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G-5 = Average condition G-7 = Above Average G-9 = SUPERB

Long Nose Clubs

Archived 8/27/1999 - These clubs are no longer available and are here for informational purposes only.

ADD 78 PARK, WILLIE, MUSSELBURGH, SCOTLAND: A circa 1890 well lofted, slightly hooked face Short Spoon or Baffie with "Wm Park" on the dark stained Beech head. The sole is covered with a full brass sole plate to minimize damage as this club was designed to play lofted approach shots, sometimes not from the best of lies. The shaft, although not marked, appears original or a period pre-1900 replacement . The old sheep skin grip has about two inches missing at the bottom exposing old brown wool listing. G-7 $1950

ADD 79 PATRICK, ALEX, LEVEN, FIFE, SCOTLAND: "A PATRICK" in bold block letters on a dark stained Beech head long nose Play Club circa 1880's. The original looking shaft is covered with a thick old sheep skin grip. G-6 $1950.

ADD 80 SIMPSON, ROBERT, CARNOUSTIE, SCOTLAND: A circa 1890 golden Beech head long nose Play Club with "R Simpson" in block letters across the head. Two thirds of the face is covered with a leather insert. The replacement period shaft is stamped "R Forgan, St. Andrews". The grip is a period type replacement. G-6 $1650

ADD 81 SIMPSON, ROBERT, CARNOUSTIE, SCOTLAND: An early Simpson long nose Play Club most likely 1883-1885 as the neck is of delicate shape resembling feather ball era clubs. Robert apprenticed under Robert Forgan just before he took the job at Dalhousie in Carnoustie. The golden Beech head exhibits very little evidence of play is boldly stamped "R Simpson" and has a number of worm holes. Shaft is original and covered with a period type grip. G-6+ $1650

ADD 82 UNKNOWN MAKER: A Child's circa 1890 long nose Play Club made of golden Beech without a maker's name on the head. The sole has a ram's horn slip attached by two wood pegs. The shaft and ship skin grip are originals. Whipping at the splice has been replaced. A very RARE offering. G-7 $975.

Spliced or Scared Neck Woods

ADD 83 SHERLOCK, JAMES, HUNSTANTON: "Jas. Sherlock, Hunstanton" on a SUPERB circa 1920 spliced neck wooden Cleek with full brass sole plate and well lofted face. All original and virtually unused. G-9 $350

ADD 84 TICKLE, J, MAIDSTONE: "J Tickle, Maidstone" in a double circle on the Persimmon head circa 1901-1906 small head spliced neck Brassie. Shaft and grip look original. G-7 $190

ADD 85 UNKNOWN MAKER: British made spliced neck Brassie with hatched face and brass sole plate. The circa 1910-15 persimmon head has no markings on head or shaft. Shaft and grip appear to be originals. G-6+ $165

APW 1 BOOTH, W J, BECKENHAM: "BOOTH" on the head of a circa 1905-1910 spliced neck Driver . G-7 $175

APW 2 BOOTH, WILLIAM HENRY, BECKINGHAM: A nice circa 1895 spliced neck Bulger Driver with a full leather face. The golden Beech head is boldly stamped "W Booth" in block lettering. Booth was professional at Beckingham from 1894-1897. The shaft, grip and splice whippings all look original. A nice display item. G-7 $350

APW 3 BURNS, J F, ST. ANDREWS: A circa 1910-1915 spliced neck compact head Driver with a "ringed" hickory shaft. "J F Burns" in script on the Persimmon head. All original. G-7 $175

APW 4 BUTCHART, CUTHBERT, WESTCHESTER, NY: "Bitchart Bilt" on the head of a circa 1910-1920 Brassie with a steel face plate held by three screws. Sole has a full brass plate. All original and may be playable. G-7 $175.00

APW 5 BUTCHART, CUTHBERT, WESTCHESTER, NY: A nice circa 1915 lofted Spoon with "C Butchart" on the two tone head. Sole is covered with a full brass sole plate. Looks playable. G-7 $175.

APW 6 CAREW: A circa 1910-15 compact head Brassie stamped "Carew Trade Mark" on the head. Sole has a full brass plate. The shaft is marked "0431" beneath the replacement grip. The neck is unusually thick as if it were intended initially to be a spliced neck wood. G-7 $250.00

APW 7 FERRIER, R, BRECHIN ARTISANS: "R Ferrier" on what appears to be a ROSE wood head Brassie with a very thick neck obviously made to play a guttie eventhough he reportedly made clubs from 1905 to 1908. Splice whippings, shaft and the remains of grip are originals. G-6 $200

APW 8 FIELD, G, CLEVEDON: "G Field" on the head of a circa 1905 Brassie with full brass sole. "John Wisden, & Co." on the shaft below the replacement grip. G-6 $150

APW 9 HOOD, F G, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: A circa 1900 thick neck, compact head lofted fairway wood with a full brass sole plate. "F G Hood" in block letters on the head. Original shaft with a replacement circa 1920's red all weather grip. Clubs from New Zealand are very seldom offered. G-6 $290.00

APW 10 MARTIN & KIRKALDY, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: A nice circa 1910-15 spliced neck Cleek with a full brass sole plate. The small, well lofted head (about a 6 wood loft) has "Martin & Kirkaldy Special" in script. Shaft and splice whippings are original, the grip is a nicely done circa 1920's replacement. G-6 $290.00

APW 11 POTT, WM H: Circa 1910-1915 Persimmon head Driver with "Wm H Pott" in script on the head. G-6 $195.00

APW 12 SIMPSON, R, CARNOUSTIE, SCOTLAND: "S D & G" surrounded by "Highest Quality Compressed" on the head of a circa 1895-1900 Driver. Modeled after the Park Compressed head woods, this one was exported to "Shoverling Dale & Gales, New York". Original whipping at hosel has come unraveled. All original with a warp at the neck and splice. G-5+ $295.00

APW 13 STODDARD, J A, IRVINE, ENGLAND: "J A Stoddard, Irvine, Maker" in an oval on the crown of a circa 1911-20 spliced neck brassie with a nice head. All original with part of the original splice whippings missing. G-6+ $250.00

APW 14 UNKNOWN MAKER: A circa 1910 small head Spoon with "Eager Special" in large block letters on the nice Persimmon head. Replacement grip on original shaft. G-6 $150

APW 15 VARDON, HARRY, TOTTERIDGE: An interesting small head spliced neck wood with a red face insert. The Persimmon stamped "Harry Vardon Special" and the "ringed" hickory shaft stamped "H Vardon" below an original looking grip. Splice whippings appear to be original. A nice collectible. G-7 $290

APW 16 WAGGOTT, TOM, MUSSELBURGH: An outstanding dark stained Beech head TRANSITIONAL semi-long nose Brassie with "Waggott, Musselburgh" in tiny lettering on the head. The sole is covered with a full brass plate. Shaft and grip look original. A scarce collectible in great condition. G-8 $1450.

APW 17 WEST, W, WOODHALL SPA, ENGLAND: "W West, Woodhall Spa" stamped on a nice Persimmon head Brassie circa 1920. Shaft and grip appear original with replacement splice whippings. G-7 $195.00

APW 18 WILLIAMSON, TOM, NOTTINGHAM: A small head Brassie with full brass sole plate and "Tom Williamson" on the Persimmon head. Shaft and grip are originals. Splice whippings have been replaced. G-7 $195

APW 19 WILSON, P G: "P G Wilson" in script on the persimmon head of a circa 1910-1915 spliced neck Driver. The old ram's horn slip is held by three wood pegs. G-7 $195.00

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