is a bit weak, however readable. G-6 $400-800

Lot...4.....A WOOD MALLET PUTTER WITH A BRASS FACE. Circa 1910-20 socket head stamped "J Thomson Special". All original and a nice collectible. G-8 $200-400

Lot...5.....AN UNUSUAL MALLET PUTTER with an IVORY face insert and sole. The head is stamped "Jas Thomson, St Andrews. All original G-7+ $300-500

Lot...6.....A WOOD HEAD SOCKET PUTTER with "A G Spalding & Bros" in script across the black painted head. $90-150

Lot...7.....HARRY HUNTER LONG NOSE PUTTER. Circa 1895 dark stained Beech head with "Harry Hunter, Deal" in an oval on the head. Grip is a nice replacement. G-8 $800-1400

Lot...8.....AN OUTSTANDING "CALAMITY JANE, Robert T Jones, Jr., Kro-Flite" Putter. All original without the stymie whippings on the shaft. G-8 $350-600

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...9.....AN OTTO HACKBARTH PUTTER with bifrugated hosel. A nice putter; however, the patent dates on the sole are weak. G-7 $475-750

Lot...10.....AN OUTSTANDING PENDULUM PUTTER made by Kroydon. "Pendulum Putter" is on the face near the toe and the balance of the face has hatched scoring. A very slight bend in the shaft keeps this out of the Superb class. G-8. $375-700

Lot...11.....A BRASS DEEP FACE "The Spalding" putter. The face is 1 3/4 inches from top to bottom. Shaft is an old in-period replacement. Very Scarce! G-7 $200-400

Lot...12....."THE McDOUGAL PUTTER" in outstanding condition. "Patent 1291967, Thistle Putter Co, NYC". Aluminum mallet with two weight compartments in the head. (See "Ellis" Catalogue #2, 2000 @ $1350.) G-8+ $600-950

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...13.....A MILLS "Y" MODEL aluminum mallet styled after the Philp long nose putter. Head markings are weak, however, the sole stampings are strong. Replacement shaft. G-6 $100-200

Lot...14.....A SCARCE "Z" MODEL. A nice "Z" Model long nose aluminum head putter with excellent sole and head stamps. Hosel has a crack, however it has been nicely repaired. G-6. $90-150

Lot...15.....LONG NOSE "Y MODEL" PUTTER. A Scarce circa 1900 "Y Model" Long Nose Aluminum Putter with a Medium Lie. The "Y" was modeled after the famous maker Philp long nose putters. Sole and head stamps are deep and bold and the hosel is sound. Replacement is stamped "Auchterlonie, St Andrews". G-6+ $175-300

Lot...16.....A RARE "K" MODEL. A seldom offered "K" Model, Mills, Long Nose aluminum head putter with one very minor hairline crack in the hosel. The grip is oval in shape with a small flat area for the thumbs. This is a very scarce, nice collectible. G-6+ $190-375

Lot...17.....A MILLS "Z" MODEL. A good example of the scarce "Z" Model, Mills Long Nose aluminum putter. All head and sole stamps are good and the hosel is sound. Grip is a replacement over the original shaft. This example would make a nice addition to any collection. G-7 $200-400

Lot...18.....A SCARCE "Y" MODEL circa 1900 Long Nose Aluminum Putter with a Flat Lie. The "Y" was modeled after the famous maker Philp long nose putters. Sole stamps are deep and bold and the hosel is sound. Shaft is a replacement. G-6+ $160-250

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...19.....ANOTHER "Y MODEL" Long Nose Aluminum Putter with a Upright Lie. The "Y" was modeled after the famous maker Philp long nose putters. Sole and head stamps are deep and bold and the hosel has a tiny dent at the shaft, but no cracks or chips. G-6+ $175-300

Lot...20.....A VERY SACRCE "K MODEL" Long Nose Putter marked "The Mills "K" Model" with a Medium lie. All stampings are clear and bold. Grip is a nice replacement. This is one of the better "K" models available in the market place today. G-8 $275-450

Lot...21.....A SCARCE "MONARCH" ALUMINUM putter with "A H Scott, Elie, Scotland" and their "Lion-on-Crown" mark. Hosel has a crack, otherwise this would be G-8. I've seen only a couple of them in the past 12 years! $90-175

Lot...22.....A LONG NOSE TYPE ALUMINUM putter the head stamped "Putter X X Flat". The back of the putter is slanted and there is a black "Sight" line on the head. Would be G-9 except for the replacement buff leather grip. $120-200

Lot...23.....A LONG NOSE ALUMINUM PUTTER stamped "Gene Reily, Waterbury CC, CT, Putter". Most likely circa 1920 and by Spalding. G-7 $75-150

Lot...24.....AN ALUMINUM "BOGEE" PUTTER. A "Foster Bros. Bogee" aluminum head Putter with two sight lines added to the top of the head. Patented Whitcombe all weather is over the original shaft. G-6 $120-200

Lot...25.....A GOOD BOGEE PUTTER by Foster Brothers, Ashbourne with a sight line added to the aluminum head. Sole stampings are deep and bold, however, there are two hairline cracks in the square hosel as a result of the reshafting. Still a presentable example. G-6 $110-180

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...26.....AN "XXX" RATED PUTTER by St Andrew Golf Co. A long nose aluminum head putter circa 1930 with a black Vulcanite sight line. "XXX Upright Putter" on the sole. Original shaft with replacement grip. Head is G-9. Overall G-8. $90-150

Lot...27.....A GOOD TAYLOR PUTTER. A "Mills" type aluminum head with "Model 'F'" and "9.15", signifying the weight in ounces, on the bottom. "J H Taylor, Reg. # 607239" is stamped above and below the unusual raised "sight" line on the head. The shaft is a replacement and the hosel is sound. Head and stampings are good and the grip is a nice sheep skin. G-7 $160-275

Lot...28.....A TAYLOR ALUMINUM MALLET. A "Mills" type aluminum head with "Model 'F'" and "10.14", signifying the weight in ounces, on the bottom. "J H Taylor, Reg. # 607239" is stamped above and below the unusual raised "sight" line on the head. There is a chip out of the hosel and a crack to the hosel pin on one side. Head and stampings are good, hosel is the only problem. G-5 $120-200

Lot...29.....A MACGREGOR ALUMINUM MILLS TYPE putter with a replacement shaft. G-5 $60-100

Lot...30.....AN ALUMINUM "NORTHWOOD" mallet putter with a small head. G-6+ $90-150

Lot...31.....ALUMINUM MILLS TYPE putter made by Macgregor with original stamped shaft. G-6 $90-150

Lot...32.....A SCARCE "J R INGLIS" ALUMINUM mallet putter. Lots of wear and dents. Stampings, however, are deep and bold. G-5+ $100-200

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...33.....A MacDOUGAL STYLE ALUMINUM putter with aiming bars and hollowed out area on top of an aluminum mallet. "Kroydon S 30 A Putter" is on the sole. Looks all original. G-7 $90-175

Lot...34....."H & B" MODEL ALUMINUM mallet putter circa late 1920's with "H & B Model H 50" on the head. Nice putter with a replacement grip. G-7+ $90-175

Lot...35.....A NEW MILLS RAY MODEL aluminum mallet putter circa 1915 with a medium lie. All original. G-7 $50-90

Lot...36.....A WILSON ALUMINUM HEAD PUTTER. "Wilson" on the head and "Goose Neck" on the sole. Severely off set hosel. G-8 $75-150

Lot...37.....AN UNDERRATED "BEAUMONT" ALUMINUM head mallet. "F" and "Pat Apl'd For" on the sole and "Beaumont" on the back. The "C" shaped aluminum head has a raised black sightline and a steel face insert. A nice collectible from the late 1920's. $90-175

Lot...38.....A MILLS "RNG" PUTTER. An outstanding example of a moderately scarce Mills "R N G" Model aluminum head mallet putter with a "T" bar sight line. All sole stampings are bold and the hosel is sound. "Moor Park" is stamped on the shaft below a circa 1920's green leather grip. G-8 $75-125

Lot...39.....A VARDON MODEL ALUMINUM PUTTER. "Vardon 'S S' Model" stamped on the sole. Two minor hairline hosel cracks undoubtedly the result of the reshafting by Forgan. G-7 $90-150

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...40.....A WINTON ALUMINUM MALLET. A nice "Winton Flat Lie #4" Mills type aluminum head. Sound hosel. G-7 $90-150

Lot...41.....A SCARCE MACGREGOR MALLET. An aluminum head mallet stamped "Macgregor 3 1/2" on top. The smallish head looks like a Mills. There are four circular lead the back. Nice putter. G-6+ $140-220

Lot...42.....A SCARCE COCHRANES ALUMINUM MALLET with a black paralyn face insert. The head is shaped like a long nose and stamped "J B Cochrane's & Co., Putter" . G-7+ $120-200

Lot...43.....A MALLET HEAD NORIRIT PUTTER with a lead face insert. Monogramed "BT" on the head. G-7+ $100-200

Lot...44....."SPALDING YOUD'S PATENT" on the aluminum mallet head with lead face. G-7 $120-200

Lot...45.....A LONG NOSE ALUMINUM HEAD with a black pyraline face insert. "T W Higgins Putter" on the head. G-7 $100-200

Lot...46.....A SCHENECTADY TYPE aluminum head stamped "Macgregor, Dayton, O." surrounding a shamrock". Hosel is sound. Original looking shaft is not stamped. G-6 $140-250

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...47.....A SCHENECTADY TYPE ALUMINUM head center shafted putter most likely made by MacGregor. The head is stamped "Pro Couples Co., St. Louis, MO." Head is virtually mint, grip is a replacement. G-8 $175-300

Lot...48.....A "SPALDING 10" WOOD HEAD SCHENECTADY style left handed putter. This putter is virtually mint. Only the replaced neck whipping keeps it out of the 9+ Grade. Very scarce lefted handed putter. G-8+ $250-450

Lot...49.....A SCHENECTADY PUTTER. Patent date in large lettering on back and "No 976267, H C Lee, Sole Licensees" on the sole. Looks all original. G-7 $190-350

Lot...50.....A SCHENECTADY TYPE Aluminum head putter with "N H" at the heel and "A G Spalding & Bros" in script on the head. G-8 $175-325

Lot...51.....A WOOD HEAD SCHENECTADY TYPE with a one piece full sole and face plate in brass. The only markings on the club is a "3" on the brass plate. Most likely made by Spalding or Tug Tyler. SUPERB! G-9 $300-500

Lot...52.....A SCARCE "MASCOT" PUTTER made by Winton with a turtle shaped head and a wide flanged back. G-6 $120-200

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...53.....A NICE CRESCENT HEAD PUTTER similar to a Brown-Vardon. "J B Simpson, Maker" on the head. Hosel and shaft are oval shaped. G-8 $150-300

Lot...54.....AN OUTSTANDING CRESCENT HEAD PUTTER. "Special Putter" in the Brown-Vardon style with "pyramid" dot face scoring. The head is stamped "Suggs, Ltd, Makers, Liverpool". Hosel is oval as well as the Greenheart shaft. A great looking putter. G-8 $175-300

Lot...55.....A PRESTWICK CRESCENT HEAD PUTTER. An outstanding Crescent head Putter with pointed toe and broad sole marked "Burke Prestwick Putter" with the "Bee" and "Flower" marks near the toe and heel. G-8 $110-180

Lot...56.....A FORGAN CRESCENT HEAD putter, the stampings nearly worn off the nice head. G-5+ $80-140

Lot...57.....A BRASS CRESCENT HEAD PUTTER similar to a Brown-Vardon; however, there are no stamps on head or sole. G-7+ $100-200

Lot...58.....A SUPERB "MASCOT PUTTER" by Winton with pointed toe, oval hosel, huge flanged back and a turtle back shape. The face has rainbow shaped dot punches. I looked at this putter and said "Wow"! G-9 $200-400

Lot...59.....A HUGE FLANGE PUTTER by Winton similar to The Mascot. Oval hosel and shaft. G-8 $120-200

Lot...60....."AL WATROUS" GREAT LAKES flanged back putter with "10 F Putter" on the very wide sole. Similar to the Burke "69" Flanged back. G-8 $120-200

Lot...61.....AN F H AYRES "HESKETH" PUTTER with a boat shaped blade and severe crook in the hosel. Virtually mint. G-9. $90-150

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...62.....A RUSTLESS "BUNNY" PUTTER with the "Rabbit-in-Hole" mark on the sole and "Donaldson Rangefinder" on the top. G-7 $140-250

Lot...63.....A BOAT SHAPED "ARCHIE COMPSTON" putter made by "Hendry & Bishop". Hosel has a severe crook. Shaft and grip are square. G-7 $90-175

Lot...64.....A BENT NECK PUTTER similar to Taylor's. "A McLaren, Hempstead" on back with Gibson's Star mark. G-6 $60-100

Lot...65.....AN ANTI-SHANK PUTTER with the "Running Stag" mark. Also stamped "Percy Boomer, St Cloud" and the French "Import" stamps. Nice "crook" in the hosel with heel and toe perimeter weighting bulges. Shaft stamped "Gibsons Super Star". G-6 $140-250

Lot...66.....A WIDE SOLE, LARGE FLANGED back "Burke Grand Prize #69" Putter. G-6 $75-150

Lot...67.....A RECTANGULAR HEAD ALUMINUM putter stamped "Hand Made by Ted Smith" on the back. G-7 $60-100

Lot...68.....A NICE SCOTTISH SPALDING PUTTER. A "Wry Neck Putter" having an alternating hyphen and dot punched face. "Dysart-Fife" and the "Anvil" mark on the back. Original shaft, replaced grip. G-7 $50-100

Lot...69.....A GOOD WRY NECK PUTTER circa 1910-15 with dot punched off set blade stamped "Wry Neck Putter" below Spalding's "Hammer" mark. G-7 $60-100

Lot...70.....A HILLERICH & BRADSBY PUTTER. "Par-X-L" flanged back "#80 Putter" with the "Arm & Hammer Hand Made" mark at the toe. This ladies putter has Stag-Dot face scoring. All original. G-7 $45-90

Lot...71.....A SEVERELY BENT NECK PUTTER. A Willie Park style bent neck Putter most likely made by Spalding circa 1900. Grip is a replacement. G-7. $70-125

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...72.....PARK'S PATENT PUTTER circa 1894-1895 with a squared off top of blade and hosel join. "Park" fully readable at the toe, but the remainder of the stamps are weak or unreadable. Shaft is an early period replacement. A scarce early example. G-5 $120-200

Lot...73.....A GIBSON GOOSE NECK PUTTER with Charlie Boyle, Havana Crossed club under Palm Tree mark. G-8 $75-125

Lot...74.....A SCARCE DANDY PUTTER circa 1915-20 with a flanged back. "J & W Craigie, Montrose" and their "rifle" mark on the back. Hosel and shaft are oval shaped. A nice unusual putter. G-7 $120-250

Lot...75.....AN OFF SET PUTTER. An unusual step down hosel Putter circa 1920 that looks like an early Cleek. "A Day, Scarborough" on the back. G-7 $90-200

Lot...76.....ANDERSON PATENT PUTTER. Outstanding "Anderson Special Putting Cleek, Rd No 277771" with the heel marked "8569" with off set smooth face blade similar to Taylor's twisted hosel Putter. Stamps are deep and bold. Original shaft with a replacement wrapped leather grip. G-8 $190-350

Lot...77.....A GEM TYPE NOIRIT LEAD FACE putter. G-7 $90-150

Lot...78.....A "DODO" FLANGED BACK putter made by Winton with oval hosel and shaft. G-7+ $100-175

Lot...79.....AN OUTSTANDING "TAYLOR'S PUTTER" with a smooth face and twisted hosel, made for a lady. All stamps are excellent. G-8 $80-150

Lot...80....."ST. A. MODEL" ALUMINUM similar to the Mills "MNB" model. "St. Andrews G C, Special" on the top in a tight oval configuration. G-8 $120-200

Lot...81....."A FIFE, ST. ANDREWS" on a nice circa 1915-20 blade. G-7 $55-80

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...82.....A "NOIRIT" LEAD FACE BLADE PUTTER with "E & A Noirit, Walsall" and "T G" on the back. G-8 $120-200

Lot...83.....A HENDRY & BISHOP "SINK-EM" PUTTER with a mussel back. G-7 $75-150

Lot...84.....A "TOP SPIN" RUSTLESS PUTTER. Circa 1930's smooth face, off set hosel boat shaped blade with "The Topspin" at the toe. Original shaft, modern wrapped leather grip. A lovely playable. G-8 $120-200

Lot...85.....A PISTOL GRIP PUTTER circa 1920's stamped "Stokes" with a bordered hyphen face. The shaft and pistol grip are square. G-6 $60-100

Lot...86.....A WM. GIBSON "ESKIT" PUTTER . Gibson's "Star" mark has the letter "G" inside. Shaft and grip are square. Grip is a good "Whitcombe" all weather grip.

