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Brass Head Putters w/Hickory Shafts



Golf Putters - Wooden Shaft

G-5 = Average condition G-7 = Above Average G-9 = SUPERB

Archived 8/27/1999 - These putters are no longer available and are here for informational purposes only.

BHP 1 ARMY & NAVY C S L, LONDON: A circa 1900 Army & Navy Brass Blade Putter with the head clearly stamped "A & N C S L". The replacement shaft is of exotic Dangawood. G-6 $100

BHP 2 BURKE MFG CO, NEWARK, OH: "Lady Burke" on a circa 1920's "G 2" Brass flanged back Putter with a line scored face. G-6 $60

BHP 3 FORGAN, ANDREW, GLASGOW: A circa 1900 brass blade Putter with "A Forgan, Glasgow" above his "Oak Tree" mark. The Putter was made by "Anderson of Anstruther" and has a strong small "Circle" mark on the back. Shaft and grip are period replacements. G-7 $135

BHP 4 HIATT & CO., BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND: A very scarce circa 1895-1900 straight brass blade Putter made for "R W Kirk, Wallasy" with "Hiatt" boldly in the center. Original looking shaft and replacement buff grip. G-5 $145.00

BHP 5 SPALDING, USA: "Crescent" below the circular "Spalding Trade Mark" on a circa 1900-05 two way straight brass blade Putter. The replacement period shaft and grip appear original. G-6 $110.00

BHP 6 UNKNOWN MAKER: A smooth face Brass blade Putter similar to the Leslie Putter with a step down back. Circa 1910-1915 without any back markings. Original shaft with a replacement grip. G-6 $75

BHP 7 UNKNOWN MAKER: "Wyandell Brand Putter" on a circa 1915-1920 brass blade with a bordered hyphen scored face. Replacement grip on the original shaft. G-7 $90.00

BHP 8 WILSON, WILLIE, ST. ANDREWS: A RARE brass blade Putter circa 1880-1890 with a full and bold "W Wilson, Maker, St. Andrews" mark. This mark is in tiny letters and is rarely found fully readable. Old warped shaft was shortened for a child. Head and stamp are G-7+. Overall G-5+ $350.00

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