G-8 $120-200

Lot...87.....A NICE CONDIE MUSSEL BACK PUTTER. Widest "mussel back" I've seen on a club! This Condie Putter is stamped "Tom Watt 1907-1908" and stamped "21" near the toe. "Royal Crown Brand" surrounds a large "Crown" mark. Grip is a replacement. A very nice display club that will generate a lot of conversation. G-7 $100-175

Lot...88.....A NICE FORRESTER GEM PUTTER stamped "The Gem 100" Putter with hatched face scoring, off set hosel, rounded back and 3/4" wide flat sole. "G Forrester, Earlsferry, Elie" on both head and shaft. All original. G-7 $90-150

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...89.....A NICE GIBSON GEM PUTTER. A smooth, shallow face, rounded back Gem Putter with wide flat sole. The "Star" mark and "J. Hastie, Cairo" (Egypt) on the back. Circa 1905-10 with original shaft and sheep skin grip. Clubs from Egypt are very scarce. A nice example. G-7+ $100-175

Lot...90.....AN OUTSTANDING MAXWELL HOSEL PUTTER stamped "Maxwell Putter" and has an off set hosel, flanged back. 12 holes are drilled in the hosel. Grip is a replacement. An exceptional example of a Maxwell hosel putter. G-8 $70-120

Lot...91.....A NICE DEAD STRENGTH blade putter with "Percy Boomer" in script and "Spalding Dead Strength" in block letters on the back. The bottom and top of the blade are beveled giving the face an almost rounded effect to promote top spin. Grip has a flat spot for the thumbs. G-7 $90-150

Lot...92.....A PENCIL NECK SARAZEN Monel Metal "Burke" putter with a 6 1/2 inch long hosel. Scarcer than the Wilson as this one is made of Monel Metal. G-7 $140-250

Lot...93.....SPALDING GOLD MEDAL PUTTER. An outstanding "Gold Medal 1" off set hosel putter with random dot punched face scoring. Original stamped shaft with a replacement grip. G-8 $50-100

Lot...94.....A FINE COCHRANE'S PUTTER. "Bow-Line Knot" mark on a "Super Approach Putter" that has the loft of about a 4 iron. All original and an interesting collectible. G-7 $60-100

Lot...95....."HUNT" NON-RUSTABLE APPROACHING PUTTER circa 1898-1900. Shaft is a replacement. A few dings in the soft non-rustable metal head and hosel. "Hunt's Nonrustable" stamp is perfect. Very sacare! G-6+ $140-250

Lot...96.....A SCARCE GEORGE BREEZE PUTTER. "Excelsior Putter" with the "Royal Crown Brand" mark at toe of a circa 1910 off set blade with hyphen scoring. Replacement grip over original looking shaft. G-6 $90-150

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...97.....A GOOD GEORGE NICOLL PUTTER. A "Special Whippet" Putter circa 1920 with a bordered hyphen face. "Geo. Nicoll, Leven, Fife" in a football shaped double oval below the "George Nicoll" signature. Shaft is a replacement. Hosel is of standard length. G-6 $50-100

Lot...98.....A TOM STEWART, ST ANDREWS PUTTER. Stewart's "Pipe" mark on a circa 1920 "Putting Cleek" with a line scored face. G-5 $45-80

Lot...99.....A BRAID PUTTER BY WILSON. "The Braid Special 9" off set blade Putter made by Wilson. Warped original shaft. G-5+ $40-80

Lot...100....."RIBBED SOLE PUTTER" on the back of an unusual sole design. "9" is stamped between two sections of FOUR RIBBS. Similar th Sayer's Benny Putter. G-6 $60-100

Lot...101.....AN UNUSUAL PUTTER stamped "Pin-hi Brand Putter" with "Ball next to Flag-In-Hole" mark. Also stamped "J M Lewis, Prestwick". A nice collectible putter with original shaft and all weather grip. G-7+ $90-150

Lot...102.....A GIBSON PUTTER STAMPED JAMES BRAID. "James Braid, Walton Heath, Surrey" above the "James Braid" script signature mark on a scarce off set hosel putter. Original looking shaft has a slight warp. G-5 $60-100

Lot...103.....A TONG BRAND SPALDING DYSART FIFE PUTTER. An outstanding smooth face, off set hosel "Tong Brand Accurate Putter" with Spalding's scarce "Blacksmith's Tongs" mark. Grip is a replacement. G-7++ $140-250

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...104.....A WILLIE PARK STRAIGHT LINE STAMP. A circa 1895 straight blade putter with Park's Straight Line mark fully readable on the back. "Wm Park" on the original shaft below a sheep skin grip. G-7 $225-350

Lot...105.....A RARE WILLIE WILSON PUTTER. A circa 1880's straight blade putter with top of blade and hosel join squared indicating a pre-1895 forging. The hosel is very thick and has deep nicking. "W. Wilson, Maker, St. Andrews" on the back. Only the bottoms of "W Wilson" are readable. "Maker" and St. Andrews" are fully readable. Original shaft with a sheep skin grip. A significant early steel putter. G-7 $300-500

Lot...106.....A SCARCE ANDERSON PATENT. An outstanding "Anderson's Special Putting Cleek, Rd No 277771" with the heel marked "9808". The hosel is off set and similar to Taylor's twisted hosel Putter. All back markings are deep and bold. The shaft is exotic Dangawood. A nice collectible putter. G-8 $150-275

Lot...107.....A SCARCE TOP SPIN PUTTER. Anderson's "Arrow" mark at the toe of a circa 1915-20 Top Spin Putter with top of blade twice as thick as the bottom. "J Randall, Sundridge Park" on both head and shaft. G-6 $120-200

Lot...108.....A SUPERB TOP SPIN PUTTER by Cochrane's with thier "Knight" mark at the toe of a Top Spin Putter circa 1920's with "Reg. No. 539228" and "Robert D Randall, Herne Bay" on the back. The shaft and hosel are OVAL shaped and the shaft is made of exotic Dangawood. This putter is virtually MINT new! G-9 $250-400

Lot...109.....A STRAIGHT BLADE PARK PUTTER circa 1895 with Park's oval mark weak, however nearly fully readable. Shaft is stamped "Wm Park" below the replacement grip. G-6 $90-150

Lot...110.....A SPALDING THISTLE PUTTER. "Thistle" in large block letters between two large Thistle marks. No evidence of play except one "ding" in the face. Butt of grip/end of shaft shows no evidence of being in a golf bag. G-9+ $80-140

Lot...111.....A PENCIL NECK, SEVEN INCH HOSEL putter stamped "Kerry Croy, Hand Made". Similar to the Oke long hosel putters. G-8 $150-250

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...112.....A LONG TOM PUTTER. Halley's "Shell" mark at the toe of a circa 1925-30 "Long Tom Putter". The face has dots on the lower 2/3rds with the top 1/3rd smooth and beveled back. Outstanding & unusual. G-8 $90-200

Lot...113.....A RARE SLOTTED HOSEL PUTTER circa 1918 by Macgregor. "SC-2 Superior" with four long slots cut into the hosel. Bottom half of the face is a shield with the top half being smooth. G-6 $225-400

Lot...114.....A TRIUMPH SMOOTH FACE PUTTER by Anderson for Gourlay. The top of the blade is "Peaked" like a roof to provide the player a unique sight line. G-6 $275-450

Lot...115.....A NICE HENDREY & BISHOP blade putter with dot punched face. G-8 $45-90

Lot...116.....A SUPERB VARDON PUTTER. Circa 1902-1905 Spalding "Harry Vardon" off set hosel, smooth face left handed scarcity. The football shaped Vardon stamp is perfect! Wonderful original grip and stamped shaft. A great left handed collectible. $190-350

Lot...117.....A FORGAN BLADE PUTTER with the "Crown" mark c-1901-1908. G-7 $75-125

Lot...118....."PAT. APPLIED FOR" Kro-flite "R F" putter with 5 1/2 inch hosel. G-7 $50-80

Lot...119.....A BRASS CRESCENT HEAD with "J MacGregor, Dayton. O" nearly worn off the head. Original stamped shaft has the number "70" below the original looking grip. A nice putter with the name nearly worn away. G-5+++. $75-150

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...120.....CIRCA 1880-90 BRASS TWO WAY BLADE putter with squared off top of blade and hosel join. The head is shaped like a mid 19th Century Cleek. Nice replacement shaft stamped "W Green, Monifieth". Nice example. G-7 $120-200

Lot...121.....A "B G I" BRASS BLADE circa 1900. Shaft is a replacement. G-6 $70-120

Lot...122.....A NICE SIMPSON BRASS BLADE PUTTER. An off set hosel smooth face brass blade with "Simpson's, St. Andrews" in a tiny circle and Anderson's "Arrow" mark. Nicely reshafted with a great wrapped leather grip. G-7 $65-120

Lot...123.....A BRASS BLADE PUTTER. A circa 1900 small head brass blade Putter stamped "Center Balance Warranted Gun Metal". The replacement shaft is marked "Putter" and has a circa 1900 russet grip. G-6 $65-120

Lot...124.....A DANGAWOOD SHAFTED PUTTER. A brass circa 1895-1900 straight blade Putter with "Harry Hunter, Deal" in an oval near the toe. Replacement shaft is of exotic Dangawood. Grip is a 20's wrapped leather. G-6 $90-150

Lot...125.....A CIRCA 1890 BRASS BLADE with "Special, London" on the back. Maker's name has been worn off. Original shaft with replacement grip. Nice putter. G-6 $100-175

Lot...126.....AN EARLY F H AYERS BRASS PUTTER circa 1890's with only the large letter "P" on the back. Ayres was the only maker to use large letters on their clubs. An exotic Dangawood shaft replaces the original. G-6 $90-150

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...127.....A GOOD BRASS PUTTER. A very scarce "Scottish Golf Club Manufacturing, Co. Ltd., Edinburgh" circa 1895 straight brass blade. The top of blade and hosel join are squared off. Nice grip on original looking shaft. Very scarce as "SGCMCO" went out of business prior to 1898. G-7 $120-200

Lot...128.....A REMAKE SPALDING "CHICOPEE" PUTTER with brass head. G-9 $60-100

Lot...129.....SPALDING CHICOPEE BRASS PUTTER. A 1950's remake of this famous putter with "Spalding Chicopee" on the sole. G-8 $60-100

Lot...130.....AN ANDERSON BRASS BLADE circa 1900 with a weak, but readable small "A of A" circle mark. G-5 $60-100

Lot...131.....A RARE ROBERT WILSON PUTTER. "Robert Wilson" Brass blade putter circa 1880-1890. The top of blade and hosel join is "squared" indicating a pre 1895 forging. The back is weakly, but readably stamped "R Wilson, Maker, St. Andrews". G-5+ $175-300

Lot...132.....BRASS GEM PUTTER by "G Forrester" with "100" at the heel and "The Gem" at the toe. G-7 $80-150

Lot...133.....TWO GOOD PUTTERS. A Gibson stamped "Goose Neck" and having an off set hosel and dot punched face. G-7+ and a flanged back with an "Eagle" at the toe. "Great Lakes Corporation, Glen-Eagle" stamped on the back. G-7 $90-150

Lot...134.....TWO LATE ALUMINUM MALLETS one "The Haig" with a paddle grip, G-5 and an "H & B Model H 50", G-7. (2) $100-200

Lot...135.....TWO SEVERELY BENT NECK PUTTERS, a Burke, G-7, that is a copy of a Park, the other a Spalding "Crescent" with Baseball mark, G-5+. (2) $100-200

Lot...136.....TWO EXCEPTIONAL PUTTERS. A Cochrane's "Gem Putter" with "Knight" stamp, G-8, Nicoll "Whippet", G-7. Both have play grips. (2) $90-150

Lot...137.....TWO OFFSET HOSEL ALUMINUM head putters circa 1950's. A "Spalding Dead Line" G-6 and "RHN" the only stamps on the other. G-7 (2) $90-150

Lot...138.....TWO BRITISH PUTTERS. A Ben Sayers "Benny" with "Gruvsol" and square shaft, G-5 and a "The Leslie" with a two level back, G-7+. (2) $125-200

Lot...139.....TWO GOOD PUTTERS. A "Braid-Mills 1915 Model" Standard Golf Aluminum mallet in outstanding condition, G-8 and a Macgregor "Popular 10-B" flanged back with a bordered hyphen face. Stamped shaft and original grip. G-7 $90-150

Lot...140.....TWO STEWART PUTTERS. One stamped "Herd & Yeoman"with a lined face, G-6 the other an outstanding example for "Chester Horton, Chicago". Circa 1905-10 with smooth face. G-8 (2) $90-150

Lot...141.....A LEFT HANDED "RAY MODEL" aluminum head putter. G-7 $60-100

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Lot...142.....AN F H AYRES LONG NOSE PLAY CLUB circa 1885-90 with "F H Ayres" on the honey colored Beech head. The long shallow head, shallow face and graceful neck are indicative of clubs crafted prior to 1865, but we all know Ayers did not start production until the 1880's. All original with only about one inch of missing grip at the end exposing the underlisting. Almost G-8. $1800-2800

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...143.....A FORGAN PLAY CLUB circa 1885 Long Nose Play Club with "R Forgan" in block lettering above the Plume mark. The unmarked shaft is a period replacement pre-1900 by the looks of the old sheep skin grip and underlisting. A good display club. G-7 $1900-3000

Lot...144.....A LUNN & CO LONG NOSE. An interesting circa 1890-95 Transitional Beech head Play Club with "Lunn & Co., and their "Crossed Clubs Balfor" stamp. Shaft and grip look like originals. What makes this club so interesting, the owner must have been fed up with replacing the splice whippings and had a club maker (or plumber) cover the whipping with a COPPER SLEEVE eight inches long. Not only will the whipping stay in place, the scare was made absolutely unbreakable. A great conversation piece! Head is G-6, shaft (above the copper) and grip are G-8+ $950-1400

Lot...145.....A MC EWAN SHORT SPOON circa 1860-70 with "McEwan" on the dark stained head. The face is lofted and well hooked and a leather face has been added to protect the Beech face from the hard guttie balls. The shaft is from Lancewood and most likely belonged to one of the better amateurs or a professional. Overall an outstanding example. G-8 $2400-3500

Lot...146.....AN OUTSTANDING SHORT SPOON. A circa 1890-95 Transitional Short Spoon with "G Lowe" in block letters on the dark stained Beech head. The face is slightly hooked and lofted and there is a ram's horn slip between the face and brass sole plate. A period grip covers the original underlisting. G-7+ $1200-2000

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...147.....FEATHER BALL ERA PLAY CLUB. "Thomson" in large block letters on a circa 1870 Golden Beech head Long Nose Play Club with a long graceful neck and slightly hooked face. Most likely made for feather ball play late in the period accounting for the hooked face. Shaft and sheep skin grip look original with the splice whipping having been replaced. G-7+ $2400-3500

Lot...148.....A MC EWAN TRANSITIONAL BRASSIE circa 1895 with a full brass sole plate. "Mc Ewan" accross the honey colored head. Shaft is stamped "D Mc Ewan & Sons, Musselburgh". Old sheep skin grip is a bit tattered. G-6 $400-700

Lot...149.....A MITCHESON LONG NOSE PLAY CLUB circa 1885-1890 with a slightly hooked faced. "W L Mitcheson" on the head and shaft. The whippings at the grip and splice appear to be original. G-8 $850-1500

Lot...150.....A BULGER FACE PLAY CLUB. A circa 1890-95 Transitional Play Club with a Bulger face. "R Forgan" is stamped above their Prince Of Wales "Plume" mark and on the shaft below a replacement grip. G-7 $550-950

Lot...151.....A RARE ONE PIECE WOOD never finished. This unique piece has no back weight, no sole "slip", never had a grip and NEVER HIT A BALL! Opinions of several "experts" are the club was made but an order was never placed for it, and consequently never "finished". The factory where Dunn worked could have been closed, or it was shipped to a "Professional" for him to "finish" and sell. A great example of early American craftsmanship. RARE club! G-10 $2200-3500

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...152.....A "DONALD J ROSS" SPLICED NECK small head Brassie circa 1920. "Donald J Ross" in script on the persimmon head. The face has a steel insert held by five screws. Very Scarce! G-7 $250-500

Lot...153.....SLAZENGER SCREW SOCKET patented Driver in SUPERB condition. "Patent No. 682,960 Slazenger" on the head of a circa 1901-1905 Driver with a "Threaded Socket" and a "Screw-in shaft". All original and virtually MINT. G-9 $300-600

Lot...154.....AN ADAMS PATENT WOOD. The Patent is a "paddle" type grip; oval shaped with flat sides. Shaft is stamped "Adams Grip, Pats Pend". G-7 $250-400

Lot...155.....WM PARK JUVENILE SPLICED NECK in virtually MINT. Circa 1895 petite Brassie with "Wm Park" on head and shaft. Grip is a replacement. G-9 $250-400

Lot...156.....A WATERFALL PITCHER. "Pat. Appl. For" at the heel and "Wright & Ditson" at the toe. G-7 $350-600

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...157.....A SUPERB BRASS MASHIE made of "McGill Metal" by Klin-McGill. The unusual face has a "Brick" type design on the top half and line scoring on the bottom. Seldom offered. Super club! G-9 $175-350

Lot...158.....A KROYDON 50 DEGREE NIBLICK with vertical face scoring. Outstanding G-8. $250-450

Lot...159.....DEEP GROOVE FOULIS PATENT. Corrugated grooves on the concave face! "Dedstop Mashie-niblick" on the sole and "Pat'd Dec. 19, 1905" on the back with "D Foulis, Perfect" in an oval. Jim Cooper has not heard of this club. Virtually MINT G-9+ $500-1000

Lot...160.....A GIBSON "SKOOGEE". Gibson's "Star" mark and "The Skoogee" as well as "Ben Sayers" clearly stamped on the wide flanged sole. Head is bright from being polished. G-7 $300-500

Lot...161.....HAGEN CONCAVE SAND WEDGE. Minimal chrome loss, partial shaft sticker and plastic end cap has some lettering visible. Outstanding! G-8 $500-800

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...162.....A WALTER HAGEN CONCAVE SAND WEDGE with nearly full chrome, original shaft and grip with plastic end cap. A nice collectible. G-7 $425-700

Lot...163.....A SUPERB HAGEN CONCAVE SAND WEDGE. Full chrome and nearly mint with 80% of the original shaft sticker still intact. Some of the patent date is still readable on the plastic end cap. G-9 $600-900

Lot...164.....A GIANT NIBLICK. A Hendry & Bishop "Cardinal Niblick". Shaft and grip are superb, head has some old rust spots. Overall G-7 $1200-1800

Lot...165.....A SMALL HEAD RUT IRON stamped "R Forgan & Sons, St Andrews". The head is RUT size and has faint Forgan stampings. Willie Park made clubs with similar head shapes during the 1870s and is delicate compared to rut irons of the period. G-5+ $200-400

Lot...166.....A TRUE RUT OR TRACK IRON circa 1880-85 with squared off top of blade and hosel join. The head is small and the only stamping readable on the back is "SON" in large letters. A nice example for display as the head is small measuring 2 1/4 X 1 7/8. G-7 $700-1200

Lot...167.....A RUT NIBLICK BY WILLIE PARK circa 1895 with an oval head nearly RUT size. "Wm Park, Musselburgh, Maker" large letter oval stamp is full. Original stamped shaft with a sheep skin grip. G-7+ $400-700

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...168.....WILLIE PARK SENIOR CLEEK. A circa 1860-75 Cleek with 2/3rds of the "Park" large letter oval stamp readable. The hosel is very thick and has crude saw tooth nicking. Shaft is a replacement with a nice sheep skin grip. G-5+ $500-800

Lot...169.....A DISH FACED BUNKER IRON with a 4 1/2 inch long, very heavy, thick (65 mm at pin), saw tooth nicked hosel. The top of blade and hosel join is squared indicating a pre-1890's forging. Touted as being forged during the early half of the 19th Century. The repaired ASH shaft has about eight inches of whipping. Bunker irons from the late feather ball period traditionally bring between $3000-5000. G-5 $1400-2500

Lot...170.....AN EARLY LEFT HANDED GENERAL PURPOSE IRON circa 1850's. The thick hosel has deep, sharp, jagged nicking. Part of the sheep skin grip is missing exposing underlistings. G-6 $800-1500

Lot...171....AN ANDERSON GENERAL IRON. An early James Anderson General Purpose Iron circa 1870, the large head having a hooked face and thick hosel. The top of blade and hosel join are squared off indicative of early hand forgings. The hosel had long jagged saw tooth nicking which was trimmed when the shaft, bearing Forgan's stamp, was replaced. Anderson's tiny mark is faintly identifiable on the back. A nice example of Jamie's early forgings. G-6 $450-800

Lot...172.....A BLACKSMITH MADE GENERAL IRON. Circa 1875 General Purpose Iron with forging seams visible in the hosel and back of the hooked, dish faced head. The top of blade and hosel join are squared off indicative of early hand forgings. The hosel is thick at the top and has long jagged nicking which was trimmed when the shaft was replaced. G-6 $450-800

Lot...173.....A JOHN GRAY STYLE GENERAL IRON. A circa 1880-1890 smooth, slightly dished and hooked face General Iron in the John Gray style, however there are no back markings visible. The top of blade and hosel join "Squared" indicating an early forging. The period replacement shaft is boldly stamped "G Forrester & Sons" below a nice grip. G-7 $250-450

Lot...174.....A GOOD GENERAL IRON circa 1870-1880 with a slightly hooked face and a hosel nearly five inch long . The squared off top of blade and hosel join indicates a pre-1895 forging. The replacement grip is stamped "Aitken" below an old leather grip. This looks like a Willie Park, Sr. iron. G-6 $325-550

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...175.....A DISH FACED IRON. A circa 1870-1880 slightly dished face, hooked face Lofting Iron in the John Gray style. The early replacement shaft is stamped "E M C McDonald" below a period type replacement grip. A nice early iron. G-6 $275-450

Lot...176.....SEELY PATENT MID-IRON with fork prong hosel. "Seely Patent Pat'd May 14, 1912" on the head and "Spalding Gold Medal" on head and shaft. Grip is a nice replacement. G-7 $700-1200

Lot...177.....A RARE FAIRLIE'S ANTI-SHANK NIBLICK. An outstanding "Heelless Niblick X 5" and "Valor" in a "Shield" on back of a diamond back anti-shank. Very similar head design to a Fairlie's patent smooth face niblick. Head was chromed. Shaft and grip are nice replacements. Circa 1900-05 and very scarce with a "Diamond" back design. G-8 $290-500

Lot...178.....A RARE JOHN GRAY CLEEK. "J. Gray" deep and bold on a circa 1870 Cleek. A nice old grip in the replacement shaft. G-6 $550-850

Lot...179....."W WILSON, MAKER, ST. ANDREWS on a circa 1880 long blade Cleek. Shaft and grip are inperiod replacements. G-6++ $300-500

Lot...180.....ROBT. T. JONES, JR. WOOD SHAFT IRONS. Complete matching set 2-9, serial # H-48870. One of the finest complete sets known to exhist. Overall G-8- to G-9. (8) $5000-8000

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...181.....A SET CIRCA 1895-1900 of spliced neck Driver and Spoon, brass blade Putter, Cleek, Iron and Lofter in a circa 1905-10 canvas and leather bag. All clubs stamped "A W Leonard, N Y". All have original shafts and grips. The grips are exactly like those found on Spalding Special and Morristown clubs. These show very little use and are virtually mint. G-8. The bag is only average. (7) $600-1000

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

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Lot...182.....AN UNUSUAL AUSTRALIAN Mashie-niblick most likely made by D Anderson for export to "Carnegie Clark, RSGC, Sidney". The small oval shaped face has eight rows of nine large deep dot punches. Original shaft is stamped "Carnegie Clark, Maker, Sidney". G-7+ $70-125

Lot...183.....A SUPERB GIBSON PITCHER. A rounded sole, shallow face "The Pitcher" with a "Starona Stainless" head. G-9 $75-150

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...184.....A FORGAN CHIPPER with a banana shaped, dot punched face head. "Forgan, St Andrews, Chipper" on the back and "P A Vaile, Stroke-saver" on the sole. The grip is square. G-7 $100-175

Lot...185.....A "JERKO" DEEP GROOVE by Wm Gibson. The corrugated deep grooves are at an angle. Excellent stampings. Replaced shaft and grip. G-6 $140-250

Lot...186.....A VERY NICE GENERAL IRON circa 1890-95. The tiny "Anderson of Anstruther" stamp is weak; however, this is the only detractor from a great looking club with a nice sheep skin grip. G-7+ $190-350

Lot...187.....A MACGREGOR CONCAVE FACE "AR-2 Pitcher". Interesting face scoring with 3 horizontal scoring lines in the center with dots above and below. Also 2 vertical border lines on each side making the face look like an "H", or a "Goal Post" with a "Double Bar". Marked shaft. Outstanding. G-8 $80-140

Lot...188....."GILL'S AUSTRALIAN SAND MASHIE" on the back of a SUPERB Gibson made wide sole, flanged back iron with the loft of about a #9 iron. All original and a gem of a club. G-9 $150-275

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...189....."DREADNOUGHT NIBLICK" by Hendry & Bishop, Edinburgh. A large head with bordered hyphen face scoring. Shaft is a replacement. G-6 $75-150

Lot...190.....A GIBSON NIBLICK. A "Genii Model Niblick" circa 1910 smooth face the "Star" mark. G-6 $55-100

Lot...191.....A NICE GIBSON NIBLICK. An "Akros Model Mashie-niblick" with "George Duncan, Hanger Hill" in an oval next to Gibson's "Star" mark. It has a dot punched face and off set hosel. G-7 $65-120

Lot...192.....A NICOLL SPADE MASHIE. An outstanding "Spade Mashie" with a deep, dot punched face. G-8+ $60-100

Lot...193.....A GOOD GENERAL IRON circa 1880-1890 smooth face General Purpose Iron with "Salter" in small block letters. This long faced iron has a squared off top of blade and hosel join indicating a pre-1895 forging. The period replaced shaft is stamped "R Forgan & Sons, St Andrews" . A handsome club. G-7 $140-275

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...194.....AN ANDERSON GENERAL IRON. A circa 1890-95 long blade General Purpose Iron with two marks, both nearly worn away, only the "A of A" mark identifiable. Original looking shaft with a replacement grip. G-5 $65-120

Lot...195.....AN EMORIED SWEET SPOT CLEEK stamped "Anderson of Anstruther" in the tiny circle mark on a circa 1900 Cleek. Original looking shaft with a replacement grip. G-6 $90-150

Lot...196.....A CARRICK STYLE CLEEK. A circa 1880-1885 Cleek with an emoried sweet spot and made in the "Carrick" style. G-5 $190-350

Lot...197.....A DREADNOUGHT NIBLICK stamped "Woking" and sold by "A Dimon" professional there from 1902-1930's. Winton's "Diamond" mark with "17" below on a circa 1920 large head "Dreadnought Niblick" with a line scored face. Looks all original. G-7 $90-150

Lot...198.....A POINTED TOE NIBLICK. Winton's "Diamond" mark on a circa 1910 smooth face Niblick weakly stamped "Ted Ray's Own Niblick" and having a "Diamond Back" design and pointed toe head similar to the "Cannon" patent. All original. G-6 $90-150

Lot...199.....A JAMES SPENCE, ST ANDREWS concave, dot punched face "Stop Ded Mashie-niblick" similar to the D T Spinner. "18" and Spence's "Flag-in-Hole" mark at the toe. Interesting club! G-6+ $120-200

Lot...200.....A GIBSON SAND WEDGE. A flanged back "Dominie Sander" sand wedge circa 1930's with "Gibson's Danga Wood" stamped on the shaft. "Pin" has been removed most likely to tighten a loose head. A nice, heavy, playable sand wedge. G-7 $90-175

Hickory Shaft golf clubs

Lot...201.....A JACK WHITE RUT NIBLICK circa 1905 with White's "Sun with Rays" mark visible at the toe. Original looking shaft with a wrapped leather grip. G-6 $150-250

Lot...202.....A PARK LOFTING IRON. An oval shaped, rounded toe smooth face Lofting Iron circa 1895 with Park's Straight Line mark about half readable on the back. The nicely replaced shaft is unmarked. G-5+ $150-275

Lot...203.....A BEAUTIFUL AUCHTERLONIE IRON circa 1905-10. A ladies Cleek with a fancy face design of three "Diamonds" with dot punched borders. All original with a sheep skin grip. A great looking display item. G-8 $140-250

Lot...204.....A SCARCE ASHFORD FOUR FLAGS Iron circa 1895. The word "FORE" and a "FLAG" coming up from each letter . G-5 $175-275

Lot...205.....A PARK DRIVING IRON. G-6 $250-400

Lot...206.....ARMY & NAVY CLEEK. G-7 $250-400

Lot...207.....A STYMIE MASHIE circa 1900. A H Scott's "Lion" stamp above "Stymie Mashie" on the rounded back. G-6 $120-200

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...208.....A PARK STRAIGHT LINE STAMPED IRON with "Wm Park" on the ASH shaft. Park's straight line mark is weak, but readable. G-6 $175-275

Lot...209.....A FORGAN PLUME STAMPED CLEEK. A Prince Of Wales "Plume" marked shallow face Cleek circa 1895. Early replacement shaft has a great looking grip. G-6 $100-175

Lot...210.....TOM MORRIS SPADE MASHIE circa 1920's with Old Tom's portrait at the toe. Nice example with a small stone ding at the botton of the face. Still G-7. $100-200

Lot...211.....A ROBERT WILSON IRON circa 1880's stamped "J Thomson, Felixstowe" and "R W St A". There is an "Inspection" type "Dot" at the toe. Shaft is a replacement. G-6. $190-350

Lot...212.....AN UNUSUAL FORRESTER IRON. A circa 1895-1900 rounded back General Iron stamped "Patent #53386" and "G Forrester, Earlsferry, Elie". The face is beveled from heel to toe, like a "bulger" face on woods. Replacement shaft marked "P Paxton". Very scarce and desirablecollectible. G-5 $140-250

Lot...213.....A PARK PATENT CLUB. A circa 1895-1900 "W Park's Patent Driving Cleek". The stamping is in tiny letters and several have been "emoried" away. Replacement shaft is stamped "F B Drake, Harrow G C". G-4 $120-200

Lot...214.....A NICE SCOTTISH MADE LOFTER. Circa 1890-1895 Lofter stamped "Scotsman" in small block letters on the back. The Hickory shaft is very thin and has an interesting "spindle" shape where it enters the hosel. Shaft has either been shortened or originally made for a lady. Quite scarce and not listed in Georgiady's 1998 Value Guide. G-7 $120-200

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...215.....A SCARCE PAXTON IRON circa 1894 General Iron with a squared off top of blade and hosel join, the back stamped "P Paxton, West Norwood". Paxton was at West Norwood only during 1894. Shaft is an original with a period type replacement grip. G-5 $175-350

Lot...216.....A FORGAN GENERAL IRON. Circa 1895 smooth face General Purpose Iron with "R Forgan & Sons, St. Andrews" above Charles Brand's tiny "Thistle" mark. Replacement shaft and grip look original. G-6 $125-200

Lot...217.....A BOGIE IRON BY WINTON. An unusual Bogie "164 Driving Iron" with a CAVITY back. The center of the back is "dished" out near the sole. Excellent back stampings. Rarely offered. G-7+ $120-200

Lot...218.....A SCARCE ANDERSON CLEEK. The scarce LION & GLOBE mark on a smooth face Cleek. This massive mark is rarely found full; this one is struck up at the perimeters. G-6 $120-200

Lot...219.....A RAMSBOTTOM CLEEK circa 1895. A ladies smooth face Cleek stamped "Ramsbottom, Manchester". Shaft and grip have been replaced. Very scarce and seldom offered maker. G-5 $150-300

Lot...220.....AN INTERESTING SMOOTH FACE IRON. A circa 1895 smooth face Iron with a ONE PIECE sewn grip similar to the Bussey Grip. Club is 41 inches long. All back markings emoried away. G-6 $120-200

Lot...221.....A SCARCE TONG BRAND Mid-iron, Made by Spalding, Dysart-fife, with the long blacksmith's Tongs on the back. All original. G-7 $100-175

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...222.....A STRAIGHT LINE STAMP PARK CLEEK circa 1895 " with the original shaft stamped "Wm Park" below a tattered leather grip. G-6 $120-200

Lot...223.....A BOGIE CAVITY BACK CLEEK. The center of the back is "dished" out near the sole and stamped "Bogie" in the hollowed out area. Winton's "Diamond" mark and "84" are at the toe. Original shaft with old leather grip. G-7+ $175-300

Lot...224....."R FOULIS SPECIAL JIGGER 8" made by Tom Stewart. An outstanding example. G-8 $100-200

Lot...225....."R FOULIS, SPECIAL" LOFTER circa 1905-10 with smooth face made by Tom Stewart. G-7 $100-200

Lot...226.....A MUSSELL BACK ANDERSON Approaching Cleek with a dot punched face. G-6 $50-100

Lot...227.....A SMOOTH FACE DRIVING IRON with Gibson's "Star" mark at the toe. G-6 $50-100

Lot...228.....A NICE JAMES BRAID CLEEK. Circa 1905-10 with "James Braid" in large script below "A Aitken, Gullane" and Gibson's "Star" mark on the rounded back. A nice collectible. G-7 $70-140

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...229.....A "J HERRIOT, GLASGOW" Cleek circa 1890. Head is rusted, stampings are clear. G-5+ $90-150

Lot...230....."C NEAVES, LEVEN" on a circa 1895 smooth face cleek. The Neaves mark is deep and bold. Old sheep skin grip on old replacement shaft. Great looking club! G-7+ $125-200

Lot...231.....NICOLL'S EARLIEST "HAND" STAMP on a Lofter stamped "D Adams, Glasgow. G-6 $100-150

Lot...232.....AN F H AYRES IRON with the large letter "S" the only stamping readable on the back of this circa 1890 scarcity. G-5 $75-125

Lot...233.....A "J H TAYLOR AUTOGRAPH MID-IRON. "Reg No 303868/08" on the back of a circa 1910-1915 box-dot bordered hyphen scored face Mid-iron. Good markings. Slight warp in the original shaft can be straightened. Back and face markings are nice and bold. G-6 $60-100

Lot...234.....STEWART FOR MC EWAN IRON. "W Mc Ewan, Formby" above the "Pipe" mark on a nice circa 1910-15 dot punched face Mid Iron. G-7 $60-100

Lot...235.....A SCARCE STEWART JIGGER. A circa 1910-15 playable Stewart Jigger with his "Pipe" mark. Original shaft with replacement grip. G-6 $70-120

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...236.....EARLY WINTON LOFTER circa 1895-1900 stamped "J Winton, Montrose". James began the "Winton" club making firm about 1890. Replaced grip on original listings. Scarce. G-5 $65-100

Lot...237.....A GOOD COCHRANE'S LOFTER. An outstanding "Lofter" with the "Knight" mark. All original and a great looking club. G-8+ $55-100

Lot...238.....A GOOD JOE ANDERSON IRON. Large "OK" monogram maker's mark on a nice circa 1920's "Rustless Mashie". G 7+ $50-80

Lot...239.....AN OUTSTANDING NICOLL IRON. A dot face "Spade Mashie". All original. G-8 $50-100

Lot...240.....AN ASH SHAFT CLEEK. A circa 1890-1900 smooth face, saw tooth nicked hosel Cleek with all back stampings emoried away. The ASH shaft has a replacement period type grip. G-5 $75-125

Lot...241.....A FORGAN CLEEK. A circa 1900 shallow face Cleek, the shaft stamped "R Forgan & Sons, St Andrews" below an original looking grip. All stamps emoried off the back of the head. G-5 $60-100

Lot...242.....A DEEP FACE MASHIE. "W G Oke, Fulwell, G C" and the "Oak Brand Registered" mark on an outstanding circa 1920-25 "Deep Face Mashie". Replacement grip on the original shaft. G-7+ $55-100

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...243.....A "SAMMY PITCHER" stamped "D Anderson, St Andrews". The shallow oval head has ball dot face scoring. Head has rust and is pitted. Would make a great playable utility club. G-5 $75-150

Lot...244.....AN EARLY CONDIE CLEEK. Condie's "Flower" mark on a circa 1898-1900 compact blade smooth face Cleek stamped "G Brews, Blackheath". Shaft and grip are period replacements. G-6 $90-160

Lot...245.....A GOOD PATRICK IRON. "A Patrick, Leven" on a "Diamond" back "Mid-iron" with the circa 1920's "Spur" maker's mark at the heel. Replaced shaft. G-6 $55-100

Lot...246.....A SPALDING CRESCENT, SCOTLAND IRON. "Mid-iron A" at the toe and "Crescent, Scotland" on the back of a circa 1920 line scored Mid-iron. Original shaft with a replacement grip. Scarce. G-6 $50-100

Lot...247.....A CHARLES GIBSON SPECIAL SAMMY. Circa pre-1913 with Frank Johnson's "Key" mark and "C Gibson" (Westward Ho!) on the back. "Special Sammy" is deep and bold at the toe. G-6 $70-120

Lot...248.....A FORGAN "2 IRON" with the "Flag-In-Hole" mark circa 1926-1931. Head has been chromed and would make an excellent gift or wall hanger. $40-80

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...249.....A SUPERB WINTON "Mashie-iron" with a square punched face. Virtually MINT. G-9 $60-100

Lot...250.....A GOOD GIBSON CLEEK. Circa 1910 diamond back. Really nice grip. G-7 $75-125

Lot...251.....AN AYRES MASHIE. An outstanding dot punched circa 1915-20 all original "Deep Face Mashie". The Ayres "Maltese Cross" mark is at the toe. G-8 $50-100

Lot...252.....A J H TAYLOR MASHIE. Taylor's circa 1920's "Fliweel" mark at the toe. G-6 $45-90

Lot...253.....A SCARCE DONALDSON IRON. A circa 1925-30 "Rustless Driving Iron" with the "Rangefinder" mark. G-7 $45-90

Lot...254.....A JACK WHITE IRON. Gibson's "Star" mark at the toe of a circa 1920's dot faced flanged back and off set hosel "2 Iron" made for "Jack White, Sunningdale". Looks all original. G-6 $50-100

Lot...255.....A GIBSON EXPORT TO SINGAPORE. Circa 1920's "Mashie" with "John Little & Co., Singapore" on the back. All original. Clubs stamped "Singapore" are quite scarce. G-7 $55-100

Lot...256.....A GIBSON GENII MODEL MASHIE. Circa 1915 stamped "The Genii Model Mashie" with an off set hosel almost anti-shank and dot punched face. G-7 $55-100

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...257.....A NICE GIBSON CLEEK. Circa 1905 smooth faced "diamond" back with "Star" mark "R Hutton, Burntisland" on the back. All original with russet grip. G-7 $65-120

Lot...258.....A GOOD A H SCOTT IRON. "Lion-on-Crown" mark and "A H Scott, Earlsferry, Elie" deeply and boldly marked on the head of a circa 1920 Mid-iron. Shaft is marked and the grip is a replacement. G-6 $60-100

Lot...259.....A SCOTTISH MADE SPALDING MASHIE. An all original two level back "Dysart-Fife Hand Forged Mashie" with the "Anvil" mark at the toe. Shaft is marked ""A G Spalding & Bros., Gold Medal". G-7 $60-100

Lot...260.....A GOOD JACK WHITE IRON. "Sunningdale" in large block letters on back of a circa 1920-25 mid iron with a "mussell" back. Jack White made clubs bearing the "Sunningdale" name. G-6 $45-80

Lot...261.....A WM PARK CLEEK circa 1900 that was apparently sold by "John Wisden, London" as his stamp on the shaft partially covers the "K" in the "Wm. Park" below the replacement grip. Head is rusted. G-4 $70-120

Lot...262.....A GOOD PATRICK JIGGER. "David Patrick"on a circa 1920 "Perfector Jigger". G-6 $55-90

Lot...263.....A GIBSON MAXWELL HOSEL. Circa 1920's Mid-iron with a bordered hyphen face, flanged back stamped "Maxwell Mid-iron" with 12 wrap around "Maxwell" holes drilled into the hosel. G-6 $65-120

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...264.....A WILLIE PARK LOFTING IRON with a squared off top of blade and hosel join indicating a pre-1895 forging. About half of the oval mark is readable. Shaft is a replacement. G-5 $90-175

Lot...265.....A CONDIE MASHIE-IRON circa 1900-1905. This nice, deep, smooth face "Mashie Iron" is stamped "B Daish, U S G C, Plymouth". A very nice head shape! Replacement grip on the original shaft. G-7+ $90-150

Lot...266.....AN EARLY TOM STEWART IRON. Circa 1895 smooth face general Iron with an "Emoried" sweet spot. The "Pipe" mark is AT THE TOE. Shaft and old russet grip appear to be originals. First Stewart iron I've ever seen with the "Pipe" at the toe. G-5+ $90-150

Lot...267.....A FRED SAUNDERS LOFTER. "F Saunders, Highgate" in a double oval on a circa 1910 Lofter made by Condie with diamond scored face. Original shaft is also stamped "F Saunders". He is most famous for the aluminum head "Straight Line Putter". G-6 $60-100

Lot...268.....A GIBSON DRIVING IRON. A deep face "Driving Iron", the face with five rows of seven widely spaced dots. All original and a nice club. G-7 $60-100

Lot...269.....A GIBSON DIAMOND BACK CLEEK circa 1910 with a smooth face. Nice, all original. G-7 $75-125

Lot...270.....TOM MORRIS DOT PUNCHED face Mashie made by Tom Stewart circa 1920. G-6 $75-125

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...271.....ROBERT FORGAN CLEEK WITH "P.O.W." MARK. "R Forgan & Son" fully stamped below the Prince of Wales "Plume" mark on a shallow faced Lofting Iron circa 1890-95. Original stamped shaft with mostly wool underlisting for the grip. A significant pre-1900 Forgan club. G-7 $175-350

Lot...272.....A NICE PETER PAXTON CLEEK circa 1890's. "P Paxton, Tooting Bec" clear and deep on the back. Quite scarce! G-7 $190-350

Lot...273....."TOM MORRIS SPADE IRON" circa 1920's with Old Tom's portrait at the toe of this dot face rustless club. G-8 $90-150

Lot...274.....A SCARCE "CLAN" GENERAL IRON with their large "Thistle" mark at the toe. This company was only in business from 1891-95. These clubs were made in the shapes of feather ball era clubs with large heads and squared off top of line and hosel join. G-6+ $175-325

Lot...275.....A SHORT HOSEL GENERAL IRON circa 1895-1900 with the back stamped "Anderson & Sons, Princess St., Edinburgh". G-5+ $45-80

Lot...276.....A FAIRLIE PATENT ANTI-SHANK Niblick with a smooth face. "S Humphry" on the back. G-6 $120-200

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...277.....A SERPENT STAMPED ANTI-SHANK. A Fairlie's Patented smooth face Niblick with Tom Stewart's circa 1895-1900 Serpent mark. G-6 $120-200

Lot...278.....AN OUTSTANDING ANTI-SHANK. A Virtually MINT "Peter Mc Ewan, Huddersfield" stamped Anti-Shank "2 Iron" with a severe "Crook" in the hosel. Shaft and grip are replacements. G-8 $160-275

Lot...279.....AN OUTSTANDING GIBSON ANTI-SHANK. "3 Iron" and "Smith's Model" on the heel and toe perimeter weighted collectible. All back markings deep and bold. G-8 $175-300

Lot...280.....A TOM STEWART ANTI-SHANK Fairlie's Patent smooth face Niblick. Stewart's "Pipe" mark is on the back. G-6+ $150-275

Lot...281.....AN ANTI-SHANK MASHIE. The "Bishop's Hat" mark and "Hendry & Bishop, Edinburgh" in script on a back that has heel and toe bulges and is hollowed out. The hosel has a severe "Crook" and the face is lined. Head is G-7 $120-200

Lot...282.....A DONALDSON, GLASGOW, ANTI-SHANK. A nice dot punched face Anti-Shank Niblick in the Fairlie's style with Donaldson's large "Range Finder" mark. Shaft is a replacement. Head is G-8+. Overall G-7 $140-250

Lot...283.....A TOM STEWART ANTI-SHANK. A circa 1920 lined face large head Anti-shank "Niblick" with a severe hosel "crook". "Fred Whiting, Sandwich" is stamped on both head and original shaft. An outstanding example of a Stewart Fairlie's Patent Anti-shank iron. Grip is a replacement. G-7++ $175-300

Lot...284.....SMITH PATENT ANTI-SHANK "MASHIE" with heel and toe weighting. Maker's name is worn off the back. "Warranted Hand Forged, Mashie Special" is clearly readable. Hosel has a severe "Crook". Shaft and sheep skin grip look original. G-6 $120-200

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...285.....A FAIRLIE'S PATENT ANTI-SHANK. A nice smooth face Fairlie's Patent Anti-shank iron with "Lofter" in large block letters on the sole. All stampings have been emoried from the back. G5+++ $100-175

Lot...286.....A GIBSON ANTI-SHANK. A nice heel and toe weighted Smith Model Anti-shank Niblick. Stamps on back almost all worn away. Still, this is an appealing club. Severe "crook" in the hosel. G-6 $100-150

Lot...287.....A PLAYABLE ANTI-SHANK Mashie-niblick with a severe hosel "crook". Lead has been added to the entire back. Shaft and grip are good. $90-150

Lot...288.....A "SMITH'S MODEL MASHIE" with heel and toe weighting bulges and a severe hosel "crook". "Fred Whiting, Sandwich" is stamped on both head and original shaft. G-7 $140-250

Lot...289.....A FORRESTER ANTI-SHANK. A nice Fairlie's Patent compact head Mid-iron with "Criss-cross" face. A huge mark consisting of a Thistle, Rose and Three Leaf Clover covers most of the back, G-7 $150-275

Lot...290.....A FAIRLIE'S PATENT ANTI-SHANK smooth face "Mashie-niblick" with shortened shaft. G-5+ $75-125

Lot...291.....THREE ANTI-SHANK IRONS, Cleek, Mashie & Niblick, all Smith's Patent with heel and toe weighting. All G-5, one without grip. (3) $200-350

Lot...292.....TWO GENERAL IRONS with 4 inch hosels and smooth faces. One looks like a Park. (2) G-5 $100-200

Lot...293.....TWO GOOD SCOTTISH MADE IRONS including a drilled Maxwell hosel flanged Mid-iron with Cochrane's "Knight" mark and an "A H Scott" Mashie with the "Lion-on-Crown" stamp. G-7 (2) $80-140

Lot...294.....THREE GOOD SCOTTISH CLUBS. A Gibson "Pylot Mashie" stamped "G Duncan 1928 Model" and is virtually MINT G-9; two "Rustless" irons by Cochrane's with the "Knight" stamp: Driving Iron and a Mid-iron both G-8. (3) $150-300

Lot...295.....TWO UNUSUAL NIBLICKS circa 1920's. A Nicoll "MacDonald Smith" with bottom 3/4ths of the face dots, the top 1/4th smooth, G-8+ and a "Dreadnought" by Winton. G-7 (2) $100-175

Lot...296.....TWO GOOD CLUBS. An "R Forgan Lofting Iron", all original with stamped shaft, G-8 and a "Sammy" with Rollins & Parkers "Eye" mark, stamped "G Brews", G-7. (2) $120-200

Lot...297.....TWO GIBSON "GENII" IRONS. A Mashie and Mashie-niblick, both G-6. $70-125

Lot...298.....THREE MAXWELL HOSEL IRONS, two by Gibson, one by Nicoll. All have flanged backs and spiral holes in the hosel. (3) $135-200

Lot...299.....TWO CLUBS FROM TROON. A matching Mid-iron and Mashie-niblick stamped "J C White, Troon". Both G-7 (2) $90-150

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Lot...300.....A WATERFALL IRON by Spalding. The corrugated deep grooves were filled in with brass when the club was made illegal in 1921. G-5 $150-275

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...301.....FANCY FACE SET OF IRONS. Set of four "Everbright" irons with a one inch "Diamond" sweet spot. Mid-iron, Jigger, Mashie and M-niblick all original and matching. G-8 $450-800

Lot...302....."GENUINE FOULIS MASHIE NIBLICK" on the back of this concave face and pointed toe scarcity. Spalding's "Anvil" mark and a large "Sun" mark at the toe on this "Rustless" example imported by "RGCCO, Chicago, Ill". Appears all original. G-7 $225-400

Lot...303.....A SUPERB #29 SAND DABBER with "Spalding Kro-Flite" on the back and "29" on the sole. Virtually Mint. G-9 $90-150

Lot...304.....A DEEP GROOVE M-NIBLICK with large SLOT grooves and "Gullick & Sons" on back. G-6 $75-150

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...305.....A SPALDING DEEP GROOVE. A "Dedstop" corrugated face "F-6 Mashie-Niblick" G-7 $90-150

Lot...306.....A RAINBOW FACE "Walker Cup Driving Iron" by Wilson. Outstanding, all original. G-8 $125-250

Lot...307.....A ROUND HEAD RUT NIBLICK circa 1900 stamped "S D & G. Seven rows of dot punches were neatly added to the orig. smooth face. May make a good playable. G-6 $90-175

Lot...308.....A MACGREGOR BAKSPIN PITCHER with oval shaped head and five deep slot grooves. Head has been chromed to look new. G-6+ $90-175

Lot...309.....A "BAKSPIN JIGGER" with corrugated deep grooves. G-5 $90-150

Lot...310.....A NICE DEEP GROOVE MASHIE with corrugated deep grooves. "68" at the toe of this Burke made scarcity. G-7+ $90-175

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...311.....TWO DIFFERENT SLOT GROOVE illegal irons. One by Burke with wide slots and the other by Spalding with closely spaced slots. Both G-5 (2) $125-225

Lot...312.....SHIELD FACE, SLOTTED HOSEL "S-C2" Mid-iron by Macgregor. Face has a "Shield" on the botton half with the top smooth. Four "Slots" are in the hosel. G-6+. $90-150

Lot...313.....MACGREGOR DEEP FACE LOFTER. Circa 1900 smooth face with "J Macgregor, Dayton, O" around the "Double Circle with Shamrock" mark. Original shaft and grip. Outstanding! G-8 $125-200

Lot...314.....SPALDING "GOLD MEDAL DEDSTOP MASHIE" with corrugated deep grooves. All original and an outstanding example. $90-150

Lot...315.....A BRASS PLUG FACE DRIVING IRON. "Burr-Key-Bilt Classic" with #1 on sole and "Driving Iron" on the back. Grip is a replacement. G-7 $75-140

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...316.....A GOOD PITCHER. Circle "S D & G trademark" on back of wide sole, offset hosel "Pitcher." Rounded sole. G-7 $65-120

Lot...317.....A ST. ANDREWS NIBLICK that is playable. "Wright & Ditson, St. Andrews" on the back with "Niblick" on the sole. Comes with playing grip. Very popular with the 2000 British Open at St Andrews. G-7+ $60-100

Lot...318.....A GOLD MEDAL NIBLICK circa 1908-09. "Spalding Gold Medal 2" smooth face Niblick with the "Hammer" mark at the toe. Hosel is stamped "A53". G-6 $60-100

Lot...319.....A MACGREGOR CONCAVE FACE. "Airway-O" and "A R 2 Mashie Niblick" on a CONCAVE face with the Macgregor "Flower" at the heel. The interesting face has two lines bordering each side and three lines bisecting the dot punched face; the design appearing like "Goal Posts" or a large letter "H". G-7 $80-140

Lot...320.....A NICHOLS BROTHERS "Ball-Dot" face "Mashie-niblick" circa 1906-09. Looks like a Spalding made club, with "Bert Nicholls Special" stamped on the back. All original. G-7+ $60-100

Lot...321....."WINCHESTER" MONEL METAL Mashie Niblick. "Walter Hagen" and "6630" on the back. G-8. $90-175.

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...322....."THE SPALDING SPECIAL" in fancy SCRIPT on a circa 1895 Lofter. See Cooper, P-4. Shaft is a replacement. A very scarce club. G-5+ $125-200

Lot...323.....A SUPERB MACGREGOR SLOTTED HOSEL "S C 1 Mashie-niblick". "Pat'd May 14, 1918" at the heel. Face is interestingly scored with alternating rows of dots and lines. G-9 $175-300

Lot...324.....JONES HICKORY SHAFTED 9 IRON serial number "H-35384". Minor chrome loss on the hosel, back and sole. Grip is the original and the shaft has a very slight warp. G-6+ $220-400

Lot...325.....JONES HICKORY SHAFTED 6 IRON serial number "H-35384". A little chrome loss on the hosel and sole. The original grip is a nice "look-a-like" replacement. If you are not familiar with these irons, you would not know this is a replacement. Good straight shaft. G-6+ $190-350

Lot...326....."SEYMOUR DUNN LAKE PLACID, NEW YORK" on the back of a circa 1900 smooth face, deep face "Pitcher". An unusual club with dramatic back stampings. SUPERB! G-9 $120-200

Lot...327.....A RARE "JOHN REID" SMOOTH FACE CLEEK circa 1900. Most likely made while he was at Philadelphia or Atlantic City. Stamp is weak, but readable. G-6 $50-100

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...328.....MORRISTOWN CLEEK. G-7 $90-175

Lot...329.....AN EARLY B G I CENTRAJECT back weighted Lofter circa 1897. BGI's earliest "Arrow BGI Arrow" mark is boldly on the back. G-7+ $90-150

Lot...330.....A WILLIE HORTON JIGGER. Circa 1910 smooth face "Jigger" with "Horton, Chicago" on the back. G-7 $60-100

Lot...331.....SHOVERLING, DALY & GALES LOFTER. A Lofter circa 1900 with smooth face. A nice early American club. G-7 $60-100

Lot...332.....AN EARLY GOLD MEDAL LOFTER. "Spalding Gold Medal" in block letters and "Hand Forged" above the letter "C". Circa 1906-7 with widely spaced dot punches. Shaft has been replaced. G-7 $55-100

Lot...333.....A "DURALITE MID-MASHIE" with four stars. Outstanding! G-8 $40-80

Lot...334.....A JOHN DUNN IRON. A circa 1915-20 ladies "Ionic Mid-iron" stamped "John D Dunn, New York" between two "Crown" marks. Appears all original. G-6 $60-100

Lot...335.....A GOOD MACGREGOR IRON. "J Macgregor, Dayton, O" and a "Shamrock" in a circle on back of a circa 1905-1910 Iron with "Diamond-Dot" face. Shaft appears original having the numbers "2912" with "1" above "2" as if "29 1/2". Grip looks like an original. G-6 $60-100

Lot...336.....A SUPERB BURKE DRIVING IRON with the "Rampant Lion" and "Crown" marks. Face has square punches. A very nice club. G-9 $70-120

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...337.....A GOLD MEDAL CLEEK stamped "Spalding Gold Medal 'C'" Cleek with "Spalding" in large block letters. This nice circa 1906-1908 example has an original grip and a stamped shaft . G-7 $60-100

Lot...338.....MACGREGOR DRIVING MASHIE circa 1915 with widely spaced dots face scoring. Stamped shaft has a repair. G-5+ $60-100

Lot...339.....A SPALDING MORRISTOWN CLEEK. An all original rounded back "Morristown" Cleek circa 1900. "Morristown" in block letters on the head and on the shaft below a nice original russet grip. G-7+ $70-120

Lot...340.....A LEFT HANDED CLEEK circa 1900 stamped "J Schotman, Detroit" in an oval on the back. Original shaft with old leather grip. G-7 $65-100

Lot...341.....A EARLY MACGREGOR CLEEK with the "Guaranteed Hand forged" double circle mark surrounding a Shamrock. Original stamped shaft with the letter "A" just below the original grip. Shaft is warped. Still a nice collectible. G-6+ $90-150

Lot...342.....A SUPERB LOFTING IRON "A H Findlay" smooth face Lofting Iron circa 1899-1900 with the same markings as "Cooper" P-124 2nd photo. Original grip and stamped shaft. Virtually MINT. G-9 $110-180

Lot...343.....TWO SPALDING CLEEKS one a mussel back and a 1906-1908 "Gold Medal A" with a diamond-dot face. (2) G-6 $75-150

Lot...344.....TWO GOOD SMOOTH FACE NIBLICKS. A "Spalding Gold Medal" circa 1909-1912 and the other stamped "H C Hackbarth". Both G-7 (2) $90-175

Lot...345.....TWO "F" SERIES SPALDING IRONS. An F-9 Niblick and an F-5 Mashie both with lines on the bottom with a smooth top. Both G-6 (2) $50-100

Lot...346.....TWO INTERESTING CLUBS. A "Phoenix Jigger" with a smooth face, G-5 and a Bulbous Toe Cleek circa 1905 with all stamps emoried away. Grip is a buff replacement. Nice club without stamps. G-6 100-200

Lot...347.....TWO SPALDING IRONS. A "Spalding Special" Iron with original stamped shaft, replaced grip, G-7 and a Baseball stamp Jigger, circa 1920. G-6+. (2) $100-200

Lot...348....."J GOVAN, PINE VALLEY" on an off set hosel, line scored "Mashie-niblick", G-7 and a Gibson 3 Iron with bordered hyphen face. Shaft repaired. G-6 (2) $100-200

Lot...349.....TWO UNUSUAL AMERICAN CLUBS. A Monel Metal smooth face Jigger for Mitchell & Ness, Phila., G-8++ and an "Ampco Metal, Harder Than Steel Mashie Iron", G-7+. Two nice collectibles. $100-200

Lot...350.....THREE AMERICAN CLUBS including a circa 1905 smooth face "Taylor Bros. Lofter", G-9; "M-8 Sky-iron" by Spalding, G-6 with whipping on shaft; Spalding "Ball With Wings" 1912-13 mark on a Monel Metal mussel back "Special Iron", G-8. (3) $150-275

Lot...351.....TWO LEFT HANDED "CARRUTHERS" bore thru hosel Cleeks. A "Nichols Bros", G-6+ and an all original "The Spalding", G-8 (2) $120-200

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-+ WOODS+-

Lot...352.....A "THE SPALDING" SPLICED NECK GRASSY DRIVER with "67" stamped on the brass sole plate. Shaft is a replacement. G-5 $150-250

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...353.....WRIGHT & DITSON SPLICED NECK Brassie circa 1898-1900. "Wright & Ditson" in script on the persimmon head and on the original shaft below a period type grip. G-7 $150-250

Lot...354.....A SPLICED NECK CLEEK in outstanding condition. The small head is stamped "F L Convey". G-8 $150-275

Lot...355.....A SPLICED NECK BRASSIE stamped "Tom Beck". Circa 1910 and G-6. $120-200

Lot...356.....A "D STEVENS" SPLICED NECK DRIVER circa 1910. Splice whipping may be original, however it has been lacquered. Grip looks original. G-7 $90-175

Lot...357....."J HOBLEY" SPLICED NECK DRIVER circa 1900. Has the appearance of a circa 1898-1900 The Spalding wood. G-6 with replaced buff grip. $125-225

Lot...358.....A WINTON SPLICED NECK. "Winton" on the head and "J Winton, Montrose, Special" on the shaft of a circa 1910 Brassie with a leather face insert. Very interesting period red rubber grip covers the original sheep skin grip. Splice whippings look original. A nice club. G-7 $160-250

Lot...359.....A GOOD SPLICED NECK. A circa 1910 persimmon head Driver with "A E Cassidy, Pennal" on the head. Old wrapped leather grip on the original shaft. G-6 $140-250

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...360.....A "T WALKER" SPLICED NECK. A circa 1910 pear shaped persimmon Driver with "T Walker, Greystones" on the head and shaft. Spliced whippings have been replaced. Shaft shortened about three inches. G-5 $90-150

Lot...361.....A "B G I" SPLICED NECK DRIVER the "Arrow-BGI Co-Arrow" and "Trade Mark" on the Persimmon head and also having the number "69" stamped on the heel. Original slip was replaced with one of Brass. The "Ringed" hickory shaft with extra long replacement grip. G-6 $200-350

Lot...362.....A SPALDING SPECIAL BRASSIE. Head has been refinished. G-5 $90-150

Lot...363.....A MACGREGOR SPLICED NECK BRASSIE, the replacement shaft stamped "R Forgan, St Andrews". G-6 $135-225

Lot...364.....WRIGHT & DITSON SPLICED NECK BRASSIE circa 1895 with the tiny shaft stamp below the original grip. Left handed and scarce! G-7 $175-300

Lot...365.....A SUPERB SPLICED NECK stamped "A Matthews" above what looks to be Forgan's Crown mark, 1901-1908. Nice left handed club. G-9 $200-400

Lot...366.....A GOOD SPLICED NECK SPOON. A circa 1920's delicate neck spliced neck Spoon with a full brass sole plate and a black face insert held by six wood pegs. "A S Watson" on the head. G-7 $130-220

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...367.....A PRETTY FACE SPLICED NECK Driver circa 1910 with "James Law" on head and shaft. The "horn" face is held by six wood pegs. G-8 $100-200

Lot...368.....A WOOD SHAFT PRETTY FACE WOOD with an Ivorine face insert held by five wood pegs. "Golf Shop Selected" on the head. G-7 $75-150

Lot...369.....A WILSON WOOD SHAFT PRETTY FACE WOOD. The face has Ivorine face insert target center and four brass screws. Shaft has a warp. G-6 $75-150

Lot...370.....A NEAR MINT PRETTY FACE Brassie with a two tone head without any stampings. Made in Gr. Britain with a triangular half brass sole plate. G-9 $90-175

Lot...371.....STAR FACE INSERT Spalding "F1015" Pretty Face Driver. G-7+. $90-175

Lot...372.....A JACK B ROSS SPLICED NECK. A circa 1912 shallow face Driver with "Jack B Ross" on the head. The Ivorine face insert held by three wood pegs was most likely added in the late Teens or 1920's. G-7 $150-250

Lot...373.....A FORGAN PRETTY FACE Brassie with a "Forgan Shoorlok" butterfly shaped sole plate. G-7 $90-175

Lot...374.....TWO SPALDING PRETTY FACE WOODS. Hickory shafted matching Brassie and Spoon with the Maltese Cross face inserts. Both having the Cushion Neck plastic covered necks. G-7 (2) $150-300

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...375.....MACGREGOR DRIVER AND SPOON. Hickory shafted pair with "Yardsmore Inlay" pretty faces. (2) G-7 $175-325

Lot...376.....MACGREGOR BRASSIE AND SPOON. Hickory shafted pair with "Yardsmore Inlay" pretty faces. (2) G-7 $175-325

Lot...377.....TWO BUHRKE PRETTY FACE WOODS. "BurrKeyBilt Princess Pat" Drivers with different face inserts. (2) G-7 $150-300

Lot...378.....SPALDING STAR FACE BRASSIE with 1923 and 1926 Patent dates on the sole plate. G-7 $100-200

Lot...379.....A LEFT HANDED BURKE pretty face autograph Brassie. G-7 $75-150

Lot...380.....TWO OUTSTANDING PRETTY FACE WOODS. A Driver and Brassie most likely by Burke. (2) G-8 $150-300

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...381.....TWO NICE PRETTY FACE WOODS. A small head Brassie, G-8 and a Wilson Driver, G-7, both with target designs. (2) $150-300

Lot...382.....TWO SPOONS WITH PRETTY FACES. Both have interesting patterns. The one with the large brass center has "Pat. Applied For" on the sole. G-7 $175-325

Lot...383.....TWO NICE BRASSIES with pretty face inserts. One is a Buhrke, the other an H & B. Both G-7+ $150-300

Lot...384.....AN EARLY SOCKET DRIVER. An outstanding British made large head Driver circa 1910 with a black triangular face insert. G-8 $70-140

Lot...385.....THREE PRETTY FACE WOODS with hickory shafts. BurrKeyBilt Spoon, A J Reach Spoon and a Brassie. All G-7 (3) $190-300

Lot...386.....A MILLS "BA" MODEL ALUMINUM BRASSIE with three wood block back weights. Shaft looks cut down. Head and sole markings are good. G-5 $150-275

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...387.....A MILLS "M S D 1 CLEEK". All stampings readable on the head that has the usual bag and playing dings. Original stamped shaft. A nice example. G-6+ $125-225

Lot...388.....A MILLS ALUMINUM FAIRWAY club, left handed, "MSD 2" that has been well used, however it has a great sheep skin grip. G-5+ $100-200

Lot...389.....A MILLS ALUMINUM FAIRWAY club, left handed, "MSD 1 1/2" that has been well used. G-5 $90-150

Lot...390.....A "CAWSEY PATENT" BRASSIE with the "Hands Shaking" mark. Interesting ribbed grip. G-7 $60-100

Lot...391.....A LONG HOSEL WOOD with "foreward" face and unusual crowned top. Grip is a sewn one piece that looks like underlisting. Very unusual. G-7 $100-200

Lot...392.....AN OUTSTANDING BULL DOG with "Chas, H Mayo" on the two tone head. Full brass sole plate and the 5-6 wood lofted face has a red insert. Nearly Superb! G-8+ $75-150

Lot...393.....A SCARCE CURTIS BRASSIE. Circa 1910-20 pear shaped head Brassie with "H L Curtis, Bournemouth" in a double oval on the head. Replacement grip on the original shaft. G-6 $70-125

Lot...394.....AN OUTSTANDING MACGREGOR SPOON. An all original "B 28 Spoon" with marked shaft. Nice! G-8 $100-175

Lot...395.....A CIRCA 1910 EDGEMONT BRASSIE made by Macgregor. Nice wood. G-7+ $75-125

Lot...396.....A NICE CHARLES GIBSON DRIVER. A large head Persimmon Driver circa 1915 with a ram's horn slip held by two screws as made. "C Gibson, Westward Ho" in bold block letters on the head. All original. G-8 $90-150

Lot...397 .....FIVE NICE WOODS all American made and G-7 to G-8. (5) $200-300

Lot...398.....FIVE SOCKET WOODS, one a pretty face with triangular insert held by seven wood pegs, G-6, W & D St Andrews Brassie, great club, G-9 and three others G-7. (5) $200-350

Lot...399.....AN OUTSTANDING AUCHTERLONIE BRASSIE circa 1910 with ram's horn slip between face and brass sole plate. All original with stamped shaft. G-8+ $125-200

Lot...400.....A "PIC-M-UP" SOCKET DRIVER stamped "Harry Cawsey" similar to the Park Pick-up club. The sole is brass and "T" shaped. G-8 $100-200

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Lot...401.....A RED HAND HAMMERED BALL circa 1860-80. Hand hammered in the Forgan style, this ball is MINT with only a little discoloration attributed to dust accumulation on one side. No iron marks or evidence of play. The Gurra Percha is RED, not painted red. Jim Espinola has inspected this ball and thinks it may be the finest red hand hammered in existance. $7000-12000.

Antique Golf Ball

Lot...402.....WILLIE DUNN'S STARS AND STRIPES Gutta Percha ball as pictured in my revision P-189. Although not mint, as the one in my book, this is a nice example of this ultra rare ball. G-8 $16,000-24,000

Lot...403.....A RARE "WORTHINGTON WHITE" with large FLAT Bramble markings as pictured P-215 of my book. "Worthington White" on the pole. 1/3rd original white paint remains on the black cover. G-5 $500-1000

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...404.....A KING CONQUEROR with"oval" shaped dimples. "King Conqueror", "Reg, 337920" , and a "KC" monogram at both poles. A nice ball with an interesting cover. G-5+ $150-300

Lot...405....."MARTIN'S ZODIAK" with "Martin's England" and "Zodiak Patent" at each pole. One side of the ball has some raised portions due to head and expansion of the rubber core. Several "bumps" and some hair line cracks. Remainder of the ball appears MINT. $200-400

Lot...406.....A RARE "W & D BABY" with a tiny raised bramble in a tiny circle similar to the "Non Skid" pattern. "W & D Baby" and "PAT. AP 11, 99" on the other pole, both surrounded by a Red-Orange Circle. 80% original paint with some hair line cracks. Very unusual cover pattern. G-6 $225-400

Lot...407....."ARMY C S L, S I" AT BOTH POLES of this unusual pattern of HEXAGONS inside large CIRCLES. A great display ball with original glossy surfaces. G-7 $375-575

Lot...408.....A RARE "GOODRICH WHIPPET" with a "Triangle" pattern like the "Meteor" P-209 in my Revision. "Goodrich Whippet" and "Patented April 11, 99" clear on the poles. Cover has discolored to copper and muted brown colors; several iron marks do not penetrate the cover. Overall G-4 with full pole stamps. $225-450

Lot...409.....NO LOT

Lot...410.....A GUTTA PERCHA BALL NEARLY ALL BLACK with about 5% of original paint in line cuts. Circa 1900. G-6 $200-350

Lot...411.....A LINE CUT GUTTA PERCHA BALL with nearly 100% of the inperiod repaint faded to tan. Several minor iron marks. A nice ball for display. G-6 $225-350

Lot...412.....A LINE CUT GUTTA PERCHA BALL. A remade, repainted circa 1895-1900 line cut gutta percha ball, the owner identifying the ball with a blue "Cross" at each pole. The ball was of small size and oxidizing when repainted. No evidence of play. G-5 $190-300

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...413.....A MINT REMADE GUTTA PERCHA BALL circa 1895-1900 line cut gutta percha ball, the owner identifying the ball with a blue "Cross" at each pole. No evidence of play after repainting. G-8+ $350-550

Lot...414.....A WOODMILNE GUTTA PERCHA BALL circa 1895-1900 exhibiting very little evidence of play. It has been repainted and has a molding "seam" separation about 3/4" long at its equator. G-6 $275-450

Lot...415.....A SILVERTOWN GUTTA PERCHA BALL. "Silvertown" in block letters on a line cut gutta percha ball circa 1895-1900 with 95% original paint faded to tan and one spot the size of a quarter dark brown. Several minor iron marks and one "dig" where the paint chipped off. Ball displays nicely. G-6 $225-350

Lot...416.....A GUTTA PERCHA BALL. A remade, repainted circa 1895-1900 line cut gutta percha ball, the owner identifying the ball with a blue "Cross" at each pole. The old paint has turned to a light cream color and has a few light iron marks mentioned only for accuracy. A nice display ball. G-7 $190-300

Lot...417.....A VIRTUALLY MINT SILVERTOWN GUTTIE with about 1/3rd of the original paint remaining. "Silver Town" on one panel. No evidence of play, just flaking paint exposing the chocolate brown gutta percha. Might look super repainted! $ $225-450

Lot...418.....A "SILVERTOWN" GUTTA PERCHA line cut ball C-1900. About 35-40% of the original paint is mostly in the line cut pattern making a very nice display ball with a full name. G-5+++ $250-450

Lot...419.....A RED PAINTED BRAMBLE with Gutta Percha cover circa 1905. "The Freddie" at both poles. 80% of red paint remains. Quite scarce. G-6 $300-450

Lot...420.....A CRESCENT MARKED DURABLE COLONEL. Circa 1920 with opposing half moon pattern. One iron mark worth mentioning. G-5 $300-450

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...421.....GUTTA PERCHA COVER BRAMBLE circa 1900-05 with "Recovered Rubber Core" on each pole. 80% original paint and one cut in cover. Quite scarce! G-5+ $150-275

Lot...422....."THE MERSEY" GUTTA PERCHA COVER BRAMBLE circa 1905. 70% original paint with only minor iron marks. G-5+ $175-300

Lot...423.....AN UNUSED GUTTA PERCHA Bramble cover rubber center ball with paint voids and a chip missing. The ball exhibits no evidence of play. About 75% of original paint remains. $90-150

Lot...424.....A 1907 "KEMPSHALL FLYER" on one pole and "Pat. April 11, 1899" surrounding "1907" on the other. To my knowledge, Kempshall made the only balls to be stamped with a large manufacture date. 75% original paint and a few minor scuffs and iron marks. This is a nice display ball. G-7 $190-375

Lot...425....."BENETFINK'S BEST" on a circa 1905 Bramble ball with wound center and GUTTA Percha cover. Very little evidence of play although there are paint voids. G-7 $190-375

Lot...426.....A RARE "ELASTINE" BRAMBLE with a Gutta Percha cover. "Improved Golf Ball Co., Ld" on one pole and "Elastine Patent" in a rectangular panel on the other. Several large paint voids and one medium iron mark. G-6 $220-400

Lot...427.....A NICE HENLEY'S "WHY NOT" BRAMBLE with 80% original paint faded to a nice tan. THIS IS NOT A POND BALL! A nice collectible bramble from c-1915. G-7 $225-400

Lot...428.....A NICE "THE COLONEL" BRAMBLE c-1905 with wound center and gutta percha cover. 80-85% original paint. THIS IS NOT A POND BALL! One pole stamp is weak, the other strong. G-5+ $150-300

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...429....."THE FLAG" BRAMBLE with a gutta percha cover c-1905. Quite scarce as it is the first this cataloguer has seen and it is unlisted in "Kelly". Original paint flaking from the brambles. G-5 $190-375

Lot...430....."THE DUNLOP" BRAMBLE that has been nicely repainted to look mint. G-6 and a nice display ball. $140-250

Lot...431.....A "FIELD MARSHALL" GUTTA PERCHA cover Bramble circa 1905. Near 100% original paint faded to light tan with the cover having several minor hair line cracks. A nice pleasing named ball. G-5+ $190-350

Lot...432....."VARDON FLYER" at the poles of a nice ball that has been repainted. $350-550

Antique Golf Balls, gutta percha, featherie, mesh pattern, signature golf balls

Lot...433.....AN ODD COVER "DURABLE" MESH pattern ball. G-8 $110-175.

Lot...434.....A NICE MESH BALL circa 1930 stamped " Stanton" G-7 $40-80

Lot...435.....A WRAPPED DUNLOP 31 BRAMBLE circa 1915 Very Rare in mint condition. $1200-2000

Lot...436.....TWO GOOD WRAPPED BALLS inclucing a "Ben Hogan" and a "Top-Flite mesh pattern. (2) $200-400

Lot...437.....THREE GOOD MESH BALLS all with different cover patterns. A Spalding, G-8+, Medal, G-7+ and an Oxford with unique pole markings, G-7. (3) $160-300

Antique Golf Balls, gutta percha, featherie, mesh pattern, signature golf balls, wrapped balls, cellophane

Lot...438.....THREE NICE MESH BALLS circa late 1920-s to early 1930's all in near mint condition. A "Tee-Mee", "Briar" and "Kestrel". (3) $175-325

Lot...439....."THE CHALLENGER" BRAMBLE circa 1910-20 with 80% original paint. Minor iron marks. A nice ball. G-6 $135-225

Lot...440...."THE LINK" BRAMBLE circa 1915 with 80% original paint. G-7 $250-400

Lot...441.....A SILVERTOWN BRAMBLE with only the large "S" at the poles. G-5 $135-250

Lot...442....."DUNLOP JUNIOR" BRAMBLE. This is one of the nicer "Pond" balls. G-6 $150-275

Lot...443.....SPRINGVALE KITE BRAMBLE with "Kite" and "S'Vale" in rectangles at the poles. This is a "Pond" ball. G-4+ $150-275

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...444....."WHY NOT" BRAMBLE with a cover void, windings visible, at one pole. G-3 $100-150.

Lot...445.....A BRITISH BRAMBLE: "Chemico Bob" on both poles of a circa 1910 Bramble pattern rubber core ball. 70% original paint faded to tan. G-5 $90-150

Lot...446.....SPALDING TRIANGLE PATTERN. "Spalding" at both poles. G-6 $125-200

Lot...447....."SPALDING GLORY DIMPLE" circa 1905 with patent date, 1905 at one pole. Very scarce. G-5 $50-100

Lot...448.....AN "ARK" SMALL SIZE MESH ball. A remade ball that is most likely a floater. G-7 $60-100

Lot...449....."THE ANVIL" SMALL SIZE MESH ball. A remade ball. G-7 $60-100

Lot...450.....A MINT MESH BALL circa 1930 with "Smaxwell" and "England" at the poles. G-10 $100-200

Lot...451.....TWO NEAR MINT MESH BALLS both with "Wilson" and "Medalist" at the poles. Both are G-8 (2) $130-250

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...452.....THREE GOOD MESH BALLS, including a near mint US Rubber "Fairway", G-9++, "Dunlop, England" small size ball, G-8 and "Colonel Crescent" with red crescent at poles, G-7. (3) $190-325

Lot...453....."DUNLOP 31" BRAMBLE in mint condition. Two tiny flakes or remnants of the wrapper keep this from being a pure G-10. $450-700

Antique Golf Balls, gutta percha, featherie, mesh pattern, signature golf balls, wrapped balls, cellophane

Lot...454....."DUNLOP RECESSED SMALL SIZE HEAVY" wrapped ball. Circa 1910 and very scarce. G-10 in wrapper. $700-1200

Lot...455....."SPALDING KR0-FLITE MESH" wrapped ball. Colorful red and black seal on the wrapper. G-10 $200-350

Lot...456.....PROCESSOR MESH BALL, G-8 $120-200

Lot...457.....A RARE "ARMOUR" MESH BALL. Mesh signature balls are among the most underrated of all post 1925 golf balls. "Armour" in blue ink on a G-8 ball. $200-400

Lot...458.....ARROW MESH BALL partially in the original wrapper. Fine spider web cracking on the cover. Mint. $90-175

Lot...459.....US ROYAL "ELECTRONIC" MESH in virtually MINT condition. $75-150

Lot...460.....A NICE "TIGER" MESH BALL from the 1930's. "Tiger" in green letters at both poles. Several people indicated Tiger Woods has signed their "Tiger" balls. This one is a nice example G-7+ $90-175

Lot...461.....TWO INTERESTING BALLS. A Red painted mesh pattern for use during winter play, G-8 and an unusual Why Not ball with concentric circle pattern. G-9 (2) $120-200

Lot...462.....A SCARCE SPALDING TRIANGLE BALL. A wrapped "Blue Triangle" ball. Mint $450-700

Antique Golf Balls, gutta percha, featherie, mesh pattern, signature golf balls, wrapped balls, cellophane

Lot...463.....A "DUNLOP LATTICE" ball circa 1925-30 in colorful red wrapper. Mint. $200-350

Lot...464.....DUNLOP 31 SMALL SIZE HEAVY BRAMBLE in partial original wrapper. Very rare bramble ball in wrapper. Mint $850-1350

Lot...465.....A MINT RALPH GULDAHL DIMPLE BALL. "Ralph Guldahl" and "Wilson" at the poles with two "Red Dots" and "75". Circa 1938 and a nice mint ball. G-10. $60-100

Lot...466.....LEW WORSHAM SIGNATURE BALLS. An original circa 1955 MacGregor card board FOUR ball sleeve. "Lew Worsham" in script and "MacGregor" at the poles below the "Clover" mark. Very scarce! G-10 $125-250

Lot...467.....A LOT OF 30 SIGNATURE BALLS in average used condition, no cuts. (30) $150-225

Lot...468.....AN EARLY DUNLOP DIMPLE, with "The Dunlop" and a large "V" on the poles. The dimples are large, deep and widely spaced. Some iron marks. G-4, but displays well. $60-100

Lot...469.....KRO-FLITE BOX AND BALLS. Circa 1920's "Kro-Flite Multi-Dot Mesh, New Size 1.68" colorful dozen box with cardboard sleeve box of three Multi-Dot mesh balls. One ball is slightly used, the other two mint with spider web cracks. Flaps on the box and sleeve box have been taped and the lid has a repaired tear. Still makes a nice display. Box G-5. Sleeve box G-6. One ball G-8+. 2 Balls G-10 mint with spider web cracks. (5) $350-600

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...470.....DUNLOP 65 WRAPPED BALLS in original half dozen box. The inside lid is stamped "10 of the 14 Br. Open Championships have been won with Dunlop 65, since the introduction of this famous ball in 1934", therefore dating the box and balls to 1954. Balls are G-10 in wrappers, box is G-7. $120-200

Lot...471.....A MINT DOZEN DUNLOP 65 balls in wrappers. Circa 1970. $100-150

Lot...472.....TWO FULL DOZEN BOXES. "World Cup Solid Ball", by Dunlop and Worthington, brilliant yellow, "Golden Scot". (2) $100-150

Lot...473.....NINE WRAPPED "DUNLOP WARWICK" balls circa late 1960's in original yellow and green dozen box. (10) $100-200

Lot...474.....A MINT DOZEN OF TOMMY AARON signature golf balls in red dozen box and four sleeves. $100-150

Lot...475.....FOUR COLLECTIBLE BALLS including two G-6 mesh, a "Whippet" and a "Silver King" with two signature balls, Casper, G-9 and Porkey Oliver, G-5. (4) $90-150

Lot...476.....TEN BALLS FROM THE 1920'S-30'S including a mesh Dunlop and eight dimple balls: Silver King, North British, Warwick, fleetwing and others. (10) All G-4 to G-5 $60-100

Lot...477.....TWO INTERESTING BALLS. A Phil Mason replica Feather ball, as made and a Golf Collectors Society "84 Guttie", Mint. (2) $90-150

Lot...478.....APPROXIMATELY 100 GOLF BALLS dating from the late 1920's through the 1970's. Included are 10 near mint "Par-King", 3 near mint Po-Po, a scarce "Bedford Acushnet", six "Spalding Dot" from the 1930's and many other interesting dimple balls. All in used condition. QTY $100-200

Lot...479.....EIGHT MESH PATTERN BALLS all in G-3 to G-4 condition. Not great looking, but are nice inexpensive display items. (8) $100-150

Lot...480.....SPALDING "MOONBALL", Feb 6, 1971. Commerative gold box with "Moonball" inside. $50-80

Lot...481.....PRACTOS KNIT PRACTICE BALLS. An original cardboard sleeve of three knit practice balls with "Patented Mar. 2, 26" printed on the sleeve. Flap ends of box are missing and balls are a little dusty and soiled. G-5+ $90-175

Lot...482.....FORTY-FIVE SIGNATURE BALLS including Walter Hagen TomBoy, C-1930's (2) Tommy Armour c-1934, Sarazen Autograph (2), Ray Mangram and the remainder from the 60's-80-'s (45) $100-200

Lot...483.....JOHNNY BULLA SIGNATURE BALLS. A mint sleeve of three and sleeve with two all in MINT G-10. $75-150

Lot...484.....JIMMY CRANE SIGNATURE BALLS. Two MINT sleeves of three balls. (6) $75-150

Lot...485.....NINE TREVINO SIGNATURE balls in three mint sleeves in original box and a Dozen box of "Rawlings Comet" with nine mint balls in three sleeves. (18 balls, 2 boxes) $90-150

Lot...486.....SEVEN "DUNLOP WARWICK" balls with 50-50 markings of mesh and dimples. These range from G-3 to G-4. (7) $120-200

Lot...487.....SIX "PENFOLD PATENTED" Balls in original boxes c-late '40's, early 50's. (6) $100-200

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Lot...488.....CERAMIC BUD VASE same as the Cigarette holder #117, "Sprung P-41. $125-250

Lot...489.....A WHISKEY OR WINE BOTTLE, 12" tall with cap. Engraved glass and "19TH Hole". Made by T G Hawkes & Co. $250-500

Lot...490.....A CERAMIC AND METAL CIGARETTE HUMIDOR by Rookwood. The lid pops up and displays 20 cigarettes. Relief depictions of Golfer, Fisherman, Footballer and Equestrian adorn the unusual rose colored ceramic. A nice item. $200-400

Lot...491.....ROYAL DOULTON SERIESWARE TEA POT with replacement lid. "He that always complains never pitied". One just like this brought £500. plus a 20% buyer's fee ($955.) at auction in England this past summer. $600-1000

Lot...492.....UNUSUAL TROPHY, ROYAL BIRKDALE 1902. Brass Gong suspended from metal mounted Ox's horns on a black painted teak base. Hickory Striker has gutta percha ball on end. Shield on base is engraved: "Birkdale Golf Club, Foresome Competition, July 1902, won by H T Turpin". 16 inches tall. $600-1000

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...493.....AN UNUSUAL GLOVE HOOK. Seven inches long with Driver head and Glove Hook end. Hallmarked Sterling Silver. See P-73 "Sprung" for smaller 2 1/2 inch long versions. G-8 $125-250

Lot...494.....A ROUND BRASS JEWELRY BOX with a golfer in Plus Fours on the lid. Looks 1920's. No engraving or stamps. G-7+ $75-150

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...495.....A BRASS MATCH HOLDER in the shape of a golf ball mounted on a brass ash tray. Looks circa 1930's. $125-250

Lot...496.....AN EXQUISITE CONDIMENTS SET. Circa 1890-1900 with three pots, one covered with glass liner intact, held together by three Long Nose woods. "9616" stamped on the bottom. Very scarce and a very nice display item. G-8+ $450-800

Lot...497.....STERLING CIGARETTE CASE. Circa 1920's with three golfers in plus fours engraved on the front. A nice item. $175-300

Lot...498.....WHISKEY FLASK. A circa 1920's "3/4 Pint" Sterling Silver Whiskey Flask with a golfer in plus fours on the front. A nice collectible. $290-450

Lot...499.....1932 L A OPEN CONTESTANTS BADGE. 7th Annual L A Open, Hilcrest C C. Half dollar size pin back with golfer in plus fours. Mint. $100-200

Lot...500.....A CYLINDRICAL CIGARETTE HOLDER, silver plated, with a 1 3/4" opening and lid. The Cylinder is 4 1/2" tall with a false bottom 1 3/4". Engraved "Mohawk Golf Club, 1930". A nice desk item! G-8+ $75-150

Lot...501.....A 1902 TROPHY. Trophy Mug with the bronze seal of Winchester Country Club, 1902 on the front. Winchester was the first 18 hole course designed by Donald Ross. The mug is dated 1913. G-9 $120-200

Lot...502.....TWO COLLECTIBLE PLATES. A "Royal Worcester" (in original box) with colorful golfing scene with Lady golfer and a pewter charger with the "Golfer's Prayer". (2) $90-150

Lot...503.....THREE SHOT GLASSES. Silver with black enameled golfer in plus fours, and two glasses one with crossed clubs, the other with painted golfer in plus fours. (3) $125-250

Lot...504.....ASHTRAY AND MUG. Four inch diameter plated ashtray circa 1920's with golfer in plus fours and a pewter mug with all US Open winners engraved on it through 1972. (2) $90-150

Lot...505.....FIVE NICE ITEMS. A china cup and saucer, a mug with the Blackheath Golfers, 1990, a glass with golfer, modern coffee mug and a Crombie candy dish. (5) $75-150

Lot...506.....A STERLING MONEY CLIP and two tie clasps of Stainless Steel. The money clip is stamped "925" on one of the crossed clubs. One tie clip has a golfer in plus fours, the other a club and ball. Three nice items. (3) $60-100

Lot...507.....A NICE WATCH PIN with a ladies watch on a golf bag. $60-100

Lot...508.....A COLORFUL BISCUIT TIN BOX 7 1/2 inches square circa 1950's with mostly Tennis figures on the lid and "Golf" and ball on tee on one end panel. $25-50

Lot...509.....A MULTI-PURPOSE USE TROPHY, sterling silver dated 1942. 4 1/4 in diameter, can be used as a candy dish, ash tray or when turned over, a candle holder. Neat item! 3 1/2 oz. sterling silver. $75-125

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...510.....EIGHT GOLF HANDLE SPOONS, one of which is sterling. (8) $50-100

Lot...511.....SIX NICE COLLECTIBLES made of silver plate. A dinner bell with golf bag handle, a full size mesh ball charm, three ash trays, 2 with golfers and a large 8 inch diameter trophy plate with silver plate rim. A nice grouping. (6) $75-150

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Lot...512.....THE STORY OF AMERICAN GOLF, 1948 Herbert Warren Wind. Original faded slip case; book is fine. $175-300

Lot...513.....THE STORY OF AMERICAN GOLF, 1956 and 1975 editions, by Herbert Warren Wind. 1956 has no D/J, 1975 is fine. (2) $80-140

Lot...514.....GOLF IN THE MAKING by Henderson and Stirk, 1st ed 1979 in D/J. $75-125

Lot...515.....JOHNSTON, ALASTAIR, The Chronicles of Golf 1457 to 1875. #22 of 900. New is slipcase. $150-300

Lot...516.....WEST, H L, Lyrics of the Links, 1st, 1921, Very Good. $120-200

Lot...517.....HAMILTON, DAVID, Early Golf at St. Andrews #11/350 signed by Hamilton. $120-200

Lot...518.....HAMILTON, DAVID, Early Golf in Glasgow, #8/250 signed by Hamilton. $175-300

Lot...519.....HAMILTON, DAVID, Game at Golf #62/70 signed by Hamilton. $150-300

Lot...520.....HAMILTON, DAVID, The Sporting Padre, leather quarter, #18/90 signed by Hamilton. $175-300

Lot...521.....HAMILTON, DAVID, The South Seas Brithers, leather quarter, signed "David". $120-200

Lot...522.....HAMILTON, DAVID, Early Aberdeen Golf, #14/450 signed by Hamilton. $120-200

Lot...523.....HAMILTON, DAVID, Early Golf at Edinburgh and Leith #11/50 leather quarter. $175-300

Lot...524.....JOHNSTON, ALASTAIR, The Clapcott Papers. #241/400. $75-150

Lot...525.....JOHNSTON and MURDOCH, C B Clapcott and His Golf Library. #272/400. $75-150

Lot...526.....TILLINGHAST, A W, USGA Reprints Cobble Valley Golf Yarns and The Mutt in slipcase. $100-200

Lot...527.....TULLOCH, W W, USGA Reprint The Life of Tom Morris in slip case $190-350

Lot...528.....McPHERSON, J G, USGA Reprint Golf and Golfers in slip case. $90-150

Lot...529.....DARWIN, BERNARD, USGA Reprint Tee Shots, in slip case. $150-275

Lot...530.....CHAMBERS & CUNDELL, USGA Reprints, A Few Rambling Remarks on Golf and Rules of the Thistle Golf Club in slip case. (2) $120-200

Lot...531.....LEE, JAMES P, USGA Reprint, Golf in America in slip case. $100-175

Lot...532.....HUTCHINSON, H G, USGA Reprint, Fifty Years of Golf, in slip case. $100-175

Lot...533.....A LOT OF FOUR USGA Reprints: Tufts, The Principles Behind the Rules of Golf, Leach, Great Golfers in the Making, Kirkaldy, Fifty Years of Golf, Low, Concerning Golf. All in slip cases. (4) $150-300

Lot...534.....AUTOGRAPHED by WALTER HAGEN. The Walter Hagen Story, 1st 1956. Nice bold Hagen signature. $250-500

Lot...535.....A SPORTING PILGRIMAGE, by Casper Whitney, 1894. Sixty-six pages on golf. $60-100

Lot...536.....TWO GOOD BOOKS. Rice, Grantland & Briggs, The Duffer's Handbook of Golf, 1926 edition and Wind, H W, The Complete Golfer, 1st in D/J. (2) $90-150

Lot...537.....THREE INTERESTING LIMITED EDITION BOOKS. Baird, Archie, Golf on Gullane Hill, 2nd 211/500 signed by Baird, Adamson, A D, Allan Robertson, Golfer in slip case and Kuntz, Robert, Antique Golf Clubs in slip case, (3) $100-175

Lot...538.....SIX AUTOGRAPHED BOOKS. By John Mahaffey. The History of the PGA Tour, Barkow, 1st 1989, Tommy Bolt. The Whole Truth, 2nd., Bruce Devlin. Play Like the Devil, 1st 1967, Byron Nelson. How I Played the Game, 1st 1993, Doug Sanders. Come Swing With Me, 1st 1974, Carlie Sifford. Just Let Me Play, 1992. (6) $100-200

Lot...539.....CLASSIC GOLF CLUBS 1980 by Joe Clements. $100-200

Lot...540.....WALTER HAGEN, The Walter Hagen Story, 1st in D/J. $50-100

Lot...541.....GOLF IS MY GAME, R. T. Jones, Jr, 1960 Gr. Britain Edition in D/J and My Partner Ben Hogan, by Jimmy Demaret. No D/J and is a library copy. (2) $60-100

Lot...542.....FIFTY YEARS OF COLONIAL CC, by Ross Pate. D/J $40-80

Lot...543.....TWO DIFFERENT GOLF, PROFESSIONAL METHODS, BRITISH & AMERICAN. Small books, c-1930, 39 pages, wrappers 24mo. West of Scotland and Silvertown advertising vehicles with interesting photos of George Duncan. (2) G-7 $75-150

Lot...544.....TWO NICKLAUS BOOKS PLUS OTHERS. My 55 Ways to Lower Your Golf Score, D/J and On and Off The Fairway, 1st ed in D/J, Toney Penna My Wonderful World of Golf, 1st ed 1965 in D/J and Sarazen Golf: New Horizons, 1st ed 1968 in D/J (4) $6-=100

Lot...545.....FIVE REFERENCE BOOKS BY PETER GEORGIADY. All signed by the author. Collecting Antique Golf Clubs, Compendium of British Club Makers, Wood Shaft Golf Club Value Guide, 1995 and Views and Reviews. (4) All as new. $90-150

Lot...546.....FOUR GOOD REFERENCE BOOKS. Quick Reference Guide to Antique Golf Club Names, Kelly & Georgiady, The British Professional Golfers, 1887-1930, a Register, Jackson, Spalding W & D and B G I by Cooper and Golf Antiques, Olman. All signed except Cooper. (4) $75-150

Lot...547.....FIVE COFFEE TABLE BOOKS including Henderson & Stirk, Golf in the Making, 2nd, Pilley, Golfing Art, Baddiel, Beyond the Links, Hershey, The Senior Tour and Hobbs, Golf, a Visual History. All like new in D/J. (5) $150-275

Lot...548.....FOUR BETTER BOOKS. Palmer, Complete book on Putting, 1st, no D/J, Hogan, Power Golf & Five Lessons and Bobby Locke, Bobby Locke on Golf, 1954, 1st D/J. (4) $75-150

Lot...549.....FOUR BOOKS BY NICKLAUS all in D/J. Lesson Tee, On and Off the Fairway, The Greatest Game of All and My 55 Ways to Lower Your Golf Score. (4) $50-100

Lot...550.....FIVE BOOKS ON THE MASTERS. The Masters: The First 41 Years, Roberts, The Story of Augusta National Golf Club, 1st, Masters Journals, 1982 Hardbound, 1991 & 1996. (5) $75-150

Lot...551.....FOUR BETTER BOOKS. POTTER, STEPHEN: Golfmanship, 1st ed, 1968 in D/J, MORRISON, ALEX J: A New Way to Better Golf, 4th 1932. PRICE, CHARLES: The World of Golf, 1st ed 1962 in D/J, WILSON, HARRY L: So This Is Golf, 1st ed 1923, average. (4) $60-100

Lot...552.....SEVEN MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS including 3rd, 4th & 5th editions of Golfer's Digest, The Golf Club Identification Guide, Wishon, etc. (7) $40-80

Lot...553.....ELEVEN BOOKS including books by Peter Allis, Gerald Aster, Percey Boomer, Greenshaw, Hallberg, Houghton, Jones & Brown, Kean, Menzies, Abe Mitchell and Mulvey & Spender. 8 with D/J. (11) $60-100

Lot...554.....SEVEN INTERESTING BOOKS including Instant Lesson, 1st Greg Norman, D/J, Go For Broke, 1st Palmer, D/J, Short Cuts, 1st Revolta, D/J, Better Golf After Fifty, 1st Sarazen, D/J, Schaap, The Masters and Massacre at Winged Food, both 1st in D/J and Comeback Story, Venturi, 1st in D/J. $60-100

Lot...555.....SIXTEEN ASSORTED BOOKS including Golf is my Game, R T Jones, Jr., no D/J, The Greatest Game of All, Nicklaus, no D/J, and others by Revolta, Morrison, etc. Most without D/J. (16) $75-125

Lot...556.....EIGHTEEN ASSORTED BOOKS by Beard, Revolta, Hattstrom, Suggs, Flaherty, etc. 11 with D/J (18) $75-125

Lot...557 SIXTEEN BOOKS, most with Dust Jackets. Books authored by Grantland Rice, Omnibus of Sport, 1932, Armour, Graffis, Nelson, Palmer, Peper, Player and others. A nice assortment. (16) $120-200

Lot...558.....EIGHTEEN MORE BOOKS, most with Dust Jackets. Books authored by Nicklaus, Norman, Venturi, Cornish & Whitten, Dobereiner (2) and others. A nice assortment. (18) $120-200

Lot...559.....EIGHTEEN BOOKS, most with Dust Jackets. Books authored by Allis, Armour, Azinger, Nicklaus, Palmer, Price, Snead and others. (18) $100-200

Lot...560.....FOURTEEN BOOKS, most with Dust Jackets. Books authored by Dobereiner, Jacobson, Peltz, Grantland Rice, Trevino and others. (14) $80-140

Lot...561.....FIFTEENTEEN BOOKS, most with Dust Jackets. Books authored by Hogan, Hope, Middlecoff, Trevino, Barkow, Faldo and others. (15) $80-140

Lot...562.....FOURTEEN ADDITIONAL BOOKS, most with Dust Jackets. Books authored by Rodgers, Kaplan, MacGregor Golf History Catalogue, Lema, Miller, Venturi, Dobereiner, Snead, Hogan and others. (14) $80-140

Lot...563.....FOURTEEN BOOKS including three by Snead, two by Armour, Picture Analysis, Barnes, and others. (14) $120-200

Lot...564.....NINE GOLF BOOKS including Darwin, British Golf and At Odd Moments, Whitcombe, The Golf I Teach, Mitchell, Down to Scratch, Jessop, Teach Yourself Golf, Cartoons by Crombie and three others. (9) $120-200

Lot...565.....EIGHTEEN SOFT COVER USGA YEAR BOOKS. 1950, 52, 56, 57, 58 (2), 59, 60, 61, 62, 63 (2), 65 (2), 68, 73 and 1975. (18) $75-125

Lot...566.....TWO MAGAZINES WITH GOLF COVERS. "Collier's", Nov. 21, 1931 and "Sports Illustrated" March 1938 with Harry Cooper on the cover. $40-80

Lot...567.....TEN MAGAZINES 1962-1981. Snead, Nicklaus (3), Boros, Crenshaw and others on the covers. (10) $30-60

Lot...568.....ADVERTISEMENTS & MAGAZINE COVERS. Six full page advertisements from the 1920's featuring Spalding and Macgregor products, two Sat. Eve. Post, 1903 & 1935, four Collier's, 1932-'34-'30 & '40 plus a So. Pacific Railroad Menu, c-1920's with golfers on the cover. All nice items. (13) $150-300

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Lot...569....."GOLF BOY" framed print 12 X 16 by C Spiegle. $100-200

Lot...570.....THREE ADVERTISING FRAMED ITEMS. Two Glenlivet Whiskey mirrored depictions of St Andrews and Muirfield and a poster of "Haig" clubs and quotes from famous golfers. (3) $100-200

Lot...571.....A PEBBLE BEACH POSTER, by Fuchs. 18 X 24 poster, 1991, from what looks to be the east side of the 11 tee with the ocean in the background and a "Nicklaus" looking figure is watching a "Watson" looking figure tee off. A beautiful water color entitled "The A T & T Pebble Beach Pro-Am". Nicely framed. $90-150

Lot...572.....A LIMITED EDITION GOLF ILLUSTRATION circa-1980 of St. Andrews Golf Links. LimitedEdition of 120 of which this is a "Revised Proof". 19 X 24" on 1/2 inch board. Colorful layout of the Old Course and the names of all the winners at St Andrews thru 1979 and the years they were champions. A striking display item that would be an addition to any collection. Superb! $175-325

Lot...573.....A PHOTOGRAVURE by HEYWOOD HARDY circa 1903. Mixed Foursome on the 17th Hole at North Berwick. 20 X 16", with the image 8 1/2 X 14". $150-300

Lot...574.....HARPER'S MAGAZINE 1901. Matted page #566 entitled "Leading Players for the Metropolitan Golf Championship. Four 4 X 6" photos of Travis, Mc Donald, Hamilton and Douglas. Great turn of the Century display piece. $90-150

Lot...575.....A PEBBLE BEACH POSTER, by Fuchs. 18 X 24 poster, 1991, from what looks to be the east side of the 11 tee with the ocean in the background and a "Nicklaus" looking figure is watching a "Watson" looking figure tee off. A beautiful water color entitled "The A T & T Pebble Beach Pro-Am". Nicely framed. $90-150

Lot...576.....HOGAN'S FAMOUS #1 IRON SHOT. Large poster in metal frame. $60-100

Lot...577.....PEBBLE BEACH GOLF LINKS, a limited edition print 109/1000 by Neil McAuliff. 20 X 30, double matted and framed. Dated 1990. A magnificent print of this historic golf course. $200-400

Lot...578.....GOLF POSTER 35 X 25 "Palace Hotel St. Moritz, 6,000f a/s 1800m s/m, Wolfsberg, Zurich". Golf scene with mountains. $600-1000

Lot...579.....A DAVID NICHOLS SIGNED POSTER of the nine positions of the swing with a driver. Nicely framed. $125-200

Lot...580.....FOUR FRAMED PRINTS. 11 X 14 colorful Turn-of-the-Century Lady sitting next to a bag of golf clubs and three of "Emery"s" Golf Clowns: Nineteenth Hole, A Little Help Please and A Case of Mistaken Identity. (4) $90-150

Lot...581.....1971 RYDER CUP PRINTS by Spitzmiller. Eight prints of which Trevino & Nicklaus are missing, otherwise this is a complete set of 12 X 19 colorful prints, plus four photos of Ben Hogan. (12) $100-200

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Lot...582.....KRO-FLITE SWEET SPOT partial set of matching irons. #'s 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 17 Pitcher, & 19. All with original shafts and grips. G-7 to G-8 and may be playable. (7) $250-400

Lot...583.....A SET OF MATCHING CLUBS. Five irons all stamped "Shoor Flite" and a Brassie with "A Dunlop, Made in Scotland" on the back. Driving Iron, 2 Iron, Mashie, Mashie-Niblick and Niblick. Grips do not match. A wood and five irons that would make a nice bag or wall display. G-6 to G-7 $275-425

Lot...584.....FOUR PUTTERS including a Brass blade by Burke, G-6; Aluminum Mills "R N G", G-6; a smooth face blade, G-5; a Spalding Argyle, G-4. (4) $150-250

Lot...585.....SIX AMERICAN MADE IRONS including a "Thomson, Mohawk CC, Schenectady" mussel back "Mid-iron", three Niblicks plus two others all in reasonable condition. (6) $125-225

Lot...586.....SIX SCOTTISH IRONS including a Gibson Maxwell hosel, Hendry & Bishop blade putter, and clubs by Stewart, Anderson, Gourlay and Winton. G-6-G-8 $150-300

Lot...587.....THREE OTEY CRISMAN PUTTERS. A "Selma Ala. 70 H", G-7; "18 HBW", G-8; "Stylist HD" G-7. (3) $100-200

Lot...588.....THREE GOOD BLADE PUTTERS including a ladies Brass "Spalding Gold Medal", G-8; Spalding Ball face painted gold, G-6; James Spence "Blackwell Putter" G-7. $140-250

Lot...589.....THREE SCOTTISH MADE IRONS including a mussel back "James Braid Driving Iron" by Nicoll, G-7, Spence 3 Iron, G-6 and Forgan "Driving Mashie" G-6. (3) $125-200

Lot...590.....FIVE SPALDING IRONS including #17 Kro-Flite Pitcher, G-7, three matching Kro-Flite irons, 3, 4, 5 all G-6 and an "M-6 Mashie-niblick" G-7. (5) $120-200

Lot...591.....SEVEN ASSORTED AMERICAN made irons including one left handed. G-5 to G-7. (7) $125-200

Lot...592.....SIX ASSORTED AMERICAN made irons including one flanged back. G-5 to G-7. (6) $100-160

Lot...593.....TWO WOODS AND A PUTTER. Two circa 1910 Drivers, G-7and an off set hosel smooth face putter G-6. (3) $120-200

Lot...594.....FOUR W & D ST ANDREWS CLUBS including a Putter, Mid-iron, Mashie and Niblick. All G-6 $90-150

Lot...595.....FIVE SCOTTISH MADE PUTTERS including two by Stewart, a Maxwell hosel flanged back and one by Taylor. G-4-G-7 (5) $140-250

Lot...596.....FIVE IRONS MADE IN SCOTLAND including two by Stewart, one a smooth face, an Ayres without grip an two smooth faces. G-4-G-6 (5) $125-250

Lot...597.....EIGHT VARIOUS IRONS, six are Scottish. G-4-G-7 (8) $160-250

Lot...598.....FIVE SCOTTISH JIGGERS including a Royal (Forgan), Cochrane's, Hyatt, Anderson & Spalding. (5) All G-4 to G-5 $125-225

Lot...599.....SIX VARIOUS STEWART IRONS all with dot punched faces and the "Pipe" mark. One without grip. (6) G-5 to G-6 $150-250

Lot...600.....TEN AMERICAN BLADE PUTTERS all common, all average. (10) $150-250

Lot...601.....SIX SPALDING CLUBS including a Thistle Putter and five various common irons. All average. (6) $100-150

Lot...602.....TEN COMMON AMERICAN MADE IRONS all in average condition. (10) $150-250

Lot...603.....FIVE CLUBS WITH UNUSUAL FACE SCORING. A Putter with a target face, G-6, A "D Anderson" with diamond-dots, G-8, Hendry & Bishop, bordered hyphen, G-8, an Approach Cleek with bordered hyphen and a diamond back mashie with a stag-dot face, G-8. (5) $200-400

Lot...604.....FIVE GOOD IRONS including a Percy Boomer Mashie, G-9, two Halley irons with the Crossed Swords mark, G-7, Juvenile Edgemont Mashie, G-7 and a Kork Grip H & B Mid-iron, G-7. (5) $150-300

Lot...605.....TWO GOOD LADIES CLUBS including a James Spence 2 iron G-8 and a "ringed" hickory shafted blade putter by Tom Stewart, G-8. (2) $90-150

Lot...606.....TWO WOODS, A PUTTER & M-NIBLICK all left handed. Putter is by Stewart, G-8, Mashie-niblick by Forgan, G-8, Dirver and Brassie circa 1910 by Spalding, G-7. (4) $150-300

Lot...607.....THREE GOOD LEFT HANDED CLUBS including two outstanding by Stewart, G-8 and a smooth face Lofter, G-6. $125-200

Lot...608.....A PRETTY FACE WOOD & A PUTTER. A left handed "Taylor's Patent with twisted neck, G-6 and a "Dave MacIntosh" Pretty Face Brassie G-6. (2) $150-300

Lot...609.....NINE AMERICAN MADE NIBLICKS including W & D, Wilson, H & B, Hagen, Spalding and others. All NICE clubs. Worst is G-6, best G-8. (9) $180-2575

Lot...610.....FIVE TOM STEWART IRONS including a Cleek, Mashie-iron, Niblick, Mid-iron and Ladies smooth face Cleek. G-5-G-7. (5) $125-200

Lot...611.....SIX NICOLL IRONS including two Zenith Mashie-niblicks, a #4 iron and three matching "Indicator"; Mashie, Spade Mashie and Mashie-niblick. G-6-7+ (6) $150-250

Lot...612.....NINE AMERICAN MADE IRONS all Above average to outstanding condition. A nice lot. (9) $180-275

Lot...613.....EIGHT AMERICAN MADE IRONS all Above average to outstanding condition. A nice lot. (8) $160-250

Lot...614.....FOUR SMOOTH FACE IRONS including a Slazenger with bulbous back weighting, G-6, a Carruther's Hosel Cleek, G-5, S D & G Lofter, G-6+ and a no name Iron. G-5. (4) $100-200

Lot...615.....THREE SCOTTISH MADE IRONS including a lined face "1 Iron stamped "MacDonald, Musselburgh, G-7, Dysart-Fife Iron, G-6 and a Hendry & Bishop "Approaching Cleek", G- 6. (3) $90-150

Lot...616.....SEVEN JIGGERS MADE IN AMERICA including a Macgregor Peerless 8, a suitable substitute for the elusive Duralite, another Macgregor, G-5, three different Spalding, a nice H & B and a Burke St Andrews. G-6-G-7 except for the one MacGregor. (6) $175-275

Lot...617.....THREE SCOTTISH JIGGERS by Nicoll, G-7, Stewart, G-6 and Gibson, G-6. (3) $100-175

Lot...618.....FOUR JIGGERS, including a Nicoll G-8, Cochrane's, G-6+, Carnoustie, G-5+ and a Gibson with two level back, G-7. (4) $125-200

Lot...619.....EIGHT MACGREGOR IRONS including Go-Sum, Popular, Radite and Pilot. G-6-8 (8) $160-250

Lot...620.....FOUR DIFFERENT MACGREGOR PUTTERS including an Edgemont 10 and 10-X, both G-7, Peerless 10-X and Popular H, G-5. (4) $100-175.

Lot...621.....NINE PUTTERS including a Nicoll and Turpie with repaired shafts and six American blades. G-5 to G-7. (9) $190-300

Lot...622.....FOUR SPALDING GOLD MEDAL IRONS including a Jigger, G-7, Mid-iron, G-7, ball face Mashie, G-6 and a scarce "E 3 Jigger", G-6+. (4) $120-200

Lot...623.....NINE SPALDING IRONS all G-6 to G-8. (9) $175-250

Lot...624.....THIRTEEN AMERICAN MADE IRONS all common and G-5 to G-6. (13) $200-300

Lot...625.....TEN WRIGHT & DITSON clubs including a blade putter, chromed Junior Mashie, three Bee-Line, four St Andrews and a One Shot. All G-5-G-7. (10) $190-300

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Lot...626.....FOUR STEEL SHAFTED CLUBS including a "Walloper Brassie", needs grip, G-8; a "Kroydon Grasshopper" mallet putter, a Hillerich & Bradsby Schenectady type, G-8 and a "Jack White Blaster" sand wedge with seven grooves in the sole. (4) $150-300

Lot...627.....WILSON STAFF 8823 PUTTER. All original G-8+ $75-125

Lot...628.....WILSON STAFF 8813. Replacement grip. G-8 $100-200

Lot...628.....FIVE PRETTY FACE WOODS with steel shafts by various makers. G-7-8 (5) $80-150

Lot...630.....ELEVEN PRETTY FACE WOODS with steel shafts. G-7-8 (11) $175-250

Lot...631.....FOUR ALUMINUM HEAD STEEL SHAFT clubs including a Hagen "Sandy Andy", a "Pederson" Mallet putter and two Beckley-Ralston "Walloper", one ladies & one men's driver. (4) $100-150

Lot...632.....FIVE ASSORTED STEEL SHAFTED PUTTERS including a Hagen swan neck "Gold Star, wooden handle brass blade, Patty Berg Signature, a rustless putter with unusual back and an Aluminum head "Spalding Jackpot". All are nice putters. (5) $120-200

Lot...633.....TWO PING PUTTERS. A right handed 85020 Anser and a left handed Anser 3, 85068. (2) $100-200

Lot...634.....TWO ADJUSTABLE IRONS. A nice "Whole-In-One" circa 1930's and a circa 1950's "Super Stick". (2) $120-200

Lot...635.....TWO STEEL SHAFTED CALAMITY JANE PUTTERS. One with a dark shaft the other light. G-8 $50-100

Lot...636.....A "TRIJA" ADJUSTABLE CLUB with two heads and carrying case. Steel shafted. $150-300

Lot...637.....A SET OF "DENNY SCHUTE MEDALIST irons with coated steel shafts. 2-8 irons in outstanding condition along with a Spalding "Junior" set of Putter, 2 iron, 5 iron and Brassie all with steel shafts, G-7. $100-100

Lot...638.....TWO STEEL SHAFTED ADJUSTABLE irons. A "Miracle" and "The Adjustable" (2) $75-150

Lot...639.....A WALTER HAGEN SANDY ANDY with coated steel shaft. G-7 $60-100

Lot...640.....SIX STEEL SHAFTED PRETTY FACE WOODS two matching Hillerich & Bradsby. G-6-G-7 (6) $90-175

Lot...641.....A SCARCE BURKE "ZING-A-LING" Putter with a brass head and swan neck similar to the P A Vaile patent. Gilchrist lists it at $300. G-8 $90-175

Lot...642.....TEN MATCHING PRETTY FACE WOODS with steel shafts. (10) $175-275

Lot...643.....SEVEN INTERESTING FACE DESIGNS. These are all steel shafted woods. (7) $130-225

Lot...644.....SEVENTEEN PRETTY FACE WOODS with steel shafts. (17) $290-450

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Lot...645.....BING CROSBY SIGNED TYPED LETTER. A two page letter with original envelope. Letter is dated Sept. 25, 1961, London (Where he was doing a movie) to his sister and real estate agent, Mary Rose Pool. Nicely type written and signed "Bing" in blue fountain pen. $75-150

Lot...646.....CYRIL TOLLEY. "Cyril Tolley" signed boldly in fountain pen on a CHEQUE dated 4th April, 1922. Tolley was British Amateur Champ in 1920. He took Bob Jones to the 19th hole only to be laid a "Stymie" by Jones that ended the match in the 1930 Amateur. Otherwise, Jones is defeated and does not win the grand slam in 1930. $100-200

Lot...647.....TEN AUTOGRAPHED GOLF CARDS by Majors winners. US Open, Irwin, Player, Graham, Simpson & Strange; PGA winners Mahaffey & Graham; Masters winners Langer, Mize &Archer. (10) $60-100

Lot...648.....JOHNNY MILLER SIGNED PRINT. A recent 11 X 14 1/2" dramatic print of Miller coming out of a bunker. Boldly signed...his signature is eight inches black sharpie. Double matted and framed. Nice! $75-150

Lot...649.....ARNOLD PALMER and GERALD FORD signed a 1973 Crosby Pro-Am paring sheet. Nicely matted and framed. $120-200

Lot...650.....BEN HOGAN signed a 10 X 13 photo of his famous #1 Iron shot at Merion in 1950. Mounted on a wood backing. $200-400

Lot...651.....HOGAN SIGNED COLOR PHOTO. Color 8 X 10 Photo of Hogan standing beside his golf bag circa 1950's. $200-350

Lot...652.....ARNOLD PALMER & LEE TREVINO. Plamer signed an Arnold Palmer hat with a black sharpie and Trevino signed a Foot-Joy golf glove with a black sharpie. Two nice collectibles. (2) $75-150

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Lot...653.....A BRASS SAND TEE MOLD stamped "Pat. Pending, Perfect Tee Mold, Albert Lea, Minn" on the plunger. Absolutely MINT new. A similar example, after spirited bidding, brought $1210. in my March 1998 sale. $750-1250.

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...654....."PEG" GOLF TEES a full MINT box. The blue and gold box measures 1 1/2 X 3 X 1". G-10 $150-300

Lot...655....."THE 'BOBBY' CRUIKSHANK indestructable Steel Golf Tee. A mint box with "Patent Applied For" on an end flap. G-10 $150-300

Lot...656....."TopNotTee" MINT BOX. Orange wood head on a squiggly steel shank. Box is stamped "Patent Pending". G-10 $175-325

Lot...657....."REX, KING OF TEES" BOX. Zinc tees in near mint box. G-9 $100-200

Lot...658....."GOLD MEDAL GOLF TEE" in near mint original box. G-9 $100-200

Lot...659....."FAULTLESS T PINS" RUBBER HEADED TEES. A RARE card of ten rubber headed tees with a wood stem. Card has been taped together. $250-450

Lot...660.....A MINT BAG OF PLA-WOOD TEES. "50 Golf Tees, Sharper Point, Larger Head" in a draw string bag. A nice mint bag of tees. $60-100

Lot...661....."THE TUFTS TEE" a lot of 10 mint new circular paper tees. Very scarce! (10) G-10 $100-200

Lot...662....."THE TUFTS TEE" a second lot of 10 mint new circular paper tees. Very scarce! (10) G-10 $100-200

Lot...663....."THE TUFTS TEE" a third lot of 10 mint new circular paper tees. Very scarce! (10) G-10 $100-200

Lot...664.....TWENTY-FIVE ASSORTED TEES, many quite scarce including TopNotTee (3), Cruickshank Tee, Rex Tee, Rite-hite, cone, cylendrical paper, goblet, celluloid, etc. Many of these sell for $10. each! Plus three old bag rack tags from the 1930's-40's. $90-150

Lot...665.....A BRASS BALL WASHER with sponge inside. Case has golf clubs at top and bottom. G-8 $75-150

Antique Golf Balls, gutta percha, featherie, mesh pattern, signature golf balls, wrapped balls, cellophane

Lot...666.....A BAG OF HALLEY, LONDON GOLF TEES in near mint condition. $60-100

Lot...667.....AN "AVON" RUBBER TEE. "Avon Combination Tee" and "Made in England" on the red rubber arms. As photoed in my book. G-7 $75-150

Lot...668.....A SECOND "AVON" RUBBER TEE. "Avon Combination Tee" and "Made in England" on the red rubber arms. As photoed in my book. G-7 $75-150

Lot...669.....TWO GOOD ST. ANDREWS ITEMS. A 1940's course guide and a St Andrews Guide. (2) $75-150

Antique Golf Balls, gutta percha, featherie, mesh pattern, signature golf balls, wrapped balls, cellophane, tees, rules books

Lot...670.....A RULES BOOK FROM 1902. A combination Rules Book and Score Book in nice condition. $150-300

Lot...671.....A BOX OF MORLEY YELLO TEES. Box had been taped; fourteen "Yello" tees in the box, G-4 plus a round tin full of "Bays Readi-tapes for Golfer's Hands" and two old metal containers of adhesive tape. (4) $60-100

Lot...672.....SEVEN LEATHER HEAD COVERS from the teens and twenties, two cuff links with colorful golfers in plus fours, along with a large bag of 500 tees from the 20's thru 80's. Many novelty tees and old tees. Qty. $100-200

Lot...673.....A MIXED LOT OF OLD WOODEN TEES. Approximately 350 old wood tees including Rite-Hite, Yello, Goblets, etc. $60-100

Lot...674.....AN ASSORTMENT OF TEES including 2 match books, one circa late 1920's with score card and five "Bobby Tees", an assortment including "Rite Hite" , Goblets, Trumpets, Celluloid, and various others. (51) $60-100

Lot...675.....APPROXIMATELY 3500 WOOD TEES from the 40's thru 80's. Lots of different colors. Average to mint. (3500) $120-200

Lot...676.....A MIXED LOT OF OLD WOODEN TEES. Approximately 320 old wood tees including Rite-Hite, Yello, Goblets, etc. $75-125

Lot...677.....A MATCH SAFE with golfer in plus fours on the case. G-9 $175-300

Lot...678.....SIX NEAT COLLECTIBLES including two tie bars, a ladies sterling ball mark pin, a golf club pin with pearl, a round hole-in-one medal and a box of "Golf Double Edge (razor) Blades". (6) $120-200

Lot...679.....A PEWTER MATCH BOX SAFE measuring 2 1/4 X 1 5/8 X 7/8ths". Golfers in plus fours on both sides. G-9. $120-200

Lot...680.....A CIGARETTE BOX circa 1920's with intricate relief designs of crossed golf clubs, trees, golf course, and several pre-turn-of-the-Century golfers. Silver plate with lid hinge broken. A nice item $90-175

Lot...681.....A CIGARETTE HUMIDOR with Three relief golfing scenes, one on the lid, the others on the sides, Measures 3 1/2 tall, 3" in diameter. Made in Japan c-1920's. Nice item. $75-150

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Lot...682.....ZWEIFEL GOLF CARD GAME. A circa 1932 golf card game complete with score sheets, game cards and rules. MINT NEW . G-10. $60-100

Lot...683.....TWO ZWEIFEL GOLF CARD GAMES. A circa 1932 golf card game complete with score sheets, game cards and rules. MINT NEW. G-10. (2) $120-200

Lot...684.....GOLF CARDS AND A ZWEIFFL GAME. Alex Smith and George Low "Champion Athlete & Prize Fighter series 1910" cards mounted on ceramic, C H Tolley, #47 Gallaher Ltd, 1935 Champions Series, Norma Shearer with golf club, Open Championship Series, 1990's with 25 cards including Park, Morris, Vardon through Faldo and 1990 Pro Set 100 PGA Tour Cards. $90-175

Lot...685.....TWO PAYNE STEWART GOLF/FOOTBALL CARDS. Payne Stewart is dressed in Green Bay colors. These were a limited edition, and are very scarce. MINT NEW (2) $50-100

Lot...686.....TWENTY-TWO OLD CIGARETTE CARDS including J Wix "Henry", Wills Homeland Events, St Andrews, seven Wills and 13 Players. (22) $90-175

Lot...687.....MEULLER GOLF CARD SET #558 and six Golf Collector Society Golf Balls from gatherings in 1988, 1990, 1992, 1997 and two others not dated. (7) $50-100

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Lot...688.....AN UNIQUE PAPER WEIGHT of a Golf bag, shoes and balls on a red cover book measuring 4 1/2" X 3". A very nice collectible! $150-300

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...689.....A STERLING CASE PRESENTATION WATCH engraved "Intercollegiate Golf Ass'n of America, Qualifying Rounds, June 24, 1925, Winner, E P Stratton". Leather band and not in working condition. $35-75

Lot...690.....TWO STERLING ITEMS including a Ladies pin "WGANC", and a belt watch loop and chain (nice) and two other golf pins. (4) $60-100.

Lot...691.....TWO PAPER WEIGHTS. A C-1950's cast dimple ball on a triangular pedestal with crossed clubs and a 6" Driver on a 2 1/2 inch marble base, as well as a C-1950's leather covered cigarette/jewelry box with ceramic tile top with golfer. (3) $50-100

Lot...692.....PETER OOSTERHAUS. Gold Thread embroidered Jacket patches from the 1971 World Match Play and the 19th World Cup belonging to Mr. Oosterhaus. (2) $75-150

Lot...693.....PEBBLE BEACH TOURNAMENT BADGES. Cloth jacket patch and plastic badge for "Pebble Beach Invitational" and three "AT & T National Pro-Am" badges for 1992, 1996 & 1999. (5) $40-80

Lot...694.....71ST PGA CHAMPIONSHIP BADGE, 1989, plus six other badges including "St Andrews Golf Club 1988, Centennial of Golf In America", 1972 Disney World, 1979 Phoenix Open, 1970 Women's US Open and two others. (7) $50-100

Lot...695.....BING CROSBY PRO-AM BADGES. Round badge from 1973, 1983, Two from 1985 and one from 1989. Four ribbon badges from 1977. (9) $75-150

Lot...696.....WOOD BLOCK PRINTERS STAMPS with various golfers, nineteen pieces total. Nice items. (19) $250-500

Lot...697.....AN INLAYED WOOD CIGARETTE CASE. Circa 1920's inlayed wood cigarette case and dispenser with golfer in plus fours on one side and Japanese scene of Mt Fuji on the other. A beautiful collectible! $175-300

Lot...698.....AN ALABASTER ASH TRAY, 3 1/2 X 5 and oval in shape and decorated with a ball, golf club and flag. Appears to be circa 40's-50's and A GOLF BALL LIGHTER. A four inch in diameter plastic golf ball circa 1960's with butane lighter inside. The ball is mounted on a red tee and a simulated grass base. Nice item. (2) $75-125

Lot...699....."ROBT. FOULIS, PIETZCKER PHOTO" flicker book measuring 3 X 4" in size. RARE! G-7. $250-500

Lot...700.....SIX METAL CADDIE BADGES. " St. Louis Country Club "A" Class". Hexagonal design, 2 1/2" in diameter. (6) $200-350

Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs and Collectibles, Antique Golf Balls and golf collectables.  Golf gifts.

Lot...701.....POKER CHIPS in original box with golf club, balls and flag designs on both sides. 25 Blue, 25 Red and 50 White. G-9 $90-150

Lot...702.....POKER CHIPS, a second, in original box with golf club, balls and flag designs on both sides. 25 Blue, 25 Red and 50 White. G-9 $90-150

Lot...703.....A BEAUTIFUL, COLORED CIGARETTE CASE with Art Deco inlaid wood design. Golfer in plus fours on both side. A beautiful collectible! Virtually MINT. $250-450

Lot...704.....1993 US OPEN MEDIA BADGE. Very scarce arm band measuring 4" X 19" with velcro closure. "U.S. Open, 1993, Baltusrol, MEDIA" printed in white on the red cloth. G-8 $50-100

Lot...705.....PARACHUTE PRACTICE DEVICE in original looking gray box. A dimple ball tethered to a parachute. Looks circa 1930's. $80-150

Lot...706.....HAND CLUB CARRIER circa 1930's-40's with two leather straps and hand bar. Pouch for tees and balls. G-7 $150-250

Lot...707.....A CAST IRON DOORSTOP circa 1920 colorfully painted. Stands 7 1/2 inches high and weighs 3 1/2 lbs. $125-250

Lot...708.....TWO INTERESTING COLLECTIBLES. A patented "Swing Trainer" 2 1/4 inch in diameter rubber golf ball, with bramble design. Slips on to the shaft at the head to add more weight much like the "Doughnuts" pro baseball players put on their bats to loosen and streach muscles. Circa 1952 patent #2608409. Virtually mint, and GALLOPING GOLF GOLF GAME with five different colored dices all stamped with golf situations...out of bounds, one putt, 250 yd drive, etc. (2) $50-100

Lot...709.....PRACTISOR PUTTING TRAP: Similar to "Bobby's Portable Putting Hole". Mint new and comes in original box. $80-140

Lot...710.....RYDER CUP ICE BUCKET 8 inches in diameter circular IIice bucket commemorating the 1979 Ryder Cup Matches at the Greenbriar (Sam Snead's home course). Outstanding display item or gift for the golfer who has everything. Mint New in original box. $150-275

Lot...711.....FIVE INTERESTING ITEMS including a PGA "Hole In One" charm, 2 half dollar size buttons with lady golfer and caddy, a black boy "Golden Shred" pin and a 1933 "National Public Links Championship, Portland, Or" blue pin. $70-120

Lot...712.....A BLANKET WITH THE PGA EMBLEM. Approximately 5 X 4 feet in deep navy blue and commemorates the "Northern California PGA Junior Championship". $60-120

Lot...713.....A WILSON PUTTING DISC in the original circa 1920's colorful box. Putting Disc is MINT NEW, box is G-5. $35-70

Lot...714.....PHOTOS: 8 X 10 B & W FIRST GENERATION. Three circa 1950's of the famous 16th at Cypress point with large gallery, 1957 photo of US Open winner Dick Mayer, Cary Middlecoff, Jimmy Clark Pro at Riviera, Macgregor photo of Toney Penna, Gene Littler (3), Walter Burkemo, Jay Hebert, Peter Thomson and George Fazio (14) $90-175

Lot...715.....PHOTOS: 8 X 10 B & W FIRST GENERATION. Walter Hagen, Al Besselink and three other golfers, 1939, Great photo of Hagen, Jimmy Demaret with show girls, 1939 and 1946 Masters winner Herman Keiser. (3) $90-150.

Lot...716.....PHOTOS: 8 X 10 B & W FIRST GENERATION. Jimmy Demaret 1957, Loyd Mangram, Souchak & Wininger, 1955, Leo Diegel, 1941, Ed "Porky" Oliver, 1950's (he died 1961), George Bayer, 1957 and Al Mengert 1950's. (6) $75-150.

Lot...717.....BOBBY JONES PHOTO. Photo Caption "Bobby Cruickshank putting while Bob Jones Jr. stands by. Jones won his first Open crown at this very moment. Innwood C C, 1923. $75-150.

Lot...718.....SEVEN GOLF KEY CHAINS. Circa 1950's Pebble Beach, C-1930's-40's "KeeKaddy", Goldine Golf Bag, a super looking key chain and fob imprinted "NALG" and three others. (7) $60-100

Lot...719.....MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS including 16 ball markers, two golf spike tools, one in a leather case, one iron groove cleaner, and 10 various green/divot repair tools. (28) $50-100

Lot...720.....THIRTEEN CLOTH JACKET PATCHES. Three from the Andy Williams San Diego Open and ten from various tournaments and Clubs. (13) $75-150

Lot...721.....A MIXED LOT. Two tickets to the 1999 US Amateur, Pebble Beach, six John Mross leather book marks with famous maker's stamps, a green jewelry box, a 3 inch long leather golf bag and a 1980 Michelob Houston Open belt buckle, oval shaped 3 1/2 X 2 1/2". (11) $40-80

Lot...722.....TWO OLD GOLF BAGS. A nice canvas and leather bag circa 1920 and a canvas bag with a four inch opening. Both are nice for display. (2) $60-100

Lot...723.....TOMMY ARMOUR 16 MM FILM, 1953. His grip, stance and swing lessons. 400 FT film housed in a film can. Armour was one of the game's best teachers. 30 minutes in length. $60-100

Lot...724....."Play Better Golf with Snead, Mangrum and Berg. 400 FT film. $60-100

Lot...725.....FULL LEATHER GOLF BAG circa 1920's with five inch opening. Tan with dark brown trappings make a great looking bag. The ball pouch needs some stitching, otherwise, this is a G-9 golf bag! $125-250

Lot...726.....A WOODEN SAND GREEN SMOOTHER. A2" X 20" board affixed to a hickory shaft and used to smooth out your line to the hole on sand greens. $50-100

Lot...727.....A BAG FULL OF GOODIES. 19 Bag Tags, 6 Wilson ash trays from the 1960's (Berg, Snead, Casper, Archer, Boros & Sarazen) a small golf bag with 14 golf club swizzle sticks and a mint deck of "Tee-Up" playing cards. $75-150

Lot...728....."UNTIMATE GOLF" board game virtually mint and four videos: Glenlivet's Complete Golfer, Nude Golf, Birdies & Bloopers andTiger's Tale, 1994 US Amateur, The Comeback and an ashtray trophy dated 1949. (6) $60-100

Lot...729.....A FULL LEATHER BAG circa 1930's with oval top and large compartment pouches plus eioght head covers, some old, some not so old. G-8 $75-125

Late Additions

Lot...160A.....DANGAWOOD / BAMBOO alternating sections. Six irons and a putter, #1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 Niblick and 9 Putter all with contrasting Dangawood / Bamboo shafts. These are virtually mint. (7) G-9 $1200-2000

Golf collectables
Golf collectables

Lot...420A....."XL CHALLENGER" and "29" at the poles of a circa 1900 gutta percha ball with a Checker board type cover of flat and recessed squares divided into six sections by circles. G-8 $750-1500

Golf collectables

Lot...420B.....JOHNNY FARRELL MESH SIGNATURE BALL circa 1930-35 by Wilson. Very Scarce! G-6 $175-350

Golf collectables

Lot...420C.....TIGER MESH BALL circa 1930's with "Tiger" in red block letters on each pole. Mint in partial original wrappings. One small scuff keeps this from a G-10. $175-350

Lot...420D.....TAYLOR MESH SIGNATURE BALL circa 1930-35 with "Taylor" in green block letters and part of the printed original wrapping. G-9 $175-350

Lot...420E.....WALTER HAGEN MESH SIGNATURE BALL circa 1930-35 with "Walter" on one pole and "Hagen" on the other. G-6 $175-350

LOT...420E1..... GUTTA PERCHA BALL 80% PAINT. G-5+ $175-275

LOT...420F..... BRAMBLE "THE SPECIAL ARGUS" 80% paint. $100-200

LOT...420G..... SILVERTOWN GUTTA PERCHA 75% paint. G-6 $250-375

LOT...420H..... SPECIAL ARGUS BRAMBLE 90% paint G-6 $125-225


LOT...420J..... CHEMICO BOB BRAMBLE no cuts, 40% paint. G-5 $90-175

LOT...420K..... TWO BRAMBLE BALLS. A "Dunlop V" with larger, flatter brambles and "The Arrow". Both G-4 (2) $150-250

LOT...420L..... "THE CHALLENGER" BRAMBLE. Two balls both with good pole markings, howeverthey have cover damage. G-3+ (2) $100-200

LOT...420M..... FIVE BRAMBLE BALLS ranging from G-3 to G-4. A "Heavy Colonel", "The Bude", "The Dispatch", "The Swan" and a "Climax". (5) $250-450

LOT...420N..... THREE BRAMBLES ranging between G-2 & G-3. (3) $90-150

LOT...420O..... TEN BALLS FROM THE 20'S-30'S including six MESH and four DIMPLES. All G-2 to G-4. (10) $60-100

LOT...420P..... 115 SIGNATURE GOLF BALLS in average to mint condition. $150-300

LOT...420Q..... DIMPLE PATTERN BALL MOLD. $120-200

LOT...420R..... DIMPLE PATTERN BALL MOLD. $120-200

LOT...420S..... MESH PATTERN BALL MOLD. $200-350

Lot...652A.....BEN HOGAN SIGNED BOOK. "Five Lessons" paper back book boldly signed by Ben Hogan in black sharpie. Nice example $175-325


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Wood Shaft Golf Clubs Auction
Golf Collectibles Auction Wood Shaft Golf Clubs Auction

July 31st, 2000 Absentee Auction Sale. View Pictures Above! Catalogues available now.


